Online Jobs Available for Teenagers

Online Jobs Available for Teenagers

Teenagers can be costly. Most parents want you to be a better parent as you age. Not just for the chores around your house but also financially.

Now you have to make money. You won’t be able to afford movie tickets, clothes, tech, or any other items you desire. It is time to find a job.

When I was 16, I started my first job at McDonald’s. Fast food and retail were the only options for high school students in my hometown who didn’t have any experience but wanted or needed a job.

McDonald’s taught me many things, but let’s face it, McDonald’s was my best friend. As a high school student, I would have taken advantage of the opportunity to work remotely. These opportunities are everywhere today.

There are no two online jobs for teens that are identical, but the majority of them fall within one of these three categories.

  • Online jobs that are traditional, such as customer service, can be done online.
  • Opportunities for business
  • Paying fast for one-off gigs

The route you choose depends on your situation, your goals and your income goals.

Let’s get started.

Traditional Jobs You Can Do Online

There are many options available to you if you’re looking for a reliable and realistic way to make income online immediately. These are the most practical options, though they may not be the most exciting.

Remote customer service representative

Age requirements: 16 years and older

For teens who love problem solving and helping others, customer service is the ideal online job. It’s also a great way for teens to gain real-world experience dealing with all kinds of people, which will be a valuable skill no matter what kind of career you choose. These jobs can be chat-based or telephone-based. If you are nervous about speaking with people over the phone, an chat job might be a better option.

U-Haul is one company that employs teens to remote work.

You will assist customers in booking moving trucks as an at-home customer representative. Starting at $9.50 an hour

More customer-focused jobs available on Indeed.

2. Assistant in social media marketing

Age requirements: Must be 14 or older

Social media is an everyday part of teen life. Although your parents might see social media as a distraction and a waste, you can make it a part of your daily life if you are smart about it.

Every local business needs help managing its social media accounts. However, it is often the last thing on an owner’s mind. My favorite local golf course has not posted to their Facebook page since 2018, which is many years ago. This is a huge marketing opportunity that they are missing that could be filled by a go-getter such as you.

You may already be familiar with social media marketing and want to find a job. To check if there are any companies in your vicinity, visit Indeed .

3. Online tutor

Age requirements: Must be 14 or older

You can tutor other students if you are an expert in a particular subject at school. There are many ways to make money, whether you’re interested in history, calculus, biology, or another subject.

Most tutoring websites charge by the hour. This is usually between $15 and $30 an hour. You can also set your own rates or offer group tutoring lessons, which can help you increase your earnings.

You can create an online resume if a tutoring platform doesn’t accept you. Then, put the link on a business card and leave it in prominent locations in your community (with permission).

  • You must be 17 years old or younger to visit SimplyHired and search for eligible listings.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to visit sites such as Kaplan,

4. Data entry specialist

Age requirements: 16 years and older

You can find a job online as a data entry specialist if you are detail-oriented, able to use spreadsheets and enjoy repetitive tasks. Data entry involves entering text or figures from one source into another. Yes, it is boring. However, money is money and you don’t have to hate a job like that.

FlexJobs is a site that allows you to search for flexible data entry jobs. FlexJobs has one drawback: you have to pay a monthly fee to view open positions. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can always try

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Online Business Opportunities for Teens

If you’re a more long-term thinker and want to push yourself to make something from nothing, creating an online business might be the best thing you can do. Although it is hard work, there is no guarantee you will make any money. However, the potential return on investment is greater than any other job or online gig.

These are great resume builders. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the internet economy and show future employers that your willingness to take on difficult tasks.

5. YouTuber

Age restriction: 13 years or older

Marques Brownlee (aka MBKHD) began uploading videos to his YouTube channel technology reviews in 2009, when he was just 15 years old. He has more than 14,000,000 subscribers today and makes over $100,000 per month through his channel.

The video below is a three-minute clip in which he describes a remote.

Although Brownlee’s success story is a rare one, it is a good reminder that YouTube is not a way to make a full-time living. Many full-time employees have less than 100,000 subscribers. Some even have significantly fewer. YouTube is your best friend if you have a passion for a topic and are open to learning the art of creating great videos. Consistency is the key!

Making Money on YouTube (Beginner’s Guide)

6. Blogger

Blogging is an alternative to making videos for the whole world to view. Yes, blogs still exist (you are reading this right now). ).

