Make Money in Pokemon Sun: A Comprehensive Guide

Make Money in Pokemon Sun: A Comprehensive Guide

As a Pokemon trainer, you know that the journey to becoming a Pokemon master requires dedication, skill, and resources.

And let’s be honest, sometimes these resources can be hard to come by.

But fear not, because in this guide, we will be taking a comprehensive look at how to make money in Pokemon Sun.

First off, let’s start with the basics. There are various ways to make money in Pokemon Sun, such as battling trainers, selling items, and completing missions. However, some methods are more efficient than others. So, here are the best ways to make money in Pokemon Sun:

1. Battle Trainers

Battling other trainers is one of the most straightforward methods of making money in Pokemon Sun. Whenever you defeat a trainer, they will always give you a certain amount of money depending on their level and number of Pokemon. Additionally, battling trainers can also level up your Pokemon and raise their stats.

One tip for maximizing your earnings from battling trainers is to fight trainers who are close in level to your Pokemon. This way, you can avoid wasting time and resources on battles that are too easy or too difficult.

2. Sell Rare Items

Selling rare items is another way to earn a decent amount of money in Pokemon Sun. Some examples of rare items include Nugget, Stardust, and Big Mushroom. These can be found in various locations throughout the game, such as hidden areas, caves, and after defeating specific Pokemon. Simply sell these items to vendors to earn a quick profit.

3. Complete Missions

Completing missions is another method of making money in Pokemon Sun. Many NPCs offer missions throughout the game, which can reward you with money, items, and even rare Pokemon. The beauty of completing missions is that you also get to explore every nook and cranny of the game, providing a more immersive experience.

4. Catch and Sell Pokemon

Catching and selling Pokemon is another easy way to make money in Pokemon Sun. You can catch wild Pokemon and then sell them to vendors, or you can trade them with other players for a profit. Additionally, certain Pokemon are more valuable than others, so catching rare Pokemon can earn you a good chunk of change.

5. Participate in the Battle Royale Dome

The Battle Royale Dome is a new feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon that allows players to battle against other trainers for money and prizes. Winning battles will earn you BP, which can be used to purchase rare items or Pokemon. Additionally, there are different tiers of battle, with each tier offering more rewards than the previous one.

Now that we’ve established the best ways to make money in Pokemon Sun, let’s move onto some tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings:

1. Use Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin is an item that doubles the amount of money you receive from battles. This item is obtained by defeating the Melemele Island Kahuna, Hala, in a battle. Be sure to equip this item before battling trainers to maximize your earnings.

2. Grind Battles

Grinding battles is a tried and tested method of earning money in any Pokemon game. By repeatedly battling the same trainers or wild Pokemon, you can level up your own Pokemon, earn money, and collect items. Just be sure to take breaks to avoid burnout.

3. Invest in Rare Items

Investing in rare items such as Nuggets and Stardust can quickly earn you a good amount of money. These items can be purchased from vendors or found hidden throughout the game. Keep an eye out for deals and discounts to get the most out of your investment.

4. Trade with Friends

Trading with friends can provide a fun and profitable experience. You can trade Pokemon that are exclusive to each version of the game, or you can trade rare items and equipment. This is a great way to diversify your earnings and build a community of fellow trainers.

In conclusion, making money in Pokemon Sun requires a combination of dedication, knowledge, and strategy. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can maximize your earnings and build a formidable team of Pokemon. Happy training!

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