Online Product Tester Jobs

Online Product Tester Jobs

Did you know that companies sometimes send products free of charge to people who want to test them at home?

It’s true.

Companies can use product testing to gather real user feedback before launching a product. In exchange for your honest review, companies will send you a physical product. Usually, the company will allow you to keep the item after the test period is over. Some may even give you cash.

How can you find websites that pay you to test products at your home? How can you tell if they are legit?

There are many reputable companies that want users to give honest feedback and test their products.

How to get paid to test products from home

You will need to sign up with multiple sites offering paid product testing gigs in order to make money. Each site will require you to complete a brief form that includes key demographic information. This helps companies match you up with the right products.

The number of programs you join will determine how much money you make testing products. You can make more money by joining more programs.


Nielsen is most famous for its ability to poll Americans about their TV viewing habits. However, it also operates several sub-brands including the Homescan program. This is distinct from the Mobile panel that pays users to let Nielsen track their internet use.

Sign up to be a product tester for Homescan. You’ll get a handheld scanner and access to the mobile app. To earn points, scan the barcodes of products you purchase when you shop. To earn more points, you can participate in surveys. You’ll automatically be entered into sweepstakes that are quarterly, monthly and weekly.

Homescan does not pay cash but points can be used to purchase gift cards or merchandise.

2. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a company that conducts product testing for items that aren’t yet available to the public. In return for answering questionnaires about products, you receive points. Your points can be used to redeem cash, gift cards or brand-name merchandise.

The company is well-respected and transparent about the way it pays, with a flat-rate of $3 per survey. However, there aren’t always any open positions on its panel. If the information in your household is not what it needs at the moment, you will be notified that there are no open positions.

Your information will be kept by the company for a few weeks to ensure that a job opening opens up. However, if there isn’t, you might need to reapply.

3. American Consumer Opinion

American Customer Opinion is another website that offers product testing and surveys. Your opinions will be used to help improve the economy, advertising campaigns, and new product ideas.

Registering is simple and you can open an account using your Google or Facebook login. You can participate in multiple surveys each year as a panel member. The average survey takes about 10 minutes and has short, simple-to-answer questions.

You’ll get points for each completed survey. These points can be cashed out through PayPal. You can donate your rewards to charity, or use your points for sweepstakes to win cash or other prizes.

Each month, you will be asked to complete a screener survey to help the company determine which opportunities it should send.

4. JJ Friends & Neighbors – Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one the most recognized brands in the world. It owns companies such as Aveeno, Neutrogena and Clean & Clear. It also has the Friends & Neighbors program that allows you to try products and keep them until they are released on the market.

This could mean trying out makeup or other self-care products, as well as smelling and smelling perfumes. Participating in online surveys, forums and discussion groups, focus groups, and other panels are all possibilities. You can join and it will email you if you are eligible to take part in a test. You may also be eligible to join one of the company’s “dedicated sensor panels” if you are located in NYC.

Although the site doesn’t provide any payment information, prepaid Visa Gift cards seem to be the most popular.

5. McCormick & Company, Inc.

McCormick & Company’s product-testing panel may be a good fit if you like the idea of trying out food.

You must apply to become a McCormick panelist . You will receive emails periodically inviting you to participate in studies once you are added to the database. Studies fill up quickly so it is important to choose a time when you are notified.

The home tests take between 30 and two hours, and they pay $10 to $15 per test in Amazon gift cards. Some tests can pay as high as $30 an hour. McCormick is also looking for participants to in-facility tests at its Hunt Valley, MD location, near Baltimore. These tests usually last 30 minutes to two hours and cost between $30 and $100.


UserTesting may be the right place for you if you are good at finding small details on websites. Create an account to get started. Then, you can download the software, visit apps and websites, and answer questions.

The number of websites that you can product-test depends on your demographic background and the site’s target users. If Facebook wants to test a new feature in Alaska with 62-year old men, and you are a 31-year old woman from Florida, then you won’t get that test in your email.

A reliable internet connection is essential, as well as a microphone and an easy way to download the software. It is also important to clearly describe the things you love and dislike about the website.

Each test takes 20 minutes and you will earn $10 per survey via PayPal.

7. Beta Testing

You can also earn money by signing up with BetaTesting.

BetaTesting claims that you can expect to get up to five opportunities per month. However, you might not get any in some months. BetaTesting is proud to provide quality feedback to the software companies it hires. You will receive more opportunities if you have higher quality assessments.

BetaTesting charges $10 per assessment. Within seven days of the project’s completion, payment is made via PayPal.

8. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks offers another website that allows you to receive free products and allow you to review them candidly. They also allow you to review products and submit your feedback. You can sign up to get started.

SheSpeaks offers cash prizes to the most creative or innovative product reviews. You can also win gift cards or free products by entering giveaways.

Sites that offer free products

You can register for sites that pay you cash or gift certificates to test products. There are also sites that won’t pay cash but allow you to keep the products they send.

9. NetGalley

Register for NetGalley to get free eBooks if you are an avid reader. In exchange for honest reviews, you can request advanced reader copies from the publishers through this site.

If you are granted the request by the publisher, you will need to read the book in order to give your feedback. If you have a blog, social media or the feedback form, you can leave your comments on the book.

You don’t get paid to review books, but it’s completely free and you can keep the books you read.

10. Influenster

Sign up with Influenster to get a free account and share your opinions on everything from pet care to cosmetics, beverages, snacks, baby supplies, and more. For a chance at a VoxBox full-size product box that you can use at home, you can complete surveys. It asks for your honest opinions and feedback on the site and social media platforms after you have used the company.

Although not everyone receives a VoxBox every month, it is a great way for you to get household goods free of charge.

11. BzzAgent

Register for an account to receive qualifying surveys and free products It will review your answers and determine if you are a good candidate for a campaign. If you are selected, you will be sent a BzzKit containing the products you want to try. Based on the instructions, you’ll need feedback. This could include posting on social media or writing product reviews.

Participating in campaigns does not result in financial compensation, but you can keep the products that it sends.


Although this site is intended for homeschooling families only, you can also register to receive products to review. You will test and use products before they are shared with the community.

Although it is not clear what requirements you need to meet to become a product tester, it is free and simple to register. Sign up to the company’s product tester email to receive opportunities to test books, printables and reports.

It will send you all products, but you won’t get any cash.

You can get paid to test products

You can make extra money by product testing. Your opinions are rewarded and you have an impact on the products and services that companies sell. You can earn up to $25 an hour by participating in panels.

Part-time product testing is a great option if you are good at spotting errors on websites, like trying out new products and services, and don’t mind giving honest reviews.

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