Spotify Deals – Listen for Free

Spotify Deals – Listen for Free

Even the most mundane activity can be made enjoyable by music. You probably love to listen to your favorite songs while working out, cooking, and commuting to work.

Spotify allows you to stream your favourite playlists, listen to podcasts and find personalized radio stations. Premium memberships cost $9.99 per month to get the best out of Spotify. You can also share your premium membership with family members for $14.99 per month.

A Spotify membership may not be the best option if you have a tight budget. You can save money on your Spotify subscription by using special hacks or deals.

Spotify Premium and Spotify Free Compare

Spotify offers both a premium and free version.

The free version displays ads after a few songs. You can’t shuffle on pre-made playlists, and you can’t download music for offline listening.

Spotify Premium is free from ads and promotions that could interrupt your playlist. Unlimited skips allow you to listen to any song you like, instead of having to shuffle or skip a few songs each time. You can also download music for offline listening, such as if you are flying or driving somewhere with no internet service.

Some people aren’t ready to spend $9.99 for Spotify Premium.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free for 1 Month

Simply put, to get Spotify Premium for free sign-up for the 1-month trial.

After 1 month, they will ask for payment information. Then, after $9.99 per individual account, they will start charging $9.99. You should cancel your account if you do not intend to continue using it.

After your trial expires, you’ll have access to all features including ad-free audio and on-demand playback.

Spotify Premium: Hacks to Lower the Price

Spotify Premium users may find it difficult to give up some of the perks to go back to the free version. If you have a tight budget or need to cut corners, there are some ways that Spotify Premium can be enjoyed for less.

New users get three months free Spotify Premium. You’ll need to search for your own Spotify deals after that.

1. Raise and Rakuten: Get a Discount

To get a discount on Spotify, use discount gift cards or money-back apps. gives you discounted gift cards for Spotify. Up to 4.5% off These digital gift cards will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Cash-back is also an option. You can earn 5% cashback when you purchase a Spotify gift certificate through Raise. This can be used to buy future gift cards. You can now choose to receive 5% cashback or a maximum of 4.47% discount with gift cards. You’ll receive $10 credit towards your first Raise gift card purchase if you are new to the site.

You can save even more by signing up Rakutenbefore you click through to Raise to receive an additional 1% cashback when you purchase the card. You’ll also receive a $10 bonus if you are new to Rakuten.

Let’s suppose you want to purchase a $60 Spotify gift certificate through Raise. You can get one right now for $57.33. You can get 1% cashback on your purchase through Rakuten. This is $0.57 in savings. You’ll save $23.24 when you combine the $10 bonus for new users.

The $60 Spotify gift card will cost you $36.76, which will get you six months of premium Spotify. You can combine the gift card with any of our special plans to save even more if you are eligible.

2. Groupon Spotify Deals

Groupon offers discounts up to 50% on Spotify subscriptions for students. These deals go quickly so make sure you grab it as soon as possible. To ensure that you are eligible for Groupon deals, read the fine print. To qualify, you may need to become a new subscriber.

Groupon also offers Pandora Premium deals, which can be an alternative to Spotify. You may get a free month or a discount on the membership fee.

Special groups eligible for discounts

Spotify offers special plans to those who qualify, but it can be challenging to qualify.

Spotify Premium Student

Spotify Premium is available to students for $4.99 per month. This 50% discount on the regular price

Access to Hulu and Showtime’s ad-supported plans will also be available, increasing the savings. You must be at least 18 years of age, be enrolled in an accredited U.S. institution, and provide proof of enrollment to be eligible.

Spotify will verify the enrollment status of your school through a third party site when you sign up. You can request to be added to the list if your school isn’t already on it.

For more information on this deal, visit the Spotify website

Spotify Premium Duo

The combined plan costs only $13.00 per monthly and includes all the bells and whistles of the individual plan.

Duo Mix is an additional feature that Premium accounts offer. It allows you to create a playlist for 2 and keep it updated with the music you love.

Spotify Premium Family

Spotify Premium Family Membership is a great option for families who love Spotify. It costs $14.99 per month and includes all the premium features.

Up to six people can live at the same address and share the same family account. Each member of the family has their own premium account. If they use Spotify already, they can save all their music, playlists and recommendations.

You’ll pay only $2.50 per monthly if you and five others split the cost of a Spotify Premium subscription.

Avoid Illegal Mods and Scams

You may find websites promising other ways to get Spotify Premium for Free when you search for Spotify hacks and deals. These websites may appear real but they could be a way to download viruses to your device.

A common scam is downloading an app that promises to give you Spotify Premium for no cost. When you download this app, it can install spyware and malware. These programs can cause your tablet or phone to crash or steal your personal data.

Phishing emails that claim to give you Spotify subscription codes for free should be avoided. You should be suspicious of emails that claim to offer you a great Spotify deal, but require your login or credit card information.

Groupons and other deals that might not apply to your Spotify account should be avoided. Make sure you read the fine print to fully understand what you are buying.

These Spotify Deals Are Limited Time

Check out these deals to save money and still enjoy Spotify. You shouldn’t download third-party software to your devices as it could cause crashes or lead to identity theft.

When you see deals or gift cards from Spotify, be on the lookout. Hulu used once to offer a monthly subscription that included Spotify Premium accounts, but this is no longer available.

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