Bloggers who are focused on one topic or niche and do not stray too far from the core of their subject matter are often the most successful. DollarSprout, for example, is a blog that focuses on side hustles and entrepreneurship. We won’t be writing about what we ate for lunch or the concert that we attended.

Your audience will grow as you become more well-known for the topics you write about. An engaged audience can help you make money through ads, sponsored content and affiliate marketing. Although it is slow at first, building a following can pay off in a large way.

7. Influencer on Instagram and TikTok

Age restriction: 13 years or older

Many teenagers dream of becoming an influencer. It is like any other business. However, it takes a lot of work and consistency. People mistakenly believe that virality is the only way to make it big. Influencers tend to grow their following slowly and steadily.

How many followers, how engaged, and how big your influence are all factors in how much money you can make. Partnering with brands, sponsor posts, selling products of others, and selling your own products and services are all ways to make money.

In negotiating with companies that want to be your partner, parents should be involved. You may need to review contracts that have important guidelines and stipulations.

Example: Jacob Sartorius, a 17-year-old on TikTok has over 23M followers. His TikTok presence enabled him to sign a contract with RCA Records.

8. Merchandise distributor

Age restriction: 13 years or older

CafePress is an online shop that sells T-shirts, water bottles, and coffee mugs. It allows you to design and make items for sale, while it handles the marketing. It has the following categories:

  • Men’s clothing
  • Clothing for women
  • Baby clothing
  • Accessory
  • Decor and home
  • Get Drinkware
  • Stationary
  • Stickers and signs

The section of the website allows you to design your products. Choose the product you wish to design and then use the CafePress design tools.

How much you mark up your items will determine how much money you make. It’s up to you to decide how much you charge. Each item you sell will earn you 5%-10% of its sale price. To increase sales, you can promote your products on other platforms because the profit margin is so small.

CafePress is only available to those aged 13 or older. Teens between 13-18 years old must have parental supervision.

9. Copywriter for hire

Age restriction: 13 years or older

If teens enjoy the idea of being paid to write, then freelance copywriting could be an ideal online job. You can work around your schedule, and you can write as much as you like. Summer and winter breaks allow you to write more.

Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers, allows you to sell or buy services starting at $5

This site refers to jobs as “gigs”. They include digital marketing, writing, translation, programming, and other tech-related tasks.

Your gigs can be priced however you want. The starting price does not have to exceed $5. You might start out with lower prices and then increase your prices as you gain experience and get reviews. You can also offer your basic service at $5, and then have higher tiers of services or packages at a premium cost.

10. Etsy seller of crafts

Age requirement: 18 or 13 with parental supervision

You can sell your crafts on Etsy if you’re an avid arts and craft lover. Etsy allows you to sell vintage, unique or handmade items. You can sell vintage items on Etsy for teens 13-18 years old. However, anyone under 18 must have the permission of their parent or guardian to open an account.

LeiLei Secor started her Etsy shop DesignedByLei when she was 16 years old. She had already made more than $100,000 from Etsy selling handmade rings, necklaces and other jewelry by the time she was 19. Secor used the majority of her income to pay tuition at University of Virginia.

If you are skilled at graphic design, you can also sell digital PDFs on Etsy. You can sell digital or physical products, but the amount you make will depend on how skilled you are at graphic design, your craft and whether you spend money on software or materials.

There are other ways teens can make money online.

Between fully-online jobs for teens or online businesses, gigs are somewhere in the middle. These gigs are a chance to make some extra cash online, but they can be random and sometimes only once in a while. These are not guaranteed income but you may be able to get a few gigs every month that add up.

11. Babysitter or house sitter

Age requirements: You must be at least 18 years of age

Although babysitting can’t be done online, teens can still make connections with their families and look for babysitting jobs online. lets you offer house cleaning, pet sitting and other services in your home. Include your address, years of experience, certifications (e.g. CPR, First Aid), as well as availability.

You can set your own rates. You can set your own rates. Teens who are just starting out in pet sitting or babysitting should be charged less than those with more experience. To determine the rate you should charge, use’s calculator.

12. Music critic

Slice The Pie pays reviewers. Before songs, commercials and other media are published, you can review them. Your feedback is important for artists, record labels, brands, and helps them make informed decisions about their products. Slice the Pie’s minimum age to join is not clearly stated on its website, although some sources suggest it as being 13 years.

You’ll find the category page which will show you which reviews pay more. Your star rating and the quality of your reviews will also impact how much you get paid. A 1-star reviewer will earn $0.03 per track, while a 5-star reviewer will make $0.15 for each track.

