How to Make Extra Money – Side Hustle

How to Make Extra Money – Side Hustle

Everybody can gain from making more money.

You can increase your income to help you achieve your goals faster, whether you are paying off student loans or building an emergency savings account.

This fact is becoming more apparent every year. A DollarSprout survey found that 57% of respondents have a side hustle.

A majority of respondents claimed that they earn $200 or less per month from their side hustle. But, nearly one in six respondents earns at least $500 per month through their side hustle in addition to their primary source.

Imagine how much you could get by with an extra $500 per monthly. Your goals could be achieved months, or even years earlier. There are so many side hustle opportunities out there. How do you decide where to start?

This list contains some of the most innovative side hustle ideas available today. Each side hustle is listed by difficulty level, income potential, description of the side hustle, requirements and how to get started.

Make sure you choose a side-hustle that suits your lifestyle and goals. If your goal is to make $500 more each month, you should not choose to take surveys online. If you are looking to get a gift card or a quick cash boost, surveys might be the best option.

Are you looking for ways to make extra money from your apartment? With the rise of the gig economy, there are now more opportunities than ever before to make a profit from your home.

From renting out a spare room to offering services like pet-sitting or grocery delivery, there are plenty of ways to make extra money while living in an apartment.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular methods for making extra money from your apartment, and provide tips on how to get started Check out bridge square brighton co.

Simple Ways to Make Money

Although there is something for everyone on this list, I wanted to share some of the easiest ways to make extra cash. These are great ways to make extra money that don’t require a lot of effort or time.

1. Get a delivery gig

Food delivery has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It can take time to grocery shop or pick up food from a local restaurant. People in a hurry can hire you to deliver their food. You will go to the restaurant or grocery store, pick up the orders and deliver them to their home. These are some of the most popular delivery options:

  • Instacart delivers groceries directly to homes. After you have claimed an order as an Instacart Shopper, all you need to do is go to the grocery shop, purchase the products and then deliver them to your customer’s home. Each week, you’ll be paid via direct deposit for any gigs that you have completed in the week before.
  • DoorDash customers have the ability to place orders at a wide range of restaurants. You’ll see how much you earn before you start delivering food for DoorDash . The app will give you a guaranteed amount, based on your order size, driving distance, traffic and other factors.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to drive a car to work with many delivery companies. Many allow you to transport on foot, by bike or on a scooter. Even more strange is the fact that there is a vehicle rental company available to rent delivery vehicles for potential drivers who don’t own one. HyreCare, for example, allows potential delivery drivers to rent vehicles daily so that they can work with major food delivery companies.

2. Take online surveys

Companies and brands value feedback from others because it allows them to make informed decisions about future products and services. They’re happy to send you surveys in exchange for your opinions. Although you will not make a lot of money by taking online paid surveys, it can help you save some cash on your monthly utility bills or to buy a new coffee machine.

InboxDollars, Swagbucks and Branded Surveys offer additional rewards for completing tasks other than surveys. These include watching videos, shopping online, participating in polls and playing games.

3. Earn money for data you already give out for free

It is big business to collect personal data these days. We all are part of it, whether we know it or not. You are likely to give some information to the app developers if you use social media or own a smartphone. In 99 percent of cases, the data is not being paid. A new app, Tapestri, aims to change this.

Tapestri’s idea is brilliant in some ways. The app is transparent about what data it collects (and it is all anonymous so you don’t know who they are). They also tell you that they sell this data. They share the profits with you, the user, instead of keeping it all for themselves. You can make $25 per calendar month by simply downloading the app to your phone.

4. Keep the stuff of others at your home

You can rent out extra space in your house, such as a garage, basement or driveway, on .

The app allows you to connect with others in your local area. Chat with other people interested in renting your space and get more information. Once you approve, you will meet your tenant, store their stuff and receive a monthly rent payment. Use Neighbor’s Income Estimator to find out how much you can earn.

5. Negotiate your bills with someone

Although it isn’t a side-hustle, earned and saved money are just as valuable as earned. These recurring costs can quickly add up as the world becomes more subscription-based. We all have at least one subscription that we don’t use.

Many apps are available that help people reduce their subscription spending. Trim, Truebill and Billshark are the most popular. In return for a small percentage, their bill negotiation services can help you save anywhere from $20 to $50 per monthly on common utility bills.

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6. Shop and get cash back

The uber-competitive online market means that you can get cash back on virtually anything you purchase. Don’t ignore cash back offers, or think they are too small for you to bother with. We’ve seen readers accumulate thousands (or hundreds) of dollars in cash back rewards over the years.

There are many cash back and browser extensions available. It’s worth comparing at least two to three of them before you make any purchase online. Rakuten might offer 4% cashback on Nike shoes, while Wikibuy may offer an 8% special.

16 Cash-Back Apps and Browser Extensions

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7. Your old smartphone can be sold

You probably have at most one older smartphone that you don’t want anymore, if you’re anything like me. Selling your old technology and smartphones online can help you make more money.

One option is eBay. Decluttr is another option. To find out how much your device is worth, use their income estimator . Decluttr will take care of the rest.

Decluttr Review: How to Sell Your Tech Online

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Get a Free Instant Valuation from Decluttr

Sell your CDs, DVDs, games, and more.

8. Save high interest money by opening a savings account

It is possible to make money by moving your savings to a bank account that pays a decent rate of interest. High-interest savings accounts such as those at and CIT bank can offer rates up to 6-6x the national average. These accounts are usually available online. They can offer better deals to customers without having to open brick-and-mortar branches. Depending on your savings, you might not make much more with this method. However, it is an additional income source that you won’t need to think about after it’s established.

9. Sign up for a bank bonus

Cashing in on bank deposit bonus is a great way to make money if you have enough money in savings (or maybe you’re saving up for a house purchase).

Recently, I received a $300 bonus when I made a $25,000 deposit to a bank account. The offer is no more current so I won’t mention it here. Some banks offer even higher bonuses for bigger deposits.

10. Become a rideshare driver

Uber is a pioneer in the gig economy. It offers qualified drivers the opportunity to make money whenever it suits them. You’ll be able to accept ride requests at any time you like, as an independent driver cleared by Uber.

You can increase your earnings by taking advantage of one of the many in-app promotions, including Surge pricing, Boosts and Quests. *

The perks of Uber driving have increased tremendously over time. Uber partners with many other businesses to offer discounts on gas and vehicle maintenance, free music, and healthcare. Uber offers a wide range of services to people who value freedom and flexibility, as well as the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world that Uber is available.

