Maximizing Your Wealth in Prophesy of Pendor: Tips and Strategies

Maximizing Your Wealth in Prophesy of Pendor: Tips and Strategies

As a player of Prophesy of Pendor, one of the most popular mods for Mount and Blade: Warband, it’s natural to spend endless hours battling against rival factions, conquering territory, and amassing wealth.

While the game offers plenty of content on its own, most players begin to wonder how they can maximize their success in Prophesy of Pendor.

To help you up your game, we’ve gathered some tips and strategies that will set you on the path to success.

1. Trading

As with every other Mount & Blade mod, trading remains a great way to make significant profits in Prophesy of Pendor. However, there are some nuances to this process that you need to take into account.

Firstly, you need to know the basics. In the game, goods have varied prices based on the distance or region you sell them. So, start by checking prices in different kingdoms and understand which products are in demand in each area. From here, start buying cheap and selling high, primarily between towns and cities that are in proximity to each other for maximum profit.

But there’s more to trading than buying low, selling high, and moving from place to place. You can also take advantage of shortages or surpluses. For instance, if a town is under siege, they’ll need plenty of food and supplies, which presents an opportunity to sell at a higher price.

2. Building Enterprises

Enterprises are critical to money-making in Prophesy of Pendor. But, you need to be wise in terms of what type of enterprise you build. In general, the most lucrative enterprises include oil presses, wine presses, and breweries. These businesses offer the highest returns in terms of capital, making them excellent investments.

Another key strategy to consider is having a good relationship with the town’s ruler to increase your economic success. But, avoid building an enterprise in a town ruled by a faction that opposes you. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to get the necessary materials to produce.

3. Loot and Raid

It’s no secret that being a notorious outlaw in Prophesy of Pendor has its perks. By attacking caravans or looting villages, you can loot many items that you can then sell for a profit. However, there are severe consequences to this path, including the possibility of becoming an enemy of an entire kingdom.

If you decide to go down this route, make sure you’re cautious about who you attack. Focus on weak enemy factions or patrol groups in isolated locations. Also, ensure that you’re strong enough to take on any repercussions that may arise.

4. Build a Strong Army

Building a strong army is the backbone of success in Prophesy of Pendor. With a powerful army, you can conquer castles, towns, and ultimately seize power in the game. However, building a strong army requires patience and strategic planning.

Start by recruiting low-level troops and focus on training them up to higher tiers. You can also hire mercenaries to supplement your numbers. Ensure that you have a balanced army with various troop types to handle different situations.

Also, when picking engagements, avoid battles that seem impossible to win. It’s better to retreat and fight another day than to lose your troops and investment.

5. Capitalize on Tournaments

Prophesy of Pendor tournaments is not only fun and exciting but also a good source of income. To participate, head over to one of the tournament locations and register to join. Once you’re in, bet cash prizes you earn from trading or looting to increase your winnings.

Tournaments require specific skill sets, so ensure that you train in the necessary areas before participating. If you manage to win, the rewards can be significant. It’s a great way to boost your wealth while having fun.

In conclusion, there are several ways to maximize your wealth in Prophesy of Pendor. By focusing on trading, building enterprises, raiding, building a strong army, and capitalizing on tournaments, you can build up your wealth and ultimately become the most powerful faction in the game. Stick to these strategies, and you’ll be on your way to a brighter future in Prophesy of Pendor.

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