The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Recycling Cardboard Boxes

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Recycling Cardboard Boxes

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are essential items in our lives. From moving houses to online shopping deliveries, we use them frequently. However, once their purpose is fulfilled, most cardboard boxes end up in landfills, which is a huge waste of resources. Recycling cardboard boxes can help preserve the environment and even make you some extra cash on the side. In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to make money recycling cardboard boxes.

1. Know Your Market

Before embarking on any business venture, it is essential to know your market. You need to understand the demand and supply dynamics, the pricing, and the competition. The same applies to cardboard box recycling. It would be best if you researched local companies and individuals who require cardboard boxes regularly. Reach out to them and discuss your services.

2. Set Up a Collection System

Once you have identified your potential clients, you need to set up a collection system. You can set up a drop off point or offer a pick-up service. You can also partner with waste management companies to get a steady supply of cardboard boxes. Ensure that you agree with your clients on a schedule for collecting the boxes, as this will prevent piling up of boxes and ensure efficient logistics.

3. Invest in Equipment

Recycling cardboard boxes requires some equipment such as balers, shredders, and compactors. These machines help reduce the volume of boxes, making it easier to store, transport, and sell. You can either purchase or rent them depending on your budget and preference. Ensure that you get a reliable supplier who can provide maintenance and repair services when needed.

4. Sort and Grade Your Boxes

Not all cardboard boxes are made equal. Some are thicker, while others are thinner. Some have prints, while others are plain. Sorting and grading your boxes will help you get a higher price. Thick, plain cardboard boxes are in high demand and attract a better price than thin or printed boxes. Ensure that you remove any plastic or metal pieces before selling your cardboard boxes.

5. Find a Recycling Facility

After sorting and grading your boxes, you need to find a recycling facility. Most recycling facilities require cardboard boxes to be baled or compacted into specific sizes for efficient transport. You can hire a waste management company to do this for you, or you can invest in balers or compactors for your business. Ensure that you research the recycling facilities near you to get the best price for your cardboard boxes.

6. Market Your Business

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, including cardboard box recycling. You need to get your business out there, so people know about it. You can use social media, flyers, brochures, and even word of mouth to promote your business. Partnering with local businesses and schools can also help you get more clients.

7. Keep Your Business Sustainable

Cardboard box recycling is a sustainable business that can help preserve the environment. However, it would be best if you ensured that your business is sustainable too. This includes recycling any waste generated during the process and using eco-friendly products whenever possible. It would help if you also looked into renewable energy sources such as solar panels to power your equipment.


Recycling cardboard boxes can be a profitable business venture that benefits both the environment and you. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can start a successful cardboard box recycling business. Remember to research your market, set up a collection system, invest in equipment, sort and grade your boxes, find a recycling facility, market your business, and keep it sustainable. With dedication and hard work, you can make money recycling cardboard boxes while contributing to a greener planet.

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