Where to Sell Your Video Games to Make the Most Money

Where to Sell Your Video Games to Make the Most Money

Are you a collector of Street Fighter II and Sonic the Hedgehog?

What about the OG Call of Duty and Halo versions?

You might want to check if they are still valuable if they have been neglected.

Old video games, especially those that were released recently, can be just as valuable as other electronic devices.

Some people see it as nostalgia. Some people will pay big money for games they used to play as kids. It’s all about the price for other buyers of video games. They’ll happily spend if they can find a gently used video game at pennies per dollar even though it’s not in its original packaging.

Participate in a trade-in. You can get cash for your old video games. Do not let your collection of fantastic games go to waste. They will lose their value over time.

We have compiled a list to make it easy for gamers to transfer their games. These are the best places to sell consoles and video games online so that you can get the highest price.

8 Best Online Sellers of Video Games

Online selling video games is a simple way to make money. However, not all selling platforms work equally.

There are many factors that can affect the price of a video game, such as fees and payout times. Some sites pay out within minutes, while others can take up to a few days before cash reaches your bank account or PayPal.

We compiled information and compared sites to help you find the best site for your needs. Then we assigned stars from 1-5 stars depending on how well the company addresses each factor.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr sells used electronics including video games. Use Decluttr’s free app to scan or enter the barcode. If your item is accepted by Decluttr, you will receive an instant quote.

Decluttr makes selling games for cash easy by providing a UPS shipping label. You will also be paid the day your shipment arrives. Decluttr has one drawback. It won’t refund your item if it doesn’t pass quality control.

Easy 5/5: This app allows you to scan a barcode from a video game and get an instant quote. Decluttr offers free shipping and a one-day payment schedule.

Time 5/5 It takes a very short time to locate your items, scan their barcodes and then accept Decluttr’s offer. Drop your package off at any UPS Store. Most cases will be paid within one day of receipt.

Fees 5/5Decluttr does not charge fees to quote you or sell your item. Shipping is completely free.

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2. Amazon’s Trade in Option

Video games are accepted by Amazon’s trade-in program. Search Amazon to determine if your video game is eligible. The trade-in program will accept any item that appears on the list. The maximum price that you can receive for each item will also be displayed.

Amazon will notify you if your item passes quality inspection within two days of receiving your shipment. Amazon will provide a pre-paid shipping label at no cost to you for your items. You can also have your items returned to Amazon for free if they are rejected.

Easy 4/5:You can use Amazon’s trade in program but you will need to search manually for your item. This is a bit more work than scanning the barcode using Decluttr.

Time 4/5 You simply need to drop off your package for shipping with the pre-paid shipping label. Decluttr’s turnaround is slightly slower, but you will receive payment in two days.

Fees 5/5Amazon does not charge any fees for you to trade your items.

3. Swappa

Another way to sell videogames is through Swapa. Enter information about your game, select a price and upload photos. Swappa will post your game to its online marketplace once it has verified the listing.

You will be paid via PayPal when your game sells. The buyer must ship the game within two business days after purchase.

Easy 4/5: Before creating a listing, search for your item on Swappa. Swappa provides price guidance to assist you in choosing a price that is fair.

Time 4/5 You will have to pay for shipping the item by yourself. This is more expensive than sending it via a pre-paid label. Instead of waiting for payment from the buyer, you will receive payment immediately.

Fees 4/5Items selling for less than $50, just like most videogames, do not have to pay additional listing or selling charges. Swappa charges a sliding-scale fee for items that sell for more than $50.

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4. eBay

eBay is an excellent online marketplace for selling video games, phones and other electronic items. Selling video games on eBay will allow you to reach a wide audience and make it easy to post your products. eBay makes it easy to pay and offers a discounted shipping label.

However, has its advantages. You don’t have to list more than 50 items per month. However, eBay charges 10% of the final value.

Ease 3/5 –eBay allows you to easily post an item to its marketplace. Although eBay facilitates shipping and payment, you are ultimately responsible for communicating with the buyer. It is necessary to enter the item’s description and photo manually.

Time 4/5Shipping labels, an automated payment process and a low time investment make it easy to sell on eBay. It may take some time for your item to sell.

Fees 3/5 To complete a transaction through eBay, you will need to pay 10% of the item’s selling prices. This is unlike other websites. Shipping costs are also payable, but eBay offers discounted shipping rates.

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5. OfferUp

OfferUp connects you to local and national buyers for your video games and other products. Upload a photo and description to the OfferUp app to get cash for your video games.

