The Best Places to Sell Your Clothes Online

The Best Places to Sell Your Clothes Online

Are you able to wear everything in your closet and in your dresser?

I know that I don’t and I’m sure neither do you. Research has shown that only 20% of people wear all the clothes they own.

Every year, at least twice, I purge my closet and donate all the clothes that aren’t needed to Goodwill. This year, however, I am considering selling some of these items. There are many places I can list my clothes online to make more money.

Clothes for sale online

You can donate your clothes to shelters or have a yard sale. But, you might also consider these selling applications to make extra money and sell your clothes.

1. thredUP

ThredUP is one the biggest online thrift shops. You can sell and buy secondhand clothes from brands such as Old Navy or Gucci. You don’t need to take photos or list the items with thredUP. All you have to do is order a Clean Out Kit, and then send in your clothes. ThredUP will inspect, photograph and list your items for you.

You’ll be paid by Stripe, PayPal, or thredUP credit when your items sell. Cash is your option. You’ll get a percentage of the final sales price. The percentage will vary depending on the item’s cost.

You can also donate the items that you don’t want, and your clothes will be donated to a charity of choice. For every kit donated, you’ll get $5 from the company.

You will need to pay $10.99 to return clothes that thredUP does not accept. The site says that they accept only 40% of the items submitted.

2. is an online consignment shop that sells used clothes and accessories for women, babies, children, maternity, men, and men. For those who have more than 250 quality items, they offer a Premier Seller program. To join the Premier Seller program you will need to fill out an application. You’ll also need to send a “testbox”. If your items meet these criteria, you will be invited to the program. allows you to sell items even if your are not a Premier Seller.

You only need to fill out the application, work with Premier Seller Team to select quality items, print shipping labels and then mail your items to

Before you send in your items, regardless of whether you are a Premier seller or not, be sure to review their guidelines for children’s, women’s and men’s clothing. They adhere to stringent acceptance criteria. You cannot sell clothes with niche or altered brands, must the clothes be clean of pet hair and odors and be freshly washed. Children’s toys cannot be sold without batteries. They must also have a minimum of $5 in original retail value.

You have the option to have your items recycled or returned to you if they are rejected. To have them sent back, you will need to pay $9. If more than 40% of the items you sent is rejected, they will charge you an additional fee. will help you promote your items if they accept them. You will be paid a commission based on the sale price of your items. You can send the money via check, cash or credit. Pay attention to any bonus or seller fees for selling particular brands. They will have an impact on the amount you receive.

Cash out requires $10 to be available in your account. Store credit is not required.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online marketplace that allows people to sell or buy used clothing, shoes, and accessories for children, men, women, and adults. Poshmark can be used to create listings. Upload photos of the items that you want to sell, complete the description boxes and set your price before making your listing live.

You can change the price of any item at any time and offer exclusive deals to customers who have “liked” your products. You can offer discounts for bundles of items and your customers have the option to counteroffer.

Poshmark allows you to list your items for free. Any money received is paid directly to the seller. Shipping costs are paid by the buyer for any items received (shipping is flat $7.11 for up to 5 pounds). To increase sales, you can offer to pay shipping costs.

Poshmark charges a commission for every sale. They charge $2.95 for sales below $15 and 20% for sales over $15

Poshmark will give you a pre-addressed label that you can use to drop off your item at any USPS mailbox.

4. Tradesy

Tradesy allows women to buy and sell designer and luxury fashion online. You can also sell handbags, shoes and accessories by big brands such as Zara, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. You can even sell your wedding dress on Tradesy.

Tradesy will mail you a pre-addressed, prepaid shipping kit whenever you make a sale. Your money can be withdrawn via PayPal, a checking account, or a debit card. You must wait up to 21 days before the money can be transferred to your bank account or PayPal account. Transferring your money will incur a 2.9% fee.

Tradesy allows you to use your earnings for shopping. Tradesy’s commission is deducted from your selling price. Your Tradesy credit represents the amount of Tradesy you have earned. Although the commission fees are high, 19.8% for items above $50 and $7.50 flat for items below $50, they can be very expensive. However, you have the right to set the price and the buyer is responsible for shipping.

5. TheRealReal

TheReal an online consignment shop specializing in luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton. You can also sell jewelry, clothing, accessories, and purses.

To create an account, you will need to select the designers you wish to consign and choose how to send your items in. You have the option to schedule them for pick-up at your home, send them directly using a prepaid label or drop them off at a consignment shop for a free valuation and drop-off. After receiving your items, they will set the price and prepare the items for sale.

you earn commission for your items. The amount you earn will depend on the items you sell, how high you are as a seller (VIP, Icon or Insider) and what the item’s selling price is. You might also earn an additional bonus if you are a Christian Louboutin, Gucci or Icon designer. You can send payments via check, direct deposit or site credit.

