Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress & Get the Most for it

Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress & Get the Most for it

When planning my wedding, I wanted the perfect dress.

I went from one bridal shop to another, trying on many options before I found the right one.

My dress had been gathering dust since the wedding. I thought I might be able to try to sell the dress and recover some of my costs.

You don’t know where you can sell a wedding gown. My initial thought was that I could only sell a wedding dress on Craigslist and Facebook. It turns out that there are many options for selling wedding gowns online as well as locally.

A niche-specific website that sells and resells wedding-related items is your best option. These sites are designed for brides looking for secondhand wedding dresses.

These websites will allow you to list your items and get them in front of a ready-to-buy audience.

These are the Top Websites to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Check out these websites if you are looking to make some extra cash by selling your wedding gown. Many websites are targeted at brides who want to save money and buy second-hand wedding-related items.

If you are interested in consigning your wedding dress, some of these websites offer it.


  • Listing Fee A $20 listing fee for each dress, which includes four photos and is available until it sells. Or $30 for a premium listing with eight photos and a homepage gallery.
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping Costs: Variable (buyers must pay for shipping)

claims to be the largest pre-owned bridal dress marketplace in the world with an easy-to use website for buyers and sellers.

It claims that 52,000 dresses are available for sale. To find out how much your dress can be sold for, use the Stillwhite value.

The standard option will require you to pay $20 for listing your dress. There will be no commission, your dress will remain on the site until it sells, and you can upload as many photos as you like.

Premium listing options include a $30 one-time payment, a homepage gallery, larger photos in search and up to 8 photos.

You can either sell your dress online, or you can meet up with the buyer in person to try it on.

2. Tradesy

  • Listing Fee: No listing fee
  • Commission 19.8% for sales above $50
  • Shipping cost: Variable

Trading is an online marketplace that sells designer clothing and accessories. It is easy to create a listing and you can also set your own price. You must have your wedding dress in perfect condition if you plan to sell it on the website.

Tradesy allows you to sell bridal jewelry, veils and shoes as well as bridesmaid dresses and wedding decorations.

Tradesy will guide you through each step of the listing process. Tradesy will also offer suggestions for improving your listings to help you sell your dress quickly. Tradesy will automatically enhance all photos uploaded to your listing.

You can use your own materials and print a pre-paid label to ship wedding dresses once you have sold your item. Tradesy will take care of any return by the buyer if it’s not your fault. You get your earnings back.

No upfront selling fees are charged, however you will be responsible for a 19.8% commission on all items over $50.

3. Poshmark

Source: Poshmark

  • Listing Fee: No listing fee
  • Commission: 20% flat commission fee
  • Shipping cost: Variable

Poshmark is another website and app where you can sell your used clothes. Although it focuses mainly on designer brands and malls, it isn’t as selective as Tradesy.

The app makes it easy to create a listing. You can take just a few photos on your phone and upload them in under a minute.

It makes it easy for you to share your listings with shoppers. You can create custom filters and choose from a wide range of wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The app allows you to communicate with potential buyers, making it easy to keep all your information in one place.

After your dress has sold, print the pre-addressed and prepaid label. You can either drop it off in a mailbox or arrange a pick-up. When you sell your wedding gown on Poshmark, you will have to pay 20% commission.

4. Nearly Newly Wed

  • Listing Fee $25
  • Commission: 40%
  • Shipping Costs: Variable (prepaid label for dresses above $500; shipping is the seller’s responsibility for dresses less than $500).

Nearly newlywed is a great option if you want to make selling easy and are willing to pay a higher commission. It’s easy to list your dress. Just submit your information and photos.

Nearly Newlyweds may take up to 48 hours to approve the listing. The site will handle all payments, shipping and insurance questions once it is listed.

You will receive a pre-paid shipping label so that you can send your gown to Nearly Newly Wed to inspect it and verify its condition.

Nearly Newlywed does not charge a listing fee of $25 and a 40% commission. Nearly Newlywed claims that most wedding gowns are sold within 60 to 120 business days.

5. Once Wed

  • Listing Fee: $19.95 per dress
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping cost: Variable

Once wed is an online resource for brides that provides inspiration and tools for planning their wedding. You can also find secondhand wedding gowns on the site.

This site has been in business for more than ten year and is an excellent option to sell your wedding dress. The listing fee is $19.95 per dress, but there are no commission fees. Your listing will be valid for one-year.

This site provides privacy and protection for sellers. It also offers customer service via email to resolve any issues.

6. PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com

  • Listing Fee $25
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping cost: Variable

PreOwned Bride Dresses is in business since 2004. This site allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other for new, sample, or used wedding dresses, as well as bridal party gowns.

A $25 listing fee is required for each listing. There are no commission fees. It claims that an average dress sells in 70 days. This is higher than other websites claim. You can also use the value calculator to determine the best listing price.

7. Wear It Once

  • Listing Fee $20
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping cost: Variable

Wore it Once is an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other for used wedding gowns, gowns, jewelry and shoes. Set up your custom shop to sell your wedding gown. You can also list other items related to weddings.

You will need to complete a form detailing your dress. This includes details such as size, color and style. Next, you will create a description of your dress and determine a price.

A $20 setup fee is required. There is currently no commission for the sale of your items. Your listings are permanent and you can set your own prices. You can also list and sell any number of used items in your shop.

8. Wedding Bee

  • Listing Fee: No listing fee
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping cost: Variable

Web Community provides advice and tips to couples who are planning their weddings. Information on topics like DIY weddings, day-of tips and dream wedding inspiration can be found here.

The site features a section for classifieds where you can list your wedding dress.

You can list your wedding dress free of charge on Wedding Bee. However, you can also purchase a featured ad. You can set your price and communicate with interested buyers. The dress will be shipped by you. Other wedding-related items, such as accessories, shoes, decorations, etc., can be listed.

9. Selling my wedding dress

  • Listing Fee $19.99 Basic Listing; $29.99 Premium Listing
  • Commission: No commission
  • Shipping cost: Variable

The website Sell My Wedding Dress is another option for selling your wedding dress. You have 2 options to list your dress. The first is a basic listing that costs $19.99 and the second is a premium listing that starts at $29.99. This includes a featured listing as well as better placement of your ad.

There are no commission fees and no hidden charges. Your listing will remain up until the day your dress sells.

You will need to provide basic information about your dress in order to list it. This includes the size, color and style. A description will be required and a price for the listing.

Selling your wedding dress locally

There are several options if you want to sell your wedding gown locally. Local wedding dress consignment shops are your best option if you want to keep your home close.


Craigslist allows you to sell everything from furniture to toys for children. There is also a section that allows you to sell wedding-related items, such as wedding dresses.

Although this is not the best place to sell your wedding gown, you don’t need to ship it or pay a listing fee. Although it is possible to sell a wedding gown through Craigslist, it can take more time and may prove difficult to find qualified buyers.

Although creating a listing is easy, you need to take the time to create a good listing and determine a fair price.

Craigslist buyers are known to try to negotiate, so give yourself some leeway. If there are any issues with the dress, take the time to upload photos.

Facebook Groups for Buy and Sale

You can also sell your wedding dress locally through Facebook Buy and Sale groups or the Facebook Marketplace.

These groups can sell anything so you don’t have to limit your marketing efforts to brides. You don’t need to worry about shipping your gown.

When listing your dress, make sure to include lots of photos and a detailed description. Also, be competitive with the price. There may be a need to negotiate the final price. So, don’t forget to leave room for bargaining.

Although it may take longer to sell your dress through Facebook, there is no cost to do so.

Local wedding consignment shops

A wedding dress consignment store is the best way to sell your wedding gown locally.

These shops are devoted to selling wedding-related products like accessories and wedding dresses. This is your best chance of getting your wedding dress in front local buyers who are specifically looking for it.

Local wedding dress consignment shops have one major problem: they charge high fees to help you sell your dress. This is similar to what some websites on this list are charging.

Many shops charge a commission rate of between 40% and 60% of the dress’ final sale price.

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Tips to Sell Your Used Wedding Dress Online

There are several things to keep in mind when selling your wedding dress. Make sure the dress is clean and free from tears, stains or any other damage. It’s likely that the dress is still in great condition, even though you only wore it once.

Remember that photos are highly valuable. You can add as many photos from different angles as you like.

Both photos of you wearing the dress and those taken on a hanger can be included. However, make sure to highlight any special details like beadwork or lace designs up close.

All relevant information, such as size and exact color (ivory or off-white), should be provided. You can also include petticoats and other accessories. If the dress has been altered, please describe it as fully as you can.

What is the best price to sell my used wedding dress?

There are many factors that will affect the price of your wedding dress.

A used wedding dress that is in good condition and less than two years old will usually fetch half the retail price. You can often get 60% off if your dress is from a designer brand like Vera Wang.

Calculators can help you estimate the cost of your wedding dress. You will need to enter some basic information, such as the brand and condition of your wedding dress, along with its size. You can then get an estimate of the gown’s value.

These calculators will help you decide the best price for your wedding dress.

What is the time frame for selling my wedding dress?

The amount of time it takes to sell your wedding gown depends on many factors, including brand, style and size. Keep in mind that how popular the store or marketplace you use to list your listing will impact how many people see it and how quickly it sells.

Your dress should sell in 60 to 90 days after listing, provided that it is a well-known brand, style, in great condition, and not more than two years old. It may take longer for dresses that are older, less in demand, or in poor condition to sell.

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