How to Make Money with Cooking in BDO

How to Make Money with Cooking in BDO

Cooking in Black Desert Online (BDO) is not only enjoyable but can also become a source of income for you. With the right ingredients, knowledge and effort, a player can make decent profits while leveling up their Cooking skill.

Firstly, let’s discuss the basics of Cooking in BDO. Cooking is one of the life skills that players can learn and improve upon by cooking different dishes using various ingredients. It is essential to have a cooking utensil or a kitchen in your residence in order to start cooking. These can be rented from the NPC Chef or purchased from the player marketplace.

To start earning money with Cooking, you will need to invest first in collecting the ingredients required for certain dishes. The most profitable dishes will be those that use rare ingredients or those that are in high demand in the marketplace.

Here are some examples of profitable dishes:


Beer is a popular dish that is used to feed workers in the game. It is made from wheat, barley, corn and potatoes. Collecting these items may take some time, but once you have them, you can make beer in large batches, which can fetch a decent profit in the market.

Cron Meals

Cron meals are a new addition to the game, providing players with a temporary boost in their stats. These dishes require rare ingredients like Star Anise, Turkey Meat, and Monk’s Branch. Due to their high demand and rarity, Cron meals can be quite expensive, and as such, investing in learning how to make them can be very lucrative.

Imperial Cuisine

Imperial cuisine dishes can be sold to an NPC, who will purchase them at a fixed price. Imperial Cuisine requires specific ingredients and has a limited number of times it can be sold per day. These dishes can range from simple ones like Fruit Wine to complicated ones like Grilled Bird Meat.

Once you have decided which dishes to make, it’s time to start cooking. The more you cook, the more experience you will gain, which will allow you to make better dishes and improve your chances of getting a critical success. Critical success in cooking results in an increase in the number of dishes made and can be very profitable.

Another way to maximize profits is by investing in nodes that produce ingredients required for the dishes you want to cook. Nodes can be rented using Contribution Points from various NPCs throughout the game. Some of the popular nodes that players invest in for cooking are the Wheat node, Potato node, and Chicken Meat node.

Furthermore, if you are looking to sell your dishes at the marketplace, it’s essential to have an understanding of the marketplace dynamics. Understanding supply and demand is key when it comes to selling items at the marketplace. You should aim to sell your dishes when prices are high and buy ingredients when prices are low. This strategy will help you maximize profits and reduce losses.

In conclusion, Cooking in BDO can become an excellent source of income if done right. By investing in nodes, collecting rare ingredients, and understanding marketplace dynamics, players can make decent profits while enjoying this life skill. So, start cooking today and see how much money you can earn!

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