No Man’s Sky Money-Making Guide for 2019

No Man’s Sky Money-Making Guide for 2019

No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game from Hello Games, has come a long way since its tumultuous launch in 2016. With multiple updates and expansions, the game has expanded its possibilities, including new ways to earn units, the game’s currency. In this money-making guide for 2019, we’ll explore various methods players can use to accumulate units and become wealthy explorers.

1. Trading

Trading has long been one of the most reliable ways to make money in No Man’s Sky, and it’s still a viable option in 2019. Trading involves buying low and selling high across different star systems. Players need to identify which goods are selling for high prices in certain systems and then stock up on those items. Once they have enough, they can travel to a system where those items are rarer and sell them for a profit.

Players can also use their Frigate fleet to send trade expeditions, which can bring in substantial amounts of income. These expeditions have associated costs, but they can pay off big time. Upgrading a Frigate’s trade capabilities can also increase its success rates and profits.

2. Mining

Mining is another classic method to earn units in No Man’s Sky, and it’s now even more lucrative with the introduction of mineral hotspots. Players can find these hotspots on planets by using their Analysis Visor, which highlights possible spots to mine. Once they locate one, they can set up an extractor and start collecting minerals.

Players can also enhance their mining profits by building autonomous mining units (AMUs). These can be left behind to mine while players continue exploring. Upgrading AMUs with better equipment can help them mine faster and produce more valuable resources.

3. Farming

Farming is a newer addition to No Man’s Sky, and it’s arguably the most profitable. Players can grow crops in hydroponic trays or large bio-domes using a variety of resources. Once the crops are harvested, they can be sold for a significant profit.

However, farming requires an initial investment in resources and infrastructure. Players need to gather the necessary materials and construct a farm with the right components. They also need to optimise their crop yields with the right plant combinations and environmental conditions.

4. Salvage

Salvaging derelict freighters and abandoned buildings can also yield valuable rewards. These locations often contain valuable resources, items, and technology that players can collect and sell for units. The downside is that salvaging can be dangerous, with hostile creatures and environmental hazards posing constant threats.

Players can also use their Terrain Manipulator to dig up buried treasures on planets. This method is less risky than salvaging, but it still requires players to defend themselves against aggressive flora and fauna.

5. Nexus Missions

The Nexus is a space station that serves as a hub for multiplayer activities in No Man’s Sky. It offers a series of missions that players can complete to earn rewards, including units. These missions range from simple tasks like harvesting resources to more complex ones like taking down pirate fleets.

Completing missions with other players can also increase the payouts, and players can receive additional rewards for completing multiple missions in a row. However, the difficulty of Nexus missions can vary, so players should choose them wisely based on their skill level and equipment.

6. Space Piracy

Engaging in space piracy, while not the most ethical way to make money, can be a profitable venture. Players can attack freighters and steal their cargo, which can then be sold for units. However, this approach comes with significant risks, including attracting the attention of sentinel ships and damaging standing with certain factions.

Players can also attack pirate fleets that attack them, earning rewards for their efforts. However, these fleets can be challenging to take down and require advanced weaponry and tactics.


No Man’s Sky offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to earning units, from classic methods such as trading and mining to newer ones like farming and Nexus missions. Players can choose the approach that best fits their playstyle and skill level, but all of these methods require dedication and investment. With persistence and strategic planning, players can become wealthy explorers and afford the best equipment and ships the game has to offer. Happy exploring!

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