The Best Online Jobs That Are Hiring Now

The Best Online Jobs That Are Hiring Now

It is becoming increasingly popular to work from home.

According to FlexJobs’ study, 115% are more popular.

It’s not surprising that the 1.8 Million Americans who quit their jobs between 2005-2017 cited more flexibility, higher happiness, and better paid as the primary reasons they chose to work at home over the 9-to-5 grind. Statistics from’s blog about the global state and future of remote work

A work-from-home job may be the right choice for you if you are self-motivated, and you consider yourself a go getter.

Work-from-home jobs allow you to make a living anywhere, from customer service representatives and social media managers to travel agents or transcriptionists.

Positions for Employees

Working for someone else is a great way to start working from home. There are many real career options.

1. Online teacher

Potential earnings $30,000 – $40,000/year

Online education is becoming more popular among schools and other educational institutions. You can make an income teaching online classes, regardless of whether you are a licensed teacher.

Online education solutions are becoming more popular as an option to traditional schooling, or even as a replacement. English, science and math are the most in-demand subjects. Most classes are taught via Skype, Zoom or prerecorded sessions.

Online teaching is possible with K12. The company offers benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings accounts, paid time off, and other perks. You will still need to pass the usual teacher hiring process: interviews, background checks, references, and so on.

You can create courses through platforms such as if you are looking to supplement your teaching income, or if you don’t have a license teacher. These courses allow you to be more flexible in terms of your rates, hours and subjects.

2. Online tutor

Earnings potential: $14 to $22 an hour

You might consider tutoring through , VIPKid, if you are looking for a more flexible job. It is extremely flexible. The service allows you to choose your own hours and doesn’t require lesson planning. They provide lesson materials and communication with parents. All you need is a laptop, a desire to teach children.

3. Transcriptionist

Earnings potential: $15-30 per hour depending on your experience

Transcriptionists are able to take audio or video content and convert it into text. Although it sounds easy, this job requires some skill. It is essential to be able to type quickly and accurately. To start or stop audio recordings, some transcriptionists use special equipment such as a foot pedal.

Remote transcription is still possible. To find a job as a contractor, sign up for transcription job websites Rev and Scribie if you are a beginner. You can also post your services on Fiverr, or reach out directly to entrepreneurs and companies to offer your services. If you are a fan of a particular podcast, find out if they need someone to transcribe episodes.

4. Medical coder

Potential earnings $60,000/year

Medical coding is a well-known work-from-home job. Remote medical coders look at patient records and codes to determine the right diagnosis and procedure codes. This allows providers to bill patients and their insurance companies the correct amount.

This job requires some training, which can be obtained through either in-person classes or online programs. A certification or training can help you get an entry-level job. Remote medical coders can be hired by companies on a temporary basis, or as part-time or full-time employees.

5. Virtual nurse/telemedicine

Potential earnings approximately $61,000 annually

You can become a virtual nurse by having a nursing degree. Virtual nurses can monitor vital signs and connect to virtual command centers online to communicate with doctors. They also advise patients and do other similar tasks.

These jobs can be found at hospitals or health centers. You can apply for them just as you would for a traditional nurse job.

6. Agent at the call center

Potential earnings$30,000 – $40,000/year

Agents working remotely do the same things as traditional agents: customer service, sales, and customer support.

The job may require you to answer incoming calls or handle outgoing calls. While some companies prefer to have call center experience for work-from-home employees, most offer training.

This role can be done either full-time or part-time.

7. Customer service representative

Potential earnings $28,000/year

Customer service is a great option if you are looking to work remotely but don’t know where to start. Many companies require customer service representatives to answer customer queries, concerns, or complaints. A lot of these companies, like Apple, American Express, U-Haul and U-Haul hire remote employees for this job.

You will be provided with training and given a schedule. Your schedule may change, especially if you work 24 hours a day. You can work full-time or part-time in customer service, similar to call center agents.

8. Amazon remote employee

Earnings potential:Anywhere from $10 an hour to $50,000 per calendar year, depending on job and experience

You can make a living with Amazon in many ways. These include work-from-home positions that range from technical support and customer service to data entry to supply chain managers.

