The Easiest Way to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

The Easiest Way to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are many ways to get Amazon gift cards for free.

Although it may sound like a scam to some, it is not. There are many ways to get gift cards for free from other retailers.

These rewards are often offered by companies as incentives to users to perform small tasks. You can get gift cards for completing surveys online, playing games or shopping. These companies receive data about consumer behavior and, in some instances, a percentage from the money you spend at certain retailers.

While you will still need to complete the tasks to unlock your Amazon gift card codes, they are all very easy and take little time.

Six Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards Free of Charge

You can easily grab Amazon gift cards for free by using apps or services that offer digital currency.

1. Participate in paid surveys

You won’t make a lot of money doing paid surveys. But you can still use them to get Amazon gift codes in your spare hours if you don’t have any other options. To unlock gift cards from each of the sites below, you will need to create an account. You can redeem sign-up bonuses from some sites for Amazon gift cards codes.

Make sure you fill out your profile fully and answer all the questions accurately for each site. This will ensure that you are matched with the right surveys and that you don’t waste time answering pre-survey question only to be disqualified.

You can toggle between tabs to find out more about each survey site.

Swagbucks InboxDollars Survey Junkie LifePoints MyPoints Prize Rebel

Swagbucks is an online rewards programme where members can earn points by completing paid surveys and watching videos, shopping online using the Swagbucks search engine or playing games. Swagbucks, or SBs, are points that you earn for completing tasks.

You can cash out for a $3 Amazon gift card once you have 300 Swagbucks. Or, accumulate more points to get a bigger denomination.

Swagbucks offers gift cards to Target and Walmart as well as PayPal cash. Swagbucks offers a $10 sign up bonus to encourage users to download the app and use it.

Find out the best (and worst) paying features in our Swagbucks review.

2. Search with Bing

While you won’t receive a penny for using Google as the default search engine, Microsoft rewards will give you points for each search you make on Bing. This will add up if you are like us and need to search for multiple items every day.

Although it may take some time to accumulate enough points to redeem a $5 Amazon Gift Card, if you’re going to search anyway, it might be worth asking the tech giant for help to pay the cost of your next cup of coffee.

3. You can play games on your smartphone

You don’t have to do online surveys to earn Amazon gift card. There are many apps that allow you to earn rewards by playing games. These apps give you points that you can use to exchange for cash or gift certificates to your favorite stores.

Mistplay AppNana is an Android-only loyalty platform that allows gamers to earn rewards and redeem them for gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, and other video-game stores. These points are also known as gems and units. You can earn them by playing mobile games or making in-game purchases.

The number of points required to redeem a gift certificate varies depending on the retailer.

4. Specific shopping apps are recommended

You don’t need to do surveys or play games if you don’t have the time. Amazon gift cards can be used for free to purchase something you already do – online Shopping Apps.

Shopkick Drop Rakuten Honey Mobee

Shopkick gives users eight ways to get rewards, also called “kicks”.

You can earn kicks if you just walk into certain stores, and additional kicks if you scan barcodes for specific products in those shops.

The app will automatically track if you are near a store if you consent to it using your location, as it does with many other apps.

You’ll also earn points every time you use a linked card to make a purchase. Bonus: Receive a FREE 1,250 Kicks Sign up with code to receive a $5 discount TheFreebie Within 7 days of the app’s installation, you can have an in-store scan.

5. Get grocery cashback

These apps allow you to get Amazon gift cards free of charge for grocery shopping even if you don’t shop online a lot.

Ibotta Receipt Horse

Ibotta was originally a cashback app for groceries but has since expanded to include other retailers such as Walgreen’s and Apple. BarkBox and Amazon are also included. There are many ways to earn rewards with Ibotta.

You can first browse the offers within the app. Click to add the offer to your favorites list once you have found one that you like. It is possible that you will need to do a simple activity, such as answering a question or watching a video. Ibotta will credit your account with rewards within 24 hours of receipt submission.

To earn rewards instantly, you can link your loyalty card to your store so that receipt scanning is not necessary. To earn cashback, you can shop online or via the Ibotta App.

You can cash out via PayPal or Venmo or exchange your earnings to get a gift card to Amazon or Target or Uber. If you are interested in an Amazon Prime Membership, Ibotta offers a $20 Amazon gift certificate if the membership is purchased through the company.

You can find out more about how you can earn cashback using this app in our Ibotta review.

6. Buy them from Amazon

Most people are familiar with the benefits of taking surveys online and the cash-back apps that allow you to earn Amazon gift cards. However, it is best to go directly to the source.

Reload an Amazon gift certificate

Amazon currently has a great deal: Reload a gift card that is $100 or more to receive a $10 bonus . It could be worth it if you shop regularly on Amazon and have $100 to reload your gift card or purchase a gift card.

Amazon Visa Card:

You might be interested in the Amazon Signature Rewards Visa Signature card if cashback is what you like and you are a frequent Amazon shopper.

After approval, you’ll receive a $150 Amazon gift certificate immediately. After approval, you can double-dip your purchases with 2% back at gas stations and restaurants, 10% back on Prime purchases, and just 1% back anywhere else.

Trade in electronics and books

You might be eligible to receive a payment through Amazon for an old tablet or smartphone that you don’t use anymore. It will buy smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, ereaders, and books.

To have your items assessed, you will need to ship them. You will receive Amazon gift cards equal to the value of your item if they are accepted. It will send the items back, and you can try to sell your electronics elsewhere.

Amazon: Work for Amazon

Amazon offers a program called that allows you to make a side hustle out of your online business. It’s basically a marketplace for work online.

Online tasks are offered by companies to workers in return for payment. Workers can find jobs that suit their interests and skills. These tasks can include data entry, video processing and creating written content.

You can either receive payment via an Amazon gift certificate or transfer your earnings directly to your bank account.

How to spot a scam Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards can also be swindled, just like cash. It’s a scam when someone contacts you and claims you owe back taxes or have unpaid debt. Scammers will even attempt to convince people that they have won money, but they need to pay fees using an Amazon gift card to get their cash.

You might also hear about other scams, such as fake listings for items that need to sell quickly, hacked electronic devices, family members having an emergency, and promotions for services like internet or cable TV.

If someone contacts you and asks for payment with an Amazon gift certificate, do not respond. It may sound too good to be true or scammy, but it is likely.

Be wary of sites offering “free Amazon gift cards generators”. There is no such generator and all offers or promotions you see on these sites are bogus. You will often see “lists of Amazon gift cards code” offers in return for your contact information. These codes are then sold elsewhere online.

Automate Your Earnings

It’s difficult to know where to start when there are so many ways you can earn Amazon gift card free of cost.

It’s a good idea to start with the easy fruit: getting gift cards for things that you already do. Many people love shopping. Swagbucks and Rakuten are great options. You can automatically earn rewards by setting up free accounts.

Next, choose the ones that are most interesting to you. You might be interested in an app that rewards you for learning new games. Paid online surveys may be the best choice if you are someone who likes to voice your opinion and influence brands.

Some apps may not be worth your time. This is especially true if you have a legitimate side hustle that could make you more money. If this is the case, you can simply move on to the next app. There are plenty of options if you want to earn Amazon gift certificates.

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