Rebel Galaxy: Tips on Making Money in the Game

Rebel Galaxy: Tips on Making Money in the Game

Rebel Galaxy: Tips on Making Money in the Game

Rebel Galaxy is an open-world, space combat and exploration game developed by Double Damage Games. The game features a vast universe filled with different factions, planets, and space stations that players can visit, trade, and fight with. Due to the game’s sandbox nature, there are many ways to make money in it, but some methods might be more efficient than others. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips for making money in Rebel Galaxy.

1. Trading

The most straightforward way to make money in Rebel Galaxy is by trading. The universe is teeming with different commodities that you can purchase from one station and sell to another station for a higher price. However, trading isn’t as simple as buying low and selling high. You need to take into account many factors that might affect the supply and demand of a commodity in a particular station. For example, if a station is under attack, the prices of its commodities might skyrocket, and you can take advantage of that situation by stocking up on those items and then selling them to a different station for a profit.

Another factor to consider is the reputation of the station’s faction. Some factions might be hostile to each other, meaning that their commodities will fetch a higher price in enemy stations. Additionally, you might want to invest in stations that produce rare or unique items that can’t be found elsewhere in the game. These exclusive items might be expensive, but they can fetch extremely high prices in the right market.

2. Bounties

Another way to make money in Rebel Galaxy is by collecting bounties. Throughout the universe, you will encounter different factions that have bounties on their heads. These bounties usually range from a few thousand credits to tens of thousands depending on the target’s importance. To collect a bounty, you must track down the target to their location and engage them in combat. If you manage to take down the target without getting yourself killed, you’ll receive the bounty as a reward.

Bounties can be an excellent source of income, especially if you’re good at combat. However, they also have risks. Some bounties might require you to engage multiple targets at once, or they might have escorts that make your job more challenging. Additionally, some factions might have beef with you after collecting bounties on their members, making it harder for you to navigate through their territories safely.

3. Mining

Mining is another viable option for making money in Rebel Galaxy. The game features many asteroids scattered throughout its universe that contain valuable resources such as gold, silver, and diamonds. To mine an asteroid, you need to equip your ship with mining lasers, and then shoot the asteroid until it breaks apart. You can collect the resources that fall off and sell them at a nearby station for a profit.

Mining can be somewhat tedious, but it’s one of the most reliable ways to make money in the game. Additionally, some factions might offer you higher prices for specific resources, so it’s essential to check the prices before you start mining.

4. Salvaging

Salvaging is a way of making money by looting ships and stations that have been destroyed in combat. After battles, you can fly to the wreckage and collect any valuable items that might have survived the explosion. These items might include weapons, shields, and even whole components that you can use to upgrade your ship or sell for a profit.

Salvaging can be very profitable, especially after large battles between factions. However, it’s crucial to remember that looting might anger some factions, so be prepared to face the consequences.

5. Smuggling

Smuggling is a risky but lucrative way of making money in Rebel Galaxy. Some factions might have illegal commodities that they will pay good money for, but these items are strictly prohibited in most stations. To smuggle these items, you need to install a smuggler’s hold in your ship, which can hide illegal items from scanners.

However, if you get caught smuggling, you might face hefty fines or even attacks from station security or faction ships. Additionally, some factions might not want to deal with smugglers, making it harder to find buyers for your goods.


Rebel Galaxy offers many ways to make money, and it’s up to the player to decide which method suits them best. Trading, bounties, mining, salvaging, and smuggling are all viable options, but each has its risks and rewards. By using these tips, you should be able to amass a fortune and become the wealthiest spacefarer in the galaxy.

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