The job responsibilities will vary depending on the position. To get a clear picture, you should carefully read the job listing. Open listings can be found at its Virtual locations jobs page.

You can choose to work hourly, part time, or full-time.

9. Search engine evaluator

Potential earnings $37,000.00 per year

You might be interested in a remote, legitimate job as a search engine evaluationist. This position will see you evaluating search results from engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to improve the user experience.

This position requires excellent communication skills and web research skills. You will need to pass an exam in order to become an evaluator.

Although the hours can be flexible, you can expect to work approximately 35 hours per week.

10. Data entry clerk

Potential earnings $27,000/year for full-time employment

Data entry is an entry-level, flexible job that can be done from home. You may be hired by companies to enter data into a software program, update records, or transfer information.

It’s a plus if you are detail-oriented, have good organizational skills, can navigate spreadsheets easily, and can type quickly and accurately.

11. Investigator for insurance claims

Potential earnings $47,000 to $66,000 annually for full-time employment

You will work as an insurance claims investigator for companies. Your job is to validate and investigate claims made by policyholders in order to prevent fraud. While you will primarily work remotely, it is possible to travel to the field for interviews or to take photographs.

Although you don’t require any formal education or training in this area, it does require excellent communication, research and interview skills. Many companies offer on-the-job training as well as continuing education.

12. Counselors for camp

Potential earnings $11-$17 an hour

While it is a job that requires you to be outdoors and in person, remote camps counselor positions are available, especially for STEM-based camps. Campers will learn coding and perform science experiments.

These are seasonal jobs. This is a great opportunity for college students who want to be teachers or stay-at home parents to make money.

13. Proctor test

Potential earnings $12 an hour

A remote proctor is similar to an in-person proctor. They verify the identity of test takers and keep them on the exam. This helps to prevent cheating and preserve the integrity and integrity of the exam. This is usually done using a webcam so make sure you have an internet connection.

Hours vary depending on which company you work for, and when students schedule their exams.

Contract Positions

There are many options for working remotely as a contractor if you like the benefits of working for someone else, but also want to be flexible.

16. Proofreader free of charge

Potential earnings Between $50,000 and $50,000 annually, depending on experience, rates, client count, type of project, and rate

proofreading may be a good option for you if you have a great sense of grammar and are able to spot typos and correct them. You’ll be a freelance proofreader and help clients identify errors in written and printed content.

Caitlin Pyle began to help others learn how to proofread after she had achieved success. Proofread Anywhere is her online course. It covers all the skills and tools you need to become a successful proofreader, including how to start and where to find clients. Check out her online workshop to see if proofreading might be for you.

17. Virtual assistant

Earnings potential: $15-$75 per hour depending on your experience

Virtual assistants are employed to assist business owners with their online administrative tasks. They assist with tasks such as email, calendar management and social media management.

By completing a training course you can accelerate your search for a job as a virtual assistant. This will teach you all the skills necessary to be a successful virtual assistant. You can reach out to small businesses owners, or use sites like Upwork and Freelancer to find your first clients. You can also apply for hourly-paying jobs with virtual assistant companies.

16. Pet sitter or dog walker

Potential earnings $20-30 per walk, and $20-40 for overnight pet sitting services.

You can earn money by being a pet sitter or dog walker if you are passionate about animals. You can either start your own business, or join Rover which connects pet owners and dog walkers in their area.

You can create your profile and set your rates. The app allows you to communicate with potential clients and book paid gigs.

Rover charges a 20% service fee that is deducted from your earnings.

17. Freelance writer

Earnings potential: $30-500+ per assignment, depending upon difficulty, experience, subject and length

Freelance writers are freelancers who are hired by websites, newspapers and magazines to create content on a specific topic. Hire yourself to write for other people if you are a good writer.

A course such as Holly Johnson’s Make More Writing can help you get started in freelance writing. It teaches how to set your rates, and find clients. You should have samples of your writing to show potential clients. You can still use your blog content if you are new to freelance writing.