Start the Uber app.

* Boosts, surge pricing, and Quests may not be available in all areas at any time. To view the most current promotions, log into Uber Driver to check in real time.

11. Redeem your unutilized credit card rewards by cashing them in

My account currently has more than $1,500 in unutilized credit card rewards. My rewards balance was too high until I considered booking a vacation next year. I logged in to my account to check if I had any unused points.

Check your cash-back credit card balance to see if you are eligible for rewards. Your rewards may be eligible to purchase holiday gifts or groceries, as well as to apply to your credit card balance. Although it may not be technically a way to make more money, it could help you get ahead by giving you money you didn’t know you had.

12. Try real estate crowdfunding

Crowdfunded real estate investing can be a viable option if you are looking to get into real estate investing, but don’t have the funds for a down payment large enough. Fundrise, an online crowdfunding platform, can help you get started. Fundrise allows investors with lower amounts of capital to pool their resources and purchase shares in private real estate investment trusts.

Fundrise allows you to purchase private residential or commercial property for as low as $500 Fundrise’s real estate agents will handle all the details once you have invested your money. There is nothing you need to do.

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13. You can rent your car

Are you a parent who doesn’t own a car, but still needs to drive it? If yes, then you might be able rent your car out to other people and make money even though you aren’t using it.

Turo is the largest peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace in the world. It connects you with people looking to rent a vehicle. There are more than 10 million members and over 350,000 vehicles. Turo allows you to list your vehicle, whether it’s an economy sedan, pickup truck or luxury SUV.

14. Walking dogs around your neighborhood

People who have furry relatives often look for dog sitters to take care of their pets when they are away from home. Dog sitting is a great side-business idea if you are a dog lover and can take care of dogs. Dog sitting is a great way to make money while taking care of your dog.

Rover connects you with dog owners in your local area looking for dog sitters. Rover allows you to set your own schedule, and you can choose the size and age of the dogs that you want to care for. Rover offers free education resources for pet care.

Rover dog sitters charge $20-40 per night and $20-30 per walk. Rover charges a 20% service charge and you will receive the rest via PayPal or a postal check.

Sign Up to Become a Rover Dog Sitter

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15. Apps can save you money

Members get cash back for doing everyday things. Cash is deposited directly to your Dosh Wallet whenever you shop at a Dosh Partner location with a card linked to your account.

No coupons, promo codes or scanning receipts are available. Download the app to shop. Refer a friend to the app and you’ll get $5. It is also easy to cash out. You can transfer your earnings to a PayPal account or to your favorite charity directly from the app.

16. Your credit score should not be a burden

Bad credit can cost you hundreds of dollars each year. Your credit score will determine the interest rate at which you have to pay for credit cards, car loans, and other debts. By maintaining a high credit score, you can get that money back.

For daily credit monitoring, I use credit Karma. Credit Karma provides an overview of your credit situation in one place. You can also get personalized savings advice for areas you might be overpaying such as student loans and car leases.

17. Invest in stocks

You can earn more by investing your money in the stock exchange than if you just keep it in savings. You can also invest in brokerage accounts or employer-sponsored plans like 401(k).

There are no guarantees when investing in the stock exchange. You could lose your money in a stock market recession or crash. It’s a smart idea to have your high-interest debt paid off and have an emergency fund. Consider your long-term financial goals once you are ready to invest.

Best Investing Apps for Beginners

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18. Online robo-advisor investing

Robo-advisors make it easy to manage your portfolio using technology. This means that you can keep more of the investment earnings and there are no hidden fees. Bestment is an online investing platform that has been rated highly. There is no minimum investment required.

Do you already have a portfolio? Personal Capital is a great service to help you assess how your investments are doing and where there could be improvement. The free Investment Checkup tool allows you to compare your portfolio to determine the best allocation for funding your goals.

19. Brands will interview you one-on-one

While online surveys can be a great way to make a little extra cash, some companies need to dig deeper for research projects. is a site that offers these one-on-1 interview opportunities.

Interviews are more complex than a typical survey so the pay is often higher and it is harder to qualify for interviews. You may be able to make $200 an hour if you are selected for a job. Participate in Studies

Remote or in-person one-on-one or group studies available.

You can make extra money by using your smartphone

Even if you have only a few minutes to spare, you can still make extra cash using your smartphone. These apps are free and you get paid for their use.

20. Watch online videos and get paid

Sites such as Swagbucks allow you to earn extra cash beyond taking surveys. You can help companies test video ads. You can watch short videos and earn points which you can use to redeem for cash. Sign up to receive $10

21. Install certain apps on you phone

Nielsen Digital Voice measures how people use technology. Install the Nielsen app to earn points for each hour spent using your smartphone. You will also be eligible to enter their monthly $10,000 sweepstakes.

22. Get rid of your old textbooks

Textbooks can be very expensive and people don’t like to pay full price for them. You can sell your textbooks online if you’re a student or recently graduated.

Although you may not get the exact amount you paid initially, it is better than nothing. These sites are almost always more than the university bookstore.

Make Money Flipping Textbooks with Bookscouter

Compare prices from multiple vendors with one simple search.

19 Best Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money

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23. Track your data usage with an app

MobileXpression is an application that tracks your internet usage on your tablet or smartphone. After being an active member for at least one week, your first gift card will be sent to you. You’ll be able to redeem additional credits each week for gift cards by keeping the app open on your smartphone.

MobileXpression will donate a Tree to Trees for the Future after 90 days in appreciation of your participation. An additional tree for every month that you are an active member will be donated by MobileXpression. You are not only contributing to the internet’s future, but also to the planet’s future.

24. Use your smartphone to scan in-store products

To earn cashback, Shopkick is free. Shopkick is easy to use. Simply download the app and enable your location services to start making extra cash.

Points can be earned by simply walking into a store and scanning products or making purchases. You will receive gift cards to your favorite stores like Target, Walmart, Sephora and Starbucks.

25. Sell your used electronics

Are you a proud owner of an old iPad or a collection of DVDs you haven’t seen in years? Don’t let them sit in your drawer. Instead, find a place to sell them before they lose their value.

New phones are often expensive, so there is a growing demand for used phones. People don’t want a new iPhone that costs a lot, and instead prefer to buy a used model that is only 2-4 years old for half the price.