Consider doanting or returning your items if they don’t sell.

6. eBay

eBay is an online auction website that was launched in 1995. You can sell clothes on eBay by clicking “Sell” at any eBay page.

Add your listing and confirm your details. Buyers have two options: they can either purchase your clothes immediately at the “Buy It Now!” price that you set or they can join an auction. They may also offer to buy your item.

You, the seller set shipping fees. They can either pay shipping costs or you can cover them.

You have the option to choose from several payment options, including PayPal and credit cards. Your funds are available immediately. Access to funds will depend on which payment method is chosen by the customer.

If they pay via PayPal, they’ll immediately receive their earnings. However, if they use credit cards, they must first go through the PayPal payment gateway to see the money in your account.

eBay fees can quickly add up because sellers pay fees when items sell and when they receive funds via PayPal. These fees can be offset by charging higher prices for your items. However, this may limit the number of offers that you receive.

eBay offers protection and assistance in the event that you have a dispute with payment or return.

7. Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform for selling clothes. Post photos of your clothes and include a caption with details such as the price, asking price, acceptable payment options, and shipping method.

Your Instagram account can be turned into a shopfront by posting information about your store on your profile. To promote the products, you can use different hashtags.

Make sure that the products you sell are relevant to your audience. If you post regularly about clothing, it is logical to sell your clothes, shoes, and other clothing items. If your account is primarily about food, pets, or other topics, there won’t be many people who are interested in designer clothing and accessories.

This will include setting the price and collecting payments. You also have to handle any disputes or problems. While this can help you get good money for your goods, it comes with greater risk and less protection.

How to sell clothes online

Although selling clothes online is a great side-hustle, it can be very costly and time-consuming.

Only sell quality items

Focus on high-quality items when you go through your closet looking for things to sell. Don’t hesitate to donate or repurpose a shirt that is stained, damaged, or out of fashion.

You don’t have to sell expensive clothes to make a profit, but you do need them to be in top condition to fetch top dollar.

Take Great Pictures

When selling clothes online, you can’t ignore the importance of taking great photos. It is important to take accurate pictures, especially if you have items with holes, stains or other signs of wear. Photographs should be taken in bright lighting and on a surface that is free of clutter. The best lighting is natural sunlight.

Photograph your clothes from several angles to ensure buyers don’t get confused when they receive their orders. It is possible to show your clothes or model it. This will allow buyers to visualize themselves wearing the clothing since they can’t always see it on a hanger.

Make sure you write a precise description

Think about how you would want to be described if you were the buyer before you write a description. While you should list basic information such as the brand, size and condition, it is also helpful to include details like how you would wear it or how it fits.

Buyers may find it helpful to use phrases like “is a great dress for a night on town” or “fits like a small but is a medium” Include any damage to the item, such as tears, stains or scuffs. You can return the item to the seller or leave a negative feedback.

Make sure you are getting the right price for your clothes

If you are looking to buy used clothes, then you will be searching for a bargain. Do a quick Google search to determine if your item is available for sale, whether it be new or used.

This information will help you set a price that is competitive but still makes you a profit. Reduce the price if your products stop selling after a month. Instead of decreasing the price, you can take more photos and modify your description. To reach more buyers, you might need to change your selling platform.

Know the Market

Research is key to finding out which items are most popular on each platform. Tradesy allows you to sell your Burberry shirt and your Old Navy shorts. The Old Navy shorts can be saved for platforms such as Poshmark or letgo, which don’t have a designer emphasis.

Know Your Expenses

You must factor in your expenses when selling clothes online. Also, you should consider shipping costs, packaging fees, and platform fees. You might be required to pay taxes if you make a substantial amount.

Consider donating the item if your shipping and packing costs are more than what you earn. Selling it is probably not worth the effort.

Make your items stand out

Your clothes don’t need to be professionally dried cleaned before you sell them. However, you must wash and iron wrinkles before you put them up for sale. You can buff any scratches, remove stains or repair hardware on purses and shoes. You should note this in the description if you are unable to do so.

To be a trustworthy seller and to get positive feedback, it is important to ship your items in the best condition. Sellers with a positive reputation are more likely to be bought by people.

Anyone Can Make Money Online Selling Clothes

To make money online selling clothes, you don’t have to be an expert or have any previous experience. You will need to sell quality clothes, have reliable WiFi and access to a postal office or other shipping facilities in order to make a profit.

The money you make can be used to pay down debt, save for vacations, or build an emergency fund. If none of these options work, you have the option to sell your clothes or hold a local yard sale.

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