18. Babysitter

Potential earnings Based on the rates you pay, how many children you look after, and how long you care for them each week.

Offering child care or babysitting services is a great way to make money from home and it’s easy to start.

To help children get ready for school and keep them safe while parents run errands, you can offer morning care services. You can also take advantage of the fact child care centers are closed on weekends and evenings to offer your services.

This route is for you. To help you find potential clients, you will need to decide which age group you would like to be a parent to. If you need child care, ask your neighbors and friends.

19. Web designer

Earnings potential: About $50,000 per annum, but you can make more as a freelancer depending on your rates, services and the number of clients.

For their online presence, business owners need professional-looking websites. Small businesses can make money if you are able to code and have an eye for design.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are two essential software pieces you will need to be a web designer. You will also need to be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript.

20. Manager of social media

Earnings potential: $15-$120+ per hour depending on experience

You can make a living by being proficient in social media platforms. This includes creating posts and managing ads, scheduling posts, monitoring online groups, managing private messages and monitoring them.

Many businesses lack the time and resources to create content and engage with customers and fans. They prefer to outsource this task. Although some companies have full-time social media managers in-house, it is often more affordable to hire part-time remote workers for this job. This creates opportunities for freelancers who work from home.

Focus on one platform and not the others. You can then offer a specialized service.

21. Seamstress

Potential earnings: variable

Working from home as a seamstress can be a viable career option if you are proficient with sewing machines and needles. Contract work can be done with dress shops to alter wedding dresses, bridesmaids and prom dresses. You can also work freelance as a tailor, offering alterations to jeans or other clothing.

Other work from home gigs

These opportunities are great for retirees looking for extra income or for those who want to stay at home moms. Most of these jobs can be started immediately.

22. Survey taker

Earnings potential: $5-200 per month depending on your eligibility and how many surveys are you participating in

Companies want to understand their customers better so that they can target the right audience and improve their products. Sites pay people to complete online surveys. You can earn money by taking surveys.

There are many types of activities and surveys that you can complete. You can also participate in regular surveys and branded surveys reward users for answering daily questions, referring friends, or redeeming offers that you find on their social media profiles. Sign up to receive your 100 first points. You can redeem your points for gift cards, PayPal cash or direct deposit once you reach 1,000 (U.S. only).

23. Specialist in Facebook ads

Potential earnings $47,000/year for full-time employment, but freelancers may earn more or less depending upon their experience, rates, clients and length of campaigns.

Many local businesses have a Facebook page, but they don’t use Facebook ads to attract clients. You will be a Facebook ads specialist and create ads that target a specific audience, manage advertising budgets, track campaigns, and much more. As a Facebook ads specialist, you will help local businesses grow and build your own business.

It is easy to become a Facebook ads specialist. However, it can be difficult to start. These courses will teach you how to create a Facebook ad system, and how to find clients.

24. Blogger

Potential earnings $0 to 150,000+ per month

You might consider starting a blog if you love writing and sharing your expertise, opinions, and recommendations. Blogs can be a great way for you to share your life experiences, teach others about a skill or entertain them. Blogs can be about any topic: books, fitness or organization, fashion, or anything else you are passionate about.

You don’t need any technical or programming knowledge to start a blog. However, you may need to read a step by step tutorial before you can get started. Hosting and a domain name are also required. Hosting with HostGator is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your blog online.

Affiliate marketing, selling physical or digital products, and accepting paid advertisements are all money-making options.

See how we created a successful blog.

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25. Test your app or website

Potential earnings: variable determined by the number of completed tests

Companies will pay users to provide feedback on their websites, much like taking surveys to make money. Your feedback is valuable as it allows companies to assess how user-friendly and easy their websites are.

These are some of the places where you can apply to this type work:

  • WhatUsersDo – Tests cost $8 or more. The tests take approximately 15-20 minutes. A Mac or PC is required, as well as a microphone.
  • Register to get paid to test websites prior they are published Earn cash rewards.
  • Userfeel – This company pays approximately $10 per test
  • Analysia – Tests take approximately 15 minutes. Tests cost $10 each.
  • TryMyUI – It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete a test. Tests cost $10 each.