7 Places to Sell Electronics for Cash

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Get a Free Instant Valuation from Decluttr

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26. Refer friends to cryptocurrencies and invest in them

The future of cryptocurrencies is not looking bright. Bitcoin can be used to pay for travel, buy food, and even shop online. You can now use bitcoin to buy pizza, pay for your travels and shop online.

You get $10 extra when you use Coinbase to buy $100 worth bitcoin. You’ll get $10 for every friend you refer to the app.

27. Cash back on grocery purchases

You can get cash back with the Ibotta app on groceries you have already bought. You may get cash back for specific brands, or you can receive cash back just for buying a particular type of product, such as bread from any brand. You can choose your deals before you checkout, and then send a photo of your receipt to get paid via Venmo or PayPal. Or redeem your earnings for gift certificates. What’s the best part? The best part? They offer a $100 welcome bonus.

Online side hustles

These money-making ideas can be achieved with just a computer and an Internet connection.

28. Start a blog

Blogs are a great side hustle as you can choose any interest or hobby you like and build a blog about it. Bloggers who can build an audience have many opportunities for income.

These are some of the most common ways bloggers make money.

  • Banner ads placed on the website
  • Promoting affiliates, and receiving a commission
  • Sell an online course on their topic
  • For readers who need more guidance, you can become a 1-on-1 coach

How to Start a Blog (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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5 Bloggers Who Make Over $1,000 per Month

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29. Teach English as a second Language

Remote teachers who can teach English as a second or third language in China are in high demand. Children want to be competitive in the job market. For many Chinese students, learning English can help them stand out.

VIPKid is one of the most well-known private companies that teaches English remotely to Chinese students. You can earn between $15-22 an hour depending on your teaching experience.

30. Handmade items can be sold

Etsy is an online marketplace that links shoppers and creators who sell vintage or handmade items . This platform offers a wide range of products, including paper, party supplies, art and collectibles.

An Etsy shop is a great way to make a unique product that people will love if you are creative. You need more help? Register for Make Your Etsy Shop a Sales Machine. This course was created by Lisa Jacobs who transformed $100 worth of supplies into thousands of dollars via Etsy. This course will help you avoid common Etsy errors, improve your storefront and convert customers into paying customers.

31. Custom-made T-shirts for sale

Recently, I discovered which allows you to design t-shirts online. This side hustle can make you extra money if you have the ability to design cool designs and target buyers with Facebook ads.

32. Get paid by switching up your search engine

You can also passively make Swagbucks by using their search engine. Swagbucks will pay micro amounts for any eligible searches that you make using their search engine. Although there is a daily limit on earnings and they don’t disclose what qualifies as an eligible search to prevent abuse, it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks per month.

33. Sell gift cards with a balance

Some gift cards can sit in the drawer for years. One Christmas I received a gift certificate for Cheesecake Factory, even though it was 50 miles from my home. Don’t let your gift card go unused. Instead, you can sell it on one the many popular gift card exchanges . You won’t get all the value from but it’s better than nothing to turn a $100 gift certificate that you don’t use into $85 cash.

34. Automate your savings

Saving money is the hardest part. You have to transfer your funds from your checking account into a savings or an emergency fund. Nobody wants their savings account to drop without any immediate benefits. Automatic savings apps such as Qapital can help you save money without even thinking about it. Qapital will take care of the rest.

Qapital will notify your bank and place your savings in a safe place if your checking account drops below a set limit. This way, you don’t have to worry about excessive overdrafts.

35. Social media management for businesses

There are many balls that business owners must manage in their day to run their businesses. Being active on social media can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Many business owners would be happy to pay someone to manage their social media accounts, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Pinterest.

This guide will show you how to be a social media manager. You can make a lot of money managing accounts for various businesses.

36. Let your possessions go

Have a DSLR sitting in your closet gathering dust? You can rent it for a few days using Loamy. Do you have a 500-watt sound system that someone might need for a wedding? These sound systems can also be rented out.

You don’t have to worry about it (they offer comprehensive insurance that will cover your item), and it’s a great way to have someone else take care of your belongings. This Londoner took as an example. He made more than $30,000 renting his equipment and ended buying his mom a home with it.

They’re even more generous than that, paying $20 for your initial sign-up and $10 for each referral who successfully completes the rental process.

37. Be a search engine assessor

Sites such as are always seeking people to work at home. Their Search Engine Evaluators conduct research, evaluation and feedback on search engine result pages by measuring the relevancy and usefulness of these web pages. Your job is to determine if search results match search terms. This allows search engines to improve their algorithms and provides a better user experience.

38. Consulting services available

Consultants are paid to share their knowledge, not for selling services. You can make extra money by teaching others how to do your job, whether you are a great salesperson, marketer, manager, project manager, or any other skill.

Some consultants make upwards of $100 an hour. You can increase your earnings by charging per package, rather than an hourly rate. This guide will show you how to become an independent consultant .

39. You can become a freelance writer

High-quality writing skills are in high demand. You can earn a living as a freelance writer by writing blog posts, news articles, product pages, and many other types of content.

Many freelance writers get paid per-project or per word. Reach out to publications that you would like to write for to see if they are looking for freelance writers if you’re new to freelance writing. To build your portfolio and publish articles, you may need to start with low rates. You can gradually increase your rates once you have a portfolio and begin to earn more.

How to Become A Freelance Writer

Here are six steps to make a career out of freelance writing.

Course: How to Earn More as a Freelance Writer

Taught by six-figure writer, Holly Johnson.

40. Refer customers to new products

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling products made by others in return for a commission. There are likely to be affiliate links in articles that link to Amazon products. The site owner gets a small commission if you click on one of these links and make a purchase at Amazon. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn passive income online. It’s also one of the most popular ways to make a living blogging.

41. Create an eBook and make it available on Amazon

eBooks can be downloaded or delivered electronically online. An eBook can be written by anyone on any topic. Then, you can make money selling it.

You can set up a website that includes a shopping cart and a PayPal link, and then manage the whole process yourself. You can also work with a third party site such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to earn a commission for every sale.

42. Make an online course

You can make an extra income by selling and creating an online course if you are an expert in a particular area. To host and sell your course, you can use platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Outschool.

