Where To Sell Used Clothes For Cash: 6 Must-visit Marketplaces

Please, do me this one favor. Take a good look in your wardrobe and bring out clothes you haven’t worn for the past few months or years. 

Now, can you see how you have been suffocating your wardrobe? Yet, you’re complaining you don’t have clothes to wear and plan to go on a shopping spree soon.

If you’re experiencing this, please do the needful. Clear out those old and unused clothes (or those you haven’t used or don’t plan on wearing) to give your crammed wardrobe some breathing space. 

But what can you do with those used clothes? Great question, sell them!

There are diverse platforms and apps designed for people like you to sell used clothes. They include free and paid apps and websites. 

These used clothes selling platforms are also a breeze to use. And don’t forget, selling those old clothes of yours won’t only help clear up your crammed wardrobe. 

You’ll also make some extra cash, which you can use to restock your depleted wardrobe. 

Now here’s the best part. You can save big when buying new clothes online. How? Comparrot will enable you to find the same clothes (quality and design-wise) for the cheapest price. 

Alright, check out top websites and apps where you can sell those used clothes of yours and make some cash on the side. 

1. eBay: 

There are many reasons eBay is a wise decision to list and sell your used clothes. Firstly, the platform receives millions of visitors every month. So, there’s a big chance you might get your used clothes sold on time. 

Additionally, eBay is a breeze to navigate. And anyone can list and sell used clothes on the platform. You can sell anything on eBay. Just ensure it’s something legal and doesn’t violate the platform’s rules in any way. 

On eBay, sellers have the option to decide the price strategy for items listed. You can choose to set the “Buy It Now” selling option. But, please note that the price won’t be negotiable with that option. That means, if potential buyers don’t find your price pocket-friendly, they might not contact you. 

Auction is another selling option. It means you’re inviting potential buyers to place bids when you set this option. You can set the starting bid too. 

Now, is eBay free? No. All sales on the platform attract 10 percent charges.  

The good news is registered members on eBay receive 50 free listings per month. You will also pay if you surpass this number. They call it “insertion fee.”

2. Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook is a popular social media platform and one of the largest of the century. However, most people only know the platform to be a communication channel. But it’s more than that. 

Facebook has a marketplace that has the potential to be a huge success. It’s only a matter of time before this is achieved. 

Several factors make the Facebook marketplace a wise choice for a newbie looking to sell off a bunch of used clothes. Firstly, listing and selling clothes is free. Facebook won’t request a dime from you. 

Facebook marketplace not only allows you to post your items more traditionally. You’ll find selling groups, making it a wise choice for people looking to sell used clothes without breaking a sweat. 

You’ll be able to sell your used clothes to people nearby, thus eliminating the postage fee. Most buyers will be people who can come to your residence or an agreed location to pick up the items. That’s what makes Facebook Marketplace unique. 

However, if you’re hoping to sell high-end used items or clothes on the platform, you might be disappointed at the response.

But, if you have many used clothes you want to sell, Facebook Marketplace is a great destination. 

3. Flyp

The reason many people are rushing to sell their clothes on Flyp is not far-fetched. The platform makes selling used clothes a breeze. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie. If you have what Flyp’s pro sellers or experts want, you’ll be packing some moolah into your pocket soonest. 

So, if you have designer wear you want to sell, Flyp is your best bet. Don’t bring your mall or target clothes here. Bring designers from top brands like Nike, Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, American eagle, and others here. 

You can check out the list of things Flyp experts would accept from you to avoid wasting your precious time. Get the app, and check out the list to see if you stand a chance of using the platform. 

What makes Flyp unique is this. When you join, Flyp pairs you with a reselling pro. These reselling experts are good at what they do. They know the actual way to style your used clothes and even photograph them to look more appealing to buyers. 

With the help of Flyp’s reselling pros, you can sell your used clothes quickly and avoid all the hassles of finding a buyer for your clothes. 

4. Craigslist:

Who doesn’t know about Craigslist? Well, some people don’t. But if you’re an avid online shopper, chances are you have heard about or come across Craigslist. 

Despite claims that Craigslist is losing popularity, dozens of people are cashing out from the platform. Craigslist is best described as a classified ads platform, and they operate in over 70 different countries. 

If you have used clothes, you can list them on Craigslist and have them sold. Just open an account and start posting. By the way, posting used clothes is free on the platform. 

Furthermore, if you want to sell your used clothes faster, ensure you provide quality images to captivate potential buyers and make them want to contact you. 

Another thing is to provide the details of the clothes. These include measurements, brands, sizes, and conditions. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t provide enough details to answer all the questions potential buyers may have about your listings, they may never contact you.

But if a buyer picks interest in your clothes on Craigslist, they’ll contact you via your phone number or email. That’s how Craigslist works. 

5. Depop 

With over 18 million users, how can you not consider Depop as a place to sell your used clothes? The platform started in 2011, and since then, it hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down, growth-wise. 

Depop is the ideal fashion marketplace to list used clothes. And if you’re lucky enough to have some vintage wear or some sold-out high-street clothes, you can sell them fast. 

This platform is similar to Instagram, where you can upload images in square format. You can write a caption underneath the images, but don’t forget to provide information to make potential buyers want to contact you. 

Depop is also easy to navigate and use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or have a bunch of experience selling things online. And what’s more, you can sell anything you want on Depop. That is anything related to fashion. These include shoes and jewelry. 

The platform also permits the sale of lifestyle stuff such as old books, posters, and records. So, it’s not only used clothes you can sell here. 

It’s also possible to swap items on Depop, as long as you can agree with the owner. So if you find an item you like on Depop, don’t be shy. Contact the owner and propose an exchange. Who knows, both of you might find common ground, and the item could be yours. 

But don’t forget that Depop isn’t free. They normally request 10 percent on every sale you make, and you have to bear PayPal charges. 

6. OfferUp

If you’re interested in an app where you can sell your used clothes locally, OfferUp is a wise choice. It’s dubbed one of the biggest online marketplaces for local sellers and buyers. So, rest assured you would sell off your used clothes quicker than you think. 

Listing on OfferUp is super easy and free. You also won’t pay any charges. But don’t forget that OfferUp is an app. And all the discussions, negotiations, and messages are exchanged on the platform.

You can also claim your payments from your buyers secretly. OfferUp won’t penalize you for that. 

However, before you start posting, ensure your clothes are properly ironed and folded. You should also endeavor to upload only quality pictures with captivating backgrounds if you can. 


So, these are the places where you can post pictures of your new clothes and make some extra cash in no time. In addition to earning cash, selling used clothes will help you keep your room well organized. 

There are dozens of places to sell used clothes, but we discovered these to be amazing. But remember that most of the platforms charge a percentage of your earning, and some don’t. So, if you aren’t ready to share your earnings from selling used clothes, only use a free platform. 


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