Once your account balance is $10 or higher, you can cash out to get money via PayPal. Refer your friends to earn bonus points. Parents need to monitor what their children are reading.

13. Voice actor

Age restriction: 13 years or older

As young as 13-years-old, teens can register at provided that their parents or legal guardians manage and comply with the terms to keep them safe online.

This site connects voice actors and clients looking for their talents. The employers post job opportunities and the potential clients submit a demo.

Voice-over actors may find work in commercials, radio, and video games. Teens interested in entertainment, broadcasting or acting can find part-time work here and get to know the industry.

Rates for each project vary. This job is ideal for teens who enjoy theater, broadcasting, and are active members of the drama department.

14. Online freelancer

Age restriction: 13 years or older

Fiverr allows you to sell or buy services online for as low as $5

This site offers jobs called “gigs” that include digital marketing, writing, translation, programming, and tech. You can do anything online.

Your gigs can be priced however you want. The starting price does not have to exceed $5. You might start out with lower prices and then increase your prices as you gain experience and get reviews. You can also offer your basic service at $5, and then have higher tiers of services or packages at a premium cost.

You can earn decent money on Fiverr if you are skilled in graphic design, animation or audio editing. You can see the services offered by others on Fiverr. is a similar platform for those 18 and older.

15. Graphic designer

Age requirements: 16 years and older

You can make a side-hustle as a graphic designer on sites such as Redbubble or Society6 if you are proficient in design software, including programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. These websites allow you to upload your designs and sell them on coffee mugs or pillows.

Society6 artists earn 10% of the retail price, while Redbubble average designers make 17%. To increase sales, you will need to promote your work via social media. Don’t be afraid of sharing it on your profiles.

16. Survey taker

Age restriction: 13 years or older

Companies are always looking for feedback from customers to improve their products. They offer paid internet surveys to gain valuable insights from potential and existing customers. This type of work is in high demand, making it one of the most popular online jobs for teens. Surveys pay between a few pennies and $10 per survey. However, most surveys fall at the lower end.

You can toggle between tabs to find out more about each survey site.

Swagbucks Branded Surveys Survey Junkie

Swagbucks is one the most popular survey websites. Swagbucks is available to teens as young as 13 years old.

It claims that it has given away more than 7,000 gift certificates every day and has paid out $432 million in user money. The surveys are free and range in point values from 1 to 1000 SBs. The prize you choose will determine how many points you need to redeem. The majority of surveys will pay you at least 60 Swagbucks. 500 Swagbucks will earn you a $5 Amazon gift certificate. Parents can monitor the accounts of their teens to keep track on points earned, and any activities or surveys they have completed.

Tips for Teenagers who Work Online

These are some tips to keep in mind as you search for the best online ways to make money as a teenager before you sign up for a website.

Register for a PayPal Account

Most online jobs sites pay via PayPal. You will need to create an account in order to accept payments via that platform. To open an account, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, your parent/legal guardian must open the account and serve as the primary account holder.

It is simple to set up a PayPal Account. After you sign up, you will need to link your PayPal account to a bank account. PayPal will make a few small deposits to your account. You must verify these amounts.

Make sure your parents are kept informed

It’s tempting not to tell your parents about your side hustle, but if you suddenly start earning more money and don’t explain where it came from, they may be concerned.

Let them know about your activities for their safety and good. Let them know that you have been looking for online jobs for teens to make money. It’s impressive to have a strong work ethic, especially at a young age. They will appreciate your initiative. You might be able to find opportunities and ways they can help you find work.

Age requirements

Verify the age requirements before you sign up for any of these businesses. It’s not a good idea to be excited about a chance only to discover that you are too young to benefit from it. It is possible that you will need to show proof of identification. Don’t lie about your age.

Keep track of your money

It is important to track how much money your business earns and spends. You can track your income and expenses with a pencil, a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet. PayPal provides an overview of how much money has been deposited to or withdrawn from your account.

You can track your money to see who is paying on time, where your majority of income comes from, and what you are spending on expenses such as gas and materials. This information will help you determine if your rates should be raised or if you have to change the services that you provide.

More income means more opportunity

The benefits of having a job or side hustle as an teen far outweigh any cons. Online jobs are easy to find and most don’t require a car.

Before you start college, you’ll need to be able to manage your money and time. You can learn valuable lessons about managing your money, such as how to save, pay taxes and budget for your needs.

Additionally, you will learn how to negotiate with clients and how to use feedback to your advantage. A great way to build your resume is an after-school job.

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