There are many courses. You can make a course about anything you are good at, whether you’re able to play the guitar, create a website, manage social accounts or knit blankets. You have many options for selling your knowledge. If a course doesn’t suit you, there are many digital items that you can sell.

43. Edit or write a resume

Writing a resume that highlights your skills and experiences is a challenge for many people. You could make extra money if you are able to transform bland resumes into engaging marketing copy.

Fiverr is a great place to start if your portfolio doesn’t include testimonials or experience. To build your portfolio, you can offer consultations for free to family members and friends.

44. Copywriting for websites and businesses

You can make a lot of money if you can convince people via writing to take action on something. Although copywriting takes time and effort, once you are proficient, your clients will be very happy with you. These 10 Tips to Get Your First Copywriting Clients are courtesy of Make A Living Writing.

45. Create websites

It’s easy to create a website in just a few hours with the tools today. Not everyone has the time or desire to learn how to create their own website.

You don’t need to be a programmer to make a living as a web designer . You can earn a side income by maintaining and building websites if you are familiar with Squarespace or WordPress. The more you know, you’ll be able to offer more and make more.

You can search for professionals in your local area without a website to help you find them. You could Google “accountants in [your town]”.

To see if there are any websites not listed in the Google search results, browse the Google search results. You can make a list and then contact them by phone or email to inquire if they are interested in having a site built. It is important to maintain the website after it has been completed. You can offer to maintain the site and make updates as necessary.

46. Create an app

To create a profitable app, you don’t need to be an app developer. You can patent your idea and make it available to others if you don’t have the skills to build it. You can also submit the details of your app to hire someone to create it. You can find hundreds of app developers through freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork that you can hire at a reasonable rate. Before you spend money on your app idea you should research the market to ensure you are confident that you can make a profit.

47. Domain names for sale and purchase

In 2011, Jeremy Green registered ClintonKaine com. After Hillary declared that Tim Kaine would run for her as her running mate in 2016, the domain name became very valuable. This is why I love to buy domain names whenever I see something that might be worth something. A domain I bought on GoDaddy for $20 was sold for $1,200 a few months later. This could be a great way to make additional money if you are good at finding domain names.

48. Be a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants assist businesses with basic administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, and bookkeeping. You may also be able to offer creative services such as managing social media and planning events. Your efforts will save time and allow business owners to focus on their other tasks.

Virtual assistants may have multiple clients. It is possible to be more effective if you focus your efforts on a particular type of business. real estate agents, law firms, e-commerce stores, etc.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A step-by-step guide to earning $25+/hr.

How Betsy Skinner Makes $3K/mo as a VA

These are her six secrets to success.

49. Advertise on your social media

Are you a popular user on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform? This can be leveraged to make money as an influencer on social media. Influencers are paid to share new brands and products with the audience. Influencer marketing is gaining popularity as more brands seek authentic ways to connect with their audience. You could be earning hundreds to thousands of dollars per year if you are a social media expert or have a large following.

50. Check out apps and websites

Companies want to know how easy it is to use their websites. The information you provide about this process is very valuable. Getting paid to test websites could be the best way to make money online. These are some websites to consider:

  • WhatUsersDo Pay $8 per test. The test takes around 15-20 minutes.
  • Register to get paid to test websites before publication. Earn cash rewards.
  • Userfeel This company charges around $10 per test.
  • Analysia Tests take approximately 15 minutes. Tests cost $10 each.
  • TryMyUI Tests take around 15-20 minutes. Tests cost $10.

51. Google needs your help to improve

You don’t have to give Google your daily activities, but you could get money for nothing. The information they collect is used to market to and improve the functionality of their advertising programs, targeting users similar to you. To get started, join the Google opinion rewards program

52. Be an interpreter

Many multinational companies employ contract and full-time translators. This could be a great way to make money if you are bilingual. Upwork offers open jobs for translators. You might consider working with a company that offers translation services such as Acclaro. They have linguists available in Japanese, French, German and Chinese at the time this article was written.

53. Start your YouTube channel

YouTube is a popular side hustle that can make a lot of money for many content creators. The best thing about YouTube is that you only need a camera (the one in your phone is sufficient) to get started.

YouTubers can monetize their videos using a variety of methods, including pre-roll ads and affiliate marketing. Sometimes, they even ask for support from fans. Although it can be time-consuming to create and monetize YouTube channels you can do it if you have a compelling angle or topic and you are able to build a following and begin monetizing your videos within a few months.

Quality is not important at the beginning. The most important thing when creating content is to begin. As you learn more about your audience and create quality videos, you can adapt and refine the content.

54. Edit podcasts

Podcasters like recording podcasts. However, editing them can be difficult. You can make the life of a podcast producer much easier and earn a lot for your efforts. Here’s more information on how you can become a podcast producer.

55. Provide graphic design services

Graphic designers create striking visuals for marketing materials such as brochures, posters and packaging. Freelance graphic designers often work directly with business owners or with marketing agencies. This guide will show you how to start a side business in graphic design.

56. Become a bookkeeper

Many business owners prefer to outsource bookkeeping because it is tedious and time-consuming. Bookkeeping is a service that a business owner can hire to do. You will reconcile bank accounts, prepare income statements, balance sheets, and clear up transaction records.

Make a list of the local businesses and places that you frequent. Next, reach out to them and ask if you can help manage their books.

To meet potential clients, you can also attend local networking events. BNI (Business Network International), a group that connects local entrepreneurs and small business owners, can be a great place to start a conversation. You can usually attend one or two meetings for free but will need to pay a membership fee.

57. Work in data entry

Data entry is a great job if you are detail-oriented, have good keyboarding skills and can type a lot. You can make money by entering data into Microworkers or FlexJobs.

You can apply for multiple positions. It may take some time to get the job done, especially if it’s your first time. Luka Arezina began working on Upwork data entry jobs as a college student. To supplement his full-time job, he continued to work after graduation. He worked 15 hours per week and earned $600 per month through his data entry side business.

9 Best Places to Find Data Entry Jobs

Make money on your own schedule.

17 Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home

Get paid to type from the comfort of home.

58. Complete micro tasks

Micro tasks are temporary gigs that can be completed quickly.

There are many things you might be asked to do, such as packing, moving, assembling furniture and mounting a mirror or television. These are tasks that you can’t or won’t be able to do alone. Register for one or more micro job websites and find gigs in your local area.

