How to Make Money Recycling/Reselling Aluminum Cans

How to Make Money Recycling/Reselling Aluminum Cans

Ever wonder what to do with empty beer cans or soda cans after a party?

You can recycle the cans, but you can also sell them to scrap metal yards or recycling facilities for cash.

While there are some initial expenses associated with recycling and selling canned goods, you will keep the majority of the earnings. You will need a vehicle to transport the cans and some trash bags.

Collecting in a state that has bottle bill laws can help you maximize your earnings. You will also be able to know the aluminum price and have a variety of locations where you can collect the cans.

This is a simple way to make extra money with no special skills or equipment. Anyone can do it.

How to make money recycling bottles and cans

There are several ways to maximize your earnings and make your collection more efficient if you’re looking for extra cash by recycling bottles and cans.

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Bottle deposit fee

The bottle deposit fee is the cost of a beverage container that can be recycled. Depending on factors such as volume, container material and beverage type, the fee could range from $0.05 up to $0.15. Distributors charge retailers a fee per can or bottle that they buy. Customers pay the fee at the end of the beverage.

The empty beverage can be returned to the retailer, redemption center or the retailer for a refund of the deposit. The distributor will then refund the retailer or redemption centre the deposit amount and any additional handling fees.

Why are cans and bottles being emphasized? The Container Recycling Institute says that beverage containers make up 40 to 60% of litter. They offer a deposit to encourage people to return the containers. This helps keep them out of the streets and waterways.

Bottle Bills in the USA

Bottle bill laws are another name for “container deposits laws”, which require a minimum amount of refundable deposit on all recyclable containers, including soda cans and beer bottles. These bills establish a deposit-refund system where the consumer pays a deposit for each recyclable container, and then receives a reimbursement for every one that is returned.

These laws encourage recycling and reuse of beverage containers at a higher level. The state, type and volume of each container will determine how much you receive for each one. The deposit amounts range from two to 15 cents per container.

At the moment, there are 10 states in the United States that have bottle bills. Each state also has its own fees.

StateBottle Deposit Fee
California$2.10 for 24oz or more For less than 24 oz, $.5
New York$.05
Oregon$.10 $.02 (standard refillable bottle)
Vermont$.15 (liquor bottles) $.05 (all others)

The Best States to Recycle Aluminum Cans

It is generally better to recycle aluminum cans or other containers in states that have a bottle bill law, as those states tend to charge a higher per-container price. If you live far from one of these states or are not close to a recycling center, the amount you make will depend on factors such as the aluminum scrap price.

Aluminum Cans Scrap Prices

Your earnings when selling aluminum cans in countries without billables will be affected by the current scrap aluminum price. Prices fluctuate depending on how much and what metals are being used, as well as energy and supply.

Keep an eye on the price so that when you bring your cans and bottles to the recycling center, you can get a better deal. Keep in mind that aluminum cans weigh about half an ounce.

If you assume that aluminum costs $.40 per pound in a state with no bottle bill, 80 cans would be required to earn $1. For the same number of cans, however, you will earn $4 per pound in a state that has a bottle bill.

If you are considering selling aluminum cans as an side hustle, this is something you should keep in mind.

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Where can I sell aluminum cans?

You can sell aluminum cans at many places. You can find reverse vending machines or recycling stations in brick-and-mortar stores like grocery shops if you live in a state that has a bottle bill. These machines automatically take your empty containers and return the deposit to you. You can also look for redemption or recycling centres within your locality.

If your state does not have a bottle bill, you can take your aluminum cans and other metal items to a scrap metal buyer. The containers will be weighed and you will receive a quote for the whole lot. Look for recycling centers in your area and read customer reviews to ensure you find one that is fair.

Six Places to Get Aluminum Cans

To make decent income selling aluminum, you will need a lot more cans than you currently have.

1. Your Neighborhood and Home

Your home is the best place to start, especially if your family drinks a lot of beer or soda. You can place an aluminum can in a separate bin or bag in your garage.

Ask your friends, neighbors and family if you’d be willing to help with their aluminum cans. To avoid a pile-up, set up a time to drop by once or twice per week.

People will recycle more if it’s easy for you to make it simple. You might consider setting up a system in which you share a portion of the money that you make from recycling aluminum cans.

2. Your Workplace

This is an excellent opportunity to collect additional beverage containers if your workplace has a vending machine for soft drinks. Talk to the management of your company and confirm that they are okay with you collecting cans.

Because you are helping to recycle, most places won’t have any problems. After you’ve been granted permission, create a separate bin and write “Aluminum cans only” on it. You can check on your bin every day, maybe at lunch or after work.

Talk to your cleaners and inform them that you are collecting the cans. They shouldn’t accidentally throw away the cans.

This is how you make it successful. Keep the area tidy and don’t let cans accumulate. You can set a daily collection time right after you leave work. You can keep collecting cans by setting a daily collection time, such as right after you get off work.

3. Local Businesses

You can also contact local businesses to collect more cans. To ensure that the area is kept clean and tidy, collect the cans every week. Participating in a recycling program is a common practice for many businesses, especially when it’s free.

4. Local Schools

Offer to place recycling bins at local schools by contacting them. This might be easier if your child attends the school or you work at the school. Schools might not allow anyone to enter their building without permission, particularly if students are present. They might be open to working with you if you arrange for a pick up time after school hours or on weekends.

You can start collecting aluminum cans by calling the school to find out if they have vending machines that sell aluminum cans. If they have them, you can ask to place recycling bins in the cafeteria next to the vending machines. To ensure that the bins don’t overflow, you should create a pick up schedule.

Schools-based recycling can help keep your cans from going to the landfill, make it easier to collect more containers, encourage staff and students to take part in recycling programs.

5. Public Parks

If there are any outdoor concerts or festivals taking place in your area, public parks can be a great place to look for empty cans. You can easily find empty cans in a truck bed with thousands of people at these events.

You should also check the parking areas and other areas surrounding the park. Many people leave empty cans behind when they tailgate before going to the concert. This is a great way to increase your stash.

You can also check out the picnic tables and open grass areas. Many people leave empty cans on tables and on the ground. No dumpster diving necessary.

6. Roadside

You can walk along these routes to collect aluminum cans, as people often throw them by the roadside. This is a great way to collect more cans and help clean up the environment.

You only need a pair of good walking shoes, a trash bag and some time. You can also make a living by walking while you look for empty aluminum cans that can be added to your pile.

You should ensure that you take all safety precautions. For example, only collect cans in daylight and in areas where there is no danger.

Aluminium cans can be a great way to make money

Although you will not make a lot of money selling scrap aluminum cans it is a great way to make a little extra cash. You don’t need any special equipment or education. It’s easy to get started and start making money today. You might make $100 a week if you have enough bottles and cans.

While your profits will be greater if you reside in a state that has a bottle bill you can still recycle aluminum cans regardless of where you live. Pay attention to the current price, and make sure you choose a reputable company to do business.

You’re not only making extra cash, but you’re also saving the environment by keeping those cans out of the landfill.

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