You can list your item on OfferUp for free, provided you don’t buy or sell the item in cash. If you ship and sell the item, however, you will be charged a 9.9% fee. Shipping costs are usually paid by the buyer. After you accept an offer, OfferUp will send you a shipping label via email and the app.

Easy 3/5: You can post your item for sale using the OfferUp app. Upload a picture and description of the item. OfferUp will pay the payment and send you a shipping label. It may take some time for your item or service to be sold because OfferUp connects buyers and sellers.

Time 3/5 It takes a little more time to enter the item details. The shipping label is provided so that you can only pack and drop off the sold items. Your games will not sell immediately if you don’t find a buyer.

Fees 3/5 When you sell items online, OfferUp charges 9.9% for the service fee.

6. Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is a website that only focuses on video games and gaming consoles.

Start trading by searching for the item you are selling on Trade4Cash. Choose the game condition and other options. Trade4Cash will instantly give you a valuation.

Easy 5/5:Search your item on Trade4Cash to get an instant valuation. You can get paid by PayPal, check or Amazon e gift card.

Time 5/5 Your time investment is minimal. You only need to search for the items you want and then drop the package off at the post office.

Fees 5/5There is no charge to sell games to Trade4Cash. Shipping costs for any item over $10 will be covered by Trade4Cash.

7. Gameflip

You can also sell video games, consoles and in-game items via . To list your item, create an account and click on the “Start selling” button. Gameflip will notify the buyer via email and through the Gameflip app once they have purchased your game.

Listing an item on the Gameflip marketplace is free. You have several flat-rate shipping options if your item sells.

Easy 3/5: You can list your video games for sale by uploading photos and a description. You can then manage your listing using the Gameflip app. Gameflip connects buyers to you, so you won’t have to wait until your item sells.

Time 3/5Shipping can be simple, but it is possible that you won’t get paid for some time. Your item may take time to sell. You won’t get paid until the buyer has received the shipment.

Fees 4/5 There are no fees for listing your item on Gameflip and shipping costs are minimal.

8. The Old School Game Vault

It’s easy to sell old video games online with the Old School Game Vault To get an instant value, search for your game on the website. If your order exceeds $75, it will send you a shipping label.

Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. Orders between $75 and $100 are charged $10 per order. If your order is less than $75, shipping will be charged at $10.

Within two to four business days of your package being received by the Old School Game Vault, payment will be made. You have the option to receive payment via Paypal or Amazon egift card.

Ease 3/5Search your item on The Old School Game Vault website to get an instant valuation. A prepaid shipping label will be sent to you if your shipment exceeds $75. The site can be difficult to navigate.

Time 4/5 It doesn’t take long to get a quote from the Old School Game Vault. For small shipments, however, you will need to take care of shipping. After your package has been received, you will be paid within two to four business days.

Fees 4/5The Old School Game Vault will charge more for your games than other sites, as shipping costs are added to orders less than $100.

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Five Places Near Me to Sell Video Games For Cash

If listing and shipping items seems too difficult, you can sell them locally. You can also negotiate a better price in person if you are willing to push for a good deal.

Although your buyer pool may be smaller, if you don’t mind waiting, you might consider listing your games on multiple platforms. If you don’t get a hit or don’t have a local location, you can always go back to the online options.

1. GameStop

GameStop is a national chain of video game stores with over 6,000 locations. GameStop will accept your used video game items for cash or store credit. You can search for your items on GameStop’s site to see how much your game is worth.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist allows you to list your video games if you are willing to work with potential buyers. You can list your video games for sale on Craigslist . Then, you will need to negotiate a price with your buyer. When you meet strangers to exchange goods, make sure to choose a public place.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Another place to sell your video games is the local Facebook Marketplace. You will need to upload a photo and a description, just like Craigslist. Buyers will also be able to coordinate on price, meetup times, and location.

4. Game X Change

Game X Change, a smaller national chain with 12 locations across the country, is a smaller company. Game X Change is a smaller national chain with locations mainly in the Mid-south, Midwest and Southwest. They will purchase used games for cash or store credits. To find out if there are stores near you, visit Game X Change’s locations .

5. The Exchange

The Exchange stores are located mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania but they also have locations in Illinois and Indiana. This regional chain sells movies and video games.

Do not accept the first trade-in or instant cash offer

Your old video games can be sold online, in a local shop, or directly to someone locally.

A word of advice: Don’t take the first offer that comes your way; there are likely to be more opportunities elsewhere.

Compare the prices of different vendors and places to find out which one will give you the best deal for your game. You don’t have to wait to sell your used video game consoles once you’ve stopped playing them.

If you have beaten a game and feel that you won’t be playing it again in the future it is time to let it go.

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