59. Hosting a webinar

Online teaching is possible for almost any subject. There are virtually no barriers to starting a Zoom class. You can be passionate about a topic such as diet planning, PowerPoint, budgeting or other topics. Create a presentation and get a few people to pay. ClickMeeting provides a useful guide on making money through webinars.

60. Create a profile at Upwork

Offering freelance services for something you are already proficient in is a great way to make extra income. If you are a full-time graphic designer, you might offer to create Pinterest pins or other social media graphics for small businesses owners.

Sites like Upwork can help you get started. There are many categories, including writing, accounting, marketing and accounting. You can charge a higher rate if you have a certification or relevant education. You can also use Upwork to build your portfolio, increase your rates, and search for clients beyond the platform.

61. Try out these video games and apps

Your job as a videogame tester is to test games and report any errors or bugs. You will create a bug report when you discover a problem and send it to the game developers so that they can correct it.

Video game testing is a full-time job. However, it’s possible to make a living as an independent contractor. This role can pay you up to $10 an hour depending on which site you work for. You can also find other opportunities to make money by playing video games.

62. Instawork offers an additional shift

The gig platform connects service workers with businesses in their local area. Custodial, janitorial and waiting tables are some of the positions available.

The app allows you to search for gigs that suit your schedule, by location and time, as well as the length of each shift. Each week, workers are paid via direct deposit. Flexible work hours make it an attractive way to make extra money.

63. Offer SEO consulting

Search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing or tweaking a website, piece of content, or webpage in order for it to rank higher in search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Anyone with experience in digital marketing or SEO will find this a lucrative side-line. It is not necessary to have previous experience.

Moz’s Beginner Guide To SEO and Backlinko’s Blog are free resources that can help you learn on-page optimization. Moz also offers a guide to how to make money from SEO. Your services will be more affordable if you have more experience and study.

64. Write email marketing campaigns

Email marketers assist companies in building email lists, writing emails, and nurturing subscribers with automated email sequences. While some experience in digital marketing is helpful, it’s not essential.

HubSpot offers an free email marketing certification for newbies. It teaches you the basics of email marketing including how to segment and create an email list, how to write high-performing email and how to analyze your email performance. Once you have a certificate, you can start reaching out to business owners and create listings on freelance sites such as Fiverr or Upwork in order to find your first clients.

65. Narrate audiobooks

Audiobooks have grown in popularity over the past few years. This has increased the need for skilled narrators. A beginner can make up to $100 an hour recording audio. Experienced narrators may earn up to $500 per hour and make thousands of dollars.

For gigs in this industry, you can use site-specific websites like and

66. You can lend money to your peers

Peer to peer lending allows borrowers to connect directly with individual lenders (normal people) who will fund small loans. You can finance a portion of a loan, or several loans at once, by becoming a peer-to–peer lender. You will make money from the interest that your borrowers pay.

Prior to jumping into peer-to–peer lending, you need to set your goals. You can also choose a platform that suits you best — Lending Club or Prosper are popular options. You should decide how much you want to invest each month, and what your monthly income goal. You can either automate your investment based on a pre-set strategy, or you can browse loans to manually buy small amounts.

67. As a Wellness Coach, you can make a living as one

A degree in nutrition or health can be helpful, but not necessary. If you are interested in coaching for a long time, you can get certification from an accredited school.

Wellness coaches can work one-on-one with clients, in groups, or through workshops and classes. As a wellness coach, your job is to give clients the tools and tips they need to live healthier lives. The average income of coaches in North America is $61,000. Income depends on how much training you have. These six opportunities to make money as a Wellness Coach.

68. As a prepper or meal planner, you can work as one

A background in nutrition is helpful, but not necessary. It is possible to sell customized meal plans for people with special dietary needs or preferences, or make broad meal plans that can be purchased by everyone.

Erin Chase created a profitable business around the $5 Meal Plan. It offers a variety of meal plans that can be accessed on a monthly basis. You can build a steady monthly income stream by finding a few clients who are loyal to you. See How Andi Blackwell makes a living writing meal plans.

69. Make a Chrome extension or plugin

It’s similar to selling an app or a Chrome extension. For either, you don’t need to be a developer. Follow Spencer Haws’s footsteps at Niche Pursuits. Spencer had an idea for an extension and hired a developer. earned over $4,000 within the first 7 days of it being sold. He had an audience for his product. If you have an extension idea that people are willing to pay for, you can do something similar.

70. Assist people in preparing for interviews

Interviews are the most crucial part of job application. Interviewing well is a key skill that many good candidates don’t have. You can make extra money helping other people through the interview process if you have mastered interviewing. Your services could be expanded by reviewing resumes and teaching how to negotiate benefits and salary once you have landed the job. These 10 ways you can make money by helping others prepare for job interviews.

71. Resell your gently used clothes

Cash in that box of clothes in your closet to make extra money. You can sell your clothes online . ThredUp can provide a clean-out bag if you don’t wish to sell each item individually. ThredUp will send you a bag and you can pack your clothes up and ship them off. To sell your clothes locally, you can also use apps like Mercari and Poshmark. Each piece will need its own listing. Although this takes more time than ThredUp it will also allow you to earn more as you are not dealing with third-party sellers. This can be a side hustle that you can turn into a profitable one. You could visit flea markets and thrift shops to find great deals, then sell them online for a higher price.

72. Create lesson plans

Teachers pay Teachers is an online platform where teachers can sell their original lesson plans and activities to other educators. You could be making extra money if you have a lot of resources or teaching experience. You can create a basic seller account for free, but the site will withhold 10% of every sale.

73. Find a new home to store your wedding dress or suit

It can be difficult to part with a wedding dress as precious as it is. If it is just sitting in your closet, taking up space and causing you to feel guilty, it might be worth selling. There are many sites that specialize in secondhand wedding products, such as Stillwhite, Nearly Newlywed and Once Wed. You can list your wedding dress and accessories as well as any other items that you don’t need.

74. Sell B-roll footage

Video content is becoming more popular. This means that there is a growing demand for B-roll footage. B-roll, if you are not a videographer is additional footage that is added to the main shot by video editors. For example, a yoga video might have a teacher explaining a pose and some B-roll showing someone actually doing it. Uploading 5- to 60-second clips can help you make thousands or even hundreds of dollars by generating additional income on sites like . Blackbox distributes your Broll footage to Shutterstock, which sells it to the end users. This is a great way to get more footage if you are a frequent filmmaker.