Although you won’t be able to make a living by testing websites, it can provide an opportunity for extra income.

26. Microtasker

Earnings potential: 50 to $130 per job, on average.

Are you a volunteer? Do you enjoy helping the local community with your hands? TaskRabbit could be a great opportunity for you to earn money from your home.

TaskRabbit, a service-based platform, connects customers to people who can help with tasks such as mounting a TV or moving furniture. You can also hire workers to build furniture or help with home repairs.

You will need to fill out an online application and attend a session in your local area to work for TaskRabbit. Once you have completed the registration, TaskRabbit will notify you about jobs in your region.

You negotiate with the client about your rates and job details. After you have completed the job, you will be able to submit your invoice through the TaskRabbit app.

27. Owner of an Ecommerce store

Potential earnings$0-$10,000+/month

Ecommerce store owners can use a digital storefront for merchandise sales. This includes digital products like PDFs and printables as well as physical products that need inventory. You can manage your inventory remotely, which is a big difference to running a brick-and mortar store. You can quickly set up your storefront with a site like BigCommerce, or Shopify.

The amount you earn will depend on the products you sell, how frequently you make sales, and how aggressively your products are promoted. You can work as much or as little as you like.

28. Mock juror

Potential earnings $20-60 per case

You will be an online mock juror and participate in a simulation trial. You will give feedback to the lawyers and answer questions that help them determine strengths and weaknesses.

OnlineVerdict is a reputable company that you can join to work for. You can work as many hours as you like.

The decisions you make don’t have legal binding consequences and they do not decide if someone is guilty. They are only for informational purposes. This does not replace actual jury duty.

29. Travel agent

Potential earnings $47,000 annually, but could increase depending on tips or commissions

Agents help clients find the best deals for their travel experiences and trips. This job is for you if you love to travel and help people plan their vacations.

Although not mandatory, some travel agents are certified. You’ll gain more skills that will help you serve clients if you take training through The Travel Institute. You might even want to specialize in certain types of travel, such as cruises and Disney World vacations.

Instead of charging a flat fee, clients will pay a commission if they book their travel through your company. These deals are often very competitive and clients will be more likely to book their travel through you.

Where can I find full-time work-from-home jobs

It is very similar to looking for a job at home. You just need to know how to start.

Sites and job boards

You can also search on websites like ZIPRecruiter and Filter your search by type, location, hours and even specific jobs. ZipRecruiter will provide a list of available positions for virtual nurses. Simply enter “telemedicine” along with your location in the search box.

Freelancers may want to use sites such as Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork to find clients. You can also search job boards such as those on Mediabistro and ProBlogger. You will need to create a profile if you want potential clients to reach you.

Websites for companies

You can search the company’s “careers” and “job openings pages if you are interested in working at that particular company. This will provide information about the application process, salaries, and current job openings. If the company is smaller, it might be worth reaching out to the owners to find out more information. It is possible that the website has not been updated to reflect current openings.

Do your research and find out which companies are hiring for the job that you are interested in. SYKES, Appen, Capital Typing, DionData Solutions, and SigTrack hire search engine evaluators.


Cold calling, emailing local businesses, business owners and connecting with businesses via social media are all ways to find work-from home jobs. You can join LinkedIn and Facebook’s networking groups for almost all professions.

Do not rule out attending job fairs and other in-person hiring events. You never know what opportunities might present themselves.

Beware of Work-from-Home Job Scams

Opportunities that were not available just a few decades ago have been created by the rise of the internet. The greatest voluntary exodus of the in-person workforce has occurred in tech industries.

There are many legitimate work-from home jobs available if you don’t like the idea of driving to the office, or if you’re just looking for a part time job.

Some people take advantage of the desire to work remotely. There is a likely scam for every legitimate work-from home job. Scammers will ask you to place ads online, stuff envelopes or assemble products at your home.

You need to be able to identify these scams so that you don’t lose your time or money. It’s possible that something is too good to be true.

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