The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in CK2

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in CK2

As a seasoned Crusader Kings 2 player, I can attest that making money in this game is not an easy feat. The game’s intricate economy system makes it challenging for players to accumulate wealth, but fear not, fellow gamers, as we bring you the ultimate guide to making money in CK2.


First off, let’s start with the basics – taxes. Taxation is the most obvious and reliable source of income in the game. Taxes are collected by your vassals, and the amount you receive depends on your vassals’ opinion of you.

To maximize tax collection, make sure your vassals like you, and if they don’t, try to improve their opinion through gifts, granting titles or invasions. Another thing to consider is your holdings’ location. Coastal provinces tend to have higher taxes because they have access to sea trade routes, which increase their prosperity.


Another way to make money is through trade. Trading posts generate income, and you can build them in coastal provinces. The more trading posts you have in a particular trade zone, the more money you make. Make sure to keep your trading posts safe from raiders and enemy attacks, as they can destroy them and reduce your income.

Aside from taxation and trade, there are also other ways to earn money, such as looting and pillaging. Raiding neighboring counties can get you a lot of gold, but it comes at a cost. Each raided province will add to your character’s dishonorable traits, which could hurt your standing with other rulers. However, as long as it’s done strategically and not too often, it can be a viable option to supplement your income.


Moreover, building profitable buildings in your holdings can significantly increase your income. Building higher-level buildings cost more, but they also generate more profit. You should prioritize building improvements that complement your holding’s terrain and location.

For example, if you own a province with a lot of forest, then building a hunting lodge would be the best option.


If you’re looking for more passive income, investing in technology could be the solution. Technology unlocks new buildings and upgrades, which can increase your income in the long run.

Focus on researching techs that improve your income earning, such as economic or trade techs.

Investing in universities and religious schools can also increase your rate of technological progress.


Another way to earn money is through war. Winning battles against other rulers, especially ones you have a claim on, will earn you gold, and in some cases, the vanquished ruler’s wealth.

Additionally, after winning a war, you could demand a ransom from the prisoner’s family or ask for a tribute from the defeated ruler.


Lastly, marriages can also be a source of income. Marrying into a wealthy family or betrothing your children to them can bring significant benefits.

Additionally, if your children are born good-looking, intelligent or with another desirable trait, they will have a higher chance of finding a lucrative spouse when they reach adulthood.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make money in CK2. Taxation, trading, looting, building improvements, technology, war, and marriages are all viable options. The key is to understand the game’s economy system and consequences of each decision.

Remember to prioritize spending on improvements that complement your holdings’ location and terrain. Be mindful of your actions, keep your vassals happy, and build alliances. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to accumulating vast amounts of wealth in no time.

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