75. Be a genealogist

Genealogists often do historical research for their families or historical societies. Although it is relatively inexpensive to start, you will need to have access to online databases as well as family tree software. It’s a great way for people who love research and have an interest in history and people to make extra income. It can be a side-business or you could work with private clients. You might enjoy the work and want it to be more affordable. For less than $100, you could take an online course with the National Genealogical Society or get certified through the board for certification of genealogists.

76. Dropshipping is a great option.

Dropshipping allows you to sell products online without having to store any inventory or buy them. You send a customer an order for a product through your online store and they pay you the wholesale price. All profits are yours if you sell the product at a higher price than what you paid.

Find a supplier who has a good reputation once you have decided what product you want to sell online. You are responsible for shipping products to your customers directly. So make sure you choose a supplier that you can trust and who makes high-quality products.

You will need an online storefront to get started dropshipping. Dropshipping products can be sold on Amazon, eBay and Shopify or directly from your website.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Start an eCommerce business with no inventory.

Webinar: Free Dropshipping Training

Corey Ferreira from Shopify shares how to get started.

77. Learn how to code

There are many opportunities to make extra money by learning how code. Although you need to have some knowledge in popular programming languages such as JavaScript and Python to start, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert. You can choose which area of programming to concentrate on: front-end development, backend development or mobile. Start learning languages and working on your own projects.

Once you have a portfolio of two to three items, start offering your services in relevant Facebook groups. You can also post on LinkedIn and social media. To start making a steady income, you will need a few clients. Hacker Earth offers a free guide on how to monetize your programming skills for beginners.

121. Become a tutor

First, you need to decide what subject you want to teach. You might be able to tutor elementary-aged math students if you are a kindergarten teacher who is an expert in math. If you are a law student and scored well on the LSAT you might be able to tutor college students. You could offer tutoring services for young children, teens, college students, and even adults. You can meet with your students at their homes, coffee shops or local libraries depending on their age or location.

Kristine Thorndyke is the founder of Test Prep Nerds. She started her tutoring business to leverage her teaching experience and make extra income for students in need. Her tutoring income is typically $1,000 per month. She has been tutoring for more than four years, while still working full-time as a teacher.

10 Best Online Tutoring Jobs

Get paid to share your knowledge.

VIPKid Review: Tutor English Online

Get paid to teach children to speak English.

122. Start a podcast

Podcasting is gaining popularity rapidly and there are no signs that it will slow down. Podcasting can be a fantastic side hustle if you are passionate about something and enjoy talking about it.

The possibilities of making money with your podcast are endless if you have a decent audience who enjoys your content. You can also make money through sponsorships, affiliate marketing or selling your products to listeners, much like blogging. You might consider taking an award-winning podcast host Pat Flynn’s Power–Up Podcasting course.

123. Refurbish antiques

You might enjoy looking at antique shops and buying some items to refurbish them for sale online. Modern mid-century furniture is extremely popular right now. Flea markets, estate sales and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find gently used pieces. While this side hustle requires more work than flipping clothes or sports cards it can often bring higher profits.

124. DJ Weddings and Other Events

Many events require DJs such as weddings, corporate parties, and college parties. DJing is a great side hustle if you are able to play a wide variety of music and adapt it to your audience. Consider working for a wedding entertainment business if you prefer to work for someone else than for yourself. You don’t have the responsibility of marketing and booking the events. These gigs may pay as much as $30 an hour.

125. Train dogs

While I write this article, two of my bad dogs are right next to you. Sydney and Annie, if I’m reading this, I love you.) I would pay someone to train these two crazy dogs. You could earn some extra money by helping pet owners who have limited time or patience. You can meet potential clients at local dog parks.

126. Groom pets

Cleaning pets requires patience, energy, time, and a lot of patience. This is where pet grooming comes in. Pet owners may hire you to groom their pets and dogs.

To offer pet grooming services, you will need to locate a space like a basement and purchase large tubs, soap for different skin types and sprayers. Mobile pet grooming can be offered where you take care of pets at your customers’ homes.

You may consider becoming a National Certified Masters Groomer if you have never groomed pets before. Although it is not required, certifications can make you stand out in a highly competitive market, especially for those who plan to groom dogs.

127. Referees league sports

Rec. Local rec. It’s a great way for you to earn extra money and be involved in your local community by working a few games each weekend.

128. Individuals with disabilities can receive in-home assistance

Patients can have their home health aides assist with basic hygiene and dressing. Some patients may request that you do light housekeeping or run errands. Although some states allow aides with medication administration, the duties of an aid are less than those of a nurse or another healthcare provider.

Your primary responsibility is to assist your patient in getting to where they need to be, to maintain good hygiene, as well as to make sure that they are comfortable. You can become certified by the National Association of Home Health and Hospice, or you can complete a program through your local community college. This one requires patience and compassion, but the rewards are far greater than just extra money.

129. Participate in clinical trials

Clinical trials are used for the testing of new medicines and procedures. Although this can be a great way to make extra cash, it is important to consider the potential risks before you sign up. Side effects can occur, even likely, in these trials. They are intended to help determine if treatments will be released on a larger scale. To find trials in your region, visit

130. Host estate sales

Estate sales companies assist the family members of the deceased to sell their belongings. It is typically a commission-based business model. You want to sell the most valuable items possible at the highest price. You and your client will both receive more money if you get more from each sale. Add-on services like cleaning up after a sale are also possible. You can offer estate sale services to provide relief for grieving families. It’s also a great way to make extra cash while helping others. Robert Farrington shared his success story of how one estate sale earned him up to $2,000 over a weekend.

131. Repair electronics

High demand is for tech repair services. My friend started this side hustle and charges hundreds of dollars per service, including data backups, recoveries, hard drive repairs and network configurations.

Choose the area that interests you most and is within your skill set. You should be able to do physical repairs and understand the details of hardware. A basic electronic repair kit can be purchased for as low as $40. You can also watch YouTube videos to improve your skills.

132. Teach others what your knowledge is

Are you passionate about a hobby? You can help beginners learn how to play the guitar, if you are a guitarist. You can teach others basic cooking skills if you are a great home cook. Teaching side hustles can be made in any field you are an expert in.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to teach, you can create a website or set up social media accounts to promote your services. After you have a few clients and are doing a good job, they will likely refer you to their friends. This side hustle can be grown by word-of-mouth advertising.

Get Paid to Teach With Outschool

Make money for sharing your knowledge online.

133. Window cleaning

All brick-and-mortar stores need to have their windows cleaned. This side-business can be started for as low as $500. You can earn your initial investment back in one month by cleaning windows. Window cleaners make between $50-$70 an hour. Advertise your services to local businesses. Don’t be afraid to give your contact information, even if you are a window washer. If their company is not there (which often happens with contractors of any type), they will be able to call you.

134. Mentor others

You might be able, if you have the experience and knowledge to mentor others in that area. There are many areas of interest: nutrition, happiness, relationships, and business. Find mentor sites for your field. Code Mentor is an excellent resource for those who want to mentor others in the field of software development.

135. For teachers, fill in the form

Surprised at the low requirements for substitute teaching jobs, I was amazed. A four-year degree is required. You will need to have a four-year degree. Other requirements may vary from one state to another. A skills proficiency exam will be required, which covers basic math, reading and writing. Although the hours can be flexible, shifts may sometimes be added if a teacher is ill. Substitutes will earn between $80 and $150 per day. Teaching a few classes per month can bring in significant income.

136. Be a wedding officiant

Do some research about the laws in your state if this is something you are interested in. You can get ordained online if your state allows it. There are many websites that you can visit, such as the American Marriage Ministries and Universal Life Church.

However, if your state has more stringent rules like Tennessee, you might need to be ordained in person or meet additional requirements.

137. Start your own home bakery

Courtney Holman got the idea to open a home bakery from seeing her friend’s beautiful cookies.

Cookies by Courtney was founded in Los Angeles three years ago. They make sugar cookies customized for corporate events, birthdays, baby showers and holidays. Her pricing is flexible and her availability is almost always full.

A business license, a food license, and possibly a permit to sell baked goods may be required. You will need to purchase baking equipment and ingredients in order to make your first batch. Next, you will need to find an event where your baked goods can be tested.

138. Organise the homes of others

Are you passionate about organizing spaces? Home organizers are people who help others sort through clutter and organize their homes so they can be proud of what they have. You will visit the home of your client to assess their organization needs.

Kathy Boyd, Declutterfly Professional Organizing, grew up in a house full of hoarders. She became an adult and decided to clean up her home and organize it. This side hustle can make her anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month.

139. As a tour guide, you can earn a living.

You can earn extra income by being a tour guide if you are a person-person and enjoy walking. Tour guides are a great way for you to showcase your city and offer visitors unique insight and experience that they won’t get from a traditional tour.

Look into what is available in your local area and reach out to other local tour companies and guides. To build relationships in your community, get to know others in the industry. These people can be great resources to help you grow your side hustle.

To attract potential clients to your area, you can create a Groupon or a TripAdvisor profile once you have your first client. To give your side hustle more credibility, ask customers to leave reviews on TripAdvisor and your Google Business profile.

140. Clean offices and homes

People love coming home to a tidy and clean house. However, they may not always have the time or energy to do regular chores. You can provide house cleaning services in your local area if you are willing to do the work. Some clients might ask you to clean the entire house, while others may prefer specific areas.

Office spaces should be cleaned regularly, just like homes. You can be paid by businesses to clean their offices, vacuum floors, dust and take out trash.

141. As a personal shopper, you can earn a living.

Personal shoppers are people who help others shop by offering advice and making suggestions. You can make an additional income by being a personal shopper if you are passionate about shopping and give fashion advice to others.

Before you market your personal shopper service, you need to know who your clients are. Also, what value can you offer them. Perhaps you will be a personal shopper who helps seniors get around in their area. You might also focus on executives or entrepreneurs, which could be a high-end client.

142. Freelance hairstyling, makeup artist

As a freelance hairstylist, or makeup artist, your job is to help clients look great before special events like weddings or photo shoots. You will likely visit your client’s home, hotel or other location with all your makeup and hair products to help them achieve beautiful looks.

This could be a great side job if your friends or family ask you to do their hair and makeup. You can market yourself as a freelance hairstylist or makeup artist on Instagram and Facebook.

143. Buy your first rental property

You can also rent out a property to generate additional income if you prefer a hands-on approach to investing in real estate. Let’s take an example: You buy a house at $200,000 and then rent it out to make $2,000 per month. You may owe $990 per month depending on factors such as interest rate and the amount you put down on your home.

After mortgage payments and any other expenses, you will have $1,010. This could be a good investment if you are handy and can deal with tenants.

Start Investing with Roofstock

Real estate investing made simple.

144. Cater small events

Check the Cottage Food Laws to see if you need any licenses or permits.

Once you have your legal paperwork in order, you can do some research on the local market to determine what niche you wish to serve. You could cater only cocktail parties, corporate events or weddings, for example.

Next, create a menu for your business and start to find clients. You can also attend networking events and work with professionals in your local area. If you are a wedding caterer, wedding photographers can be great referral partners.

This type of marketing is often referred to as word-of-mouth. Make sure you attend as many networking events as you can. These are the best places for making connections.

145. Home testing of products

It is more difficult than most people would think to create a product, especially a physical one. Before a company spends money to mass-produce products, they must ensure that the product they are making is what their customers want. They must also ensure that there are no design flaws or unforeseen issues that can’t be fixed once the product is on shelves.

After a product has been prototyped, it must be tested by real people. You can get paid to test products by using sites that match companies with people in the target market for a product. Most often, reimbursement is in the form free products. However, some offers include cash payouts.

146. Houses that have been pressure washed

Pressure washing is not only a satisfying job, but it can also be a great way for you to make some extra cash. A decent machine can be purchased for less than $200, and you will quickly make your investment back after only a few projects.

147. Clean carpets

Deep carpet cleaning is expensive. Many people will hire someone to do this job for them. This is a great way to make money if you’re willing to invest or if you have the equipment. Look for apartments or offices that require the service on a regular basis to make consistent income.

148. Become a research subject

Check the website of any college or university near you to find out if they are looking for participants in research projects. Although there are many departments that do research, medical research is the most lucrative and sought-after. As an undergraduate at college, $500 was paid to me for participating in a 6-week diet study. The study paid me $500 for all meals, but I was required to follow a 5,000-calorie diet with 50% fat for six weeks. Additionally, I was subject to multiple muscle biopsies and urine tests. This could be a great side hustle, depending on your commitment and time.

15 Places That Offer Paid Research Studies

Vetted places that pay you to participate in studies.

149. Sell your old jewelry or gold

Pawnshops were once the best place to sell old jewelry and other valuables. Nowadays, however, there are websites that only sell your jewelry online.

If you have documentation, or can confirm the authenticity of the jewelry, you can make the most. The highest payout is usually earned by selling items one-by-one. Sites like Worthy or Things We Buy can appraise your jewelry and make bulk purchases if you don’t wish to go through the selling and listing process.

150. Amazon Flex – Work for Amazon

Amazon Flexible lets you drive your car to deliver Amazon packages. You must be at least 21 years old and reside in a place that offers Amazon Flex.

After downloading the app, create an account and sign up for delivery times that work with your schedule. You’ll pick up the package at your local Amazon pickup location on the day of delivery. Drivers are paid twice per week via direct deposit. According to the site most drivers make between $18-$25 an hour.

151. Record drone footage for real estate agents

This was a side hustle that could make you extra money. I first heard about it from a barista at my local coffee shop. His brother and he had just launched a company creating drone footage and virtual tours for real estate agents.

You will need a drone and a decent camera to start this side-business. To spread the word, you can network with local photographers and real estate agents. To build your portfolio and gain some positive reviews, you can offer to make a few videos for free.

152. Scooters that can be charged

My first experience with a scooter shared by others was during a trip to Washington, D.C. My first time riding a communal scooter was on a trip to D.C.

The side hustle for city dwellers is scooters for Bird and Lime. It’s easy. The app allows you to locate and pick up scooters that are not in use. You can then charge them at home and return them to the shop the next day. You could make $5-10 per scooter, depending on where you live and the day of your week.

153. As an insurance billing specialist, you can work

You will need a certificate or Associate’s degree to work in this side hustle. You will process claims for healthcare institutions as an insurance billing specialist.

Your role will speed up the process of medical billing. As you will be working with insurance companies to bill the medical institution, you’ll need knowledge of medical terminology and insurance codes. This is an excellent way for nurses and other medical professionals to earn extra money or begin a new career.

154. Host an Airbnb Experience

Airbnb Experiences offer travelers a unique local experience. You can make money if your region is a tourist hot spot by offering travelers an authentic, local experience.

Airbnb has specific guidelines that must be followed before you can host an Experience. Airbnb prefers activities that allow guests to be involved in the activities. Tours and large groups might not be a good choice. Also, a service such as transportation to and from a place won’t be accepted.

After you have read the guidelines, it’s time to create your experience. Once your experience is approved, you can add availability and begin hosting.

How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host

Rent out your whole home or a spare room.

Airbnb Site: Host an Experience Near You

Earn money hosting experiences near you.

155. Travel planning for the savviest

Although booking hotels and flights has never been easier, many people still prefer to use travel agents to plan their vacations. Agents are still used to book group, corporate, and luxury excursions. 43% of travellers prefer to book flights with an agent.

Agents are responsible for booking flights, hotels, excursions and making sure that their clients’ vacation is in line with their travel preferences and interests. Agents can offer advice and help clients find the best deals. A career as a travel agent is a great way to make extra income if you are well-traveled and enjoy planning vacations.

156. Create custom gifts

You can make custom gifts if you are a talented designer. You can personalize a variety of items and make a profit. These include jewelry, keychains, keychains, magnets and mugs.

To get started, you may need to have some specific equipment. An electronic sewing machine is a great way to personalize fabric items such as clothing. Engraving machines are also useful for metal and wooden creations. Make a few mockups before you spend on your new tools. You can post them on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace to see if they are in sufficient demand.

157. Sell your quilted creations

Did you ever give a quilted gift and get requests for more? Perhaps you’re ready to make your love of quilting a lucrative business. You can make quilts yourself or sell patterns and teach others how to quilt.

Start by sharing your designs to family and friends. You can offer to make a few pieces free of charge if they are interested in your work (in return for them paying for the materials). Ask them to review your work and share it with their friends on social media.

158. Work valet for special events

Valet drivers are hired by individuals and businesses for special events like weddings, charity galas, and conferences. You will be greeting guests and parking cars when they arrive.

You can use Indeed to search for valet jobs in your local area. These positions will typically be classified as temporary or part-time. To qualify, you will need to be able drive a manual car.

159. Deliver messages via bike

Bike messengers used work on commission and were paid a small amount for each delivery. It was not a service that wealthy and businesses used. With the advent of platforms such as Postmates, you can make extra money by delivering all kinds of items.

Working with Postmates has many advantages. You can deliver wherever you like using any mode of transport (car, bike or scooter). You can keep 100% of your tips and get cash out immediately after every order.

160. Help others with their errands

It’s easy to make extra cash quickly by running errands to assist the elderly and busy. This could be picking up groceries, dry cleaning, or taking your children to school.

TaskRabbit will help you find gigs for errands in your local area. You can do more than just run errands if you ask a Tasker. TaskRabbit allows you to take on jobs such as basic home repairs or moving furniture. TaskRabbit lets you set your own rates and retains 100% of your earnings.

161. Sport skills can be taught

Each sport requires specific skills such as dribbling a ball, softball batting, and soccer kicking. Athletes are taught drills and techniques by coaches who specialize in sports skills.

It’s a great way to make extra income for former athletes. You don’t have to be a master of a skill in order to teach it. Consider taking a course to learn how to teach skills to others if you are interested in this side-job.

162. Repair appliances

My brand new $200 vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost recently. It was only three months old so I decided to keep it. I researched, watched some YouTube videos and, four hours later, my whole vacuum cleaner was taken apart and put back together. It worked. YouTube has also helped me troubleshoot problems with my microwave and washing machine. You can make money by offering appliance repair services, even if you don’t know everything. You don’t have to tell them YouTube is your mentor.

163. Tailor clothing

Many people don’t know that clothes don’t fit perfectly straight off the rack. A tailor can make minor adjustments to your garments, such as reducing the length or adjusting the waist. Tailors are also able to create completely new garments. Sewing is a rare skill. You can make extra money as a tailor if you are skilled in this skill.

164. You can become a home energy auditor

An energy auditor inspects buildings to find out how much energy they use. They also make recommendations for ways to improve efficiency, such as installing solar panels or adding insulation. Although you don’t require a four year degree to be an energy auditor, you will need training. Members can receive training in energy auditing from the International Association of Home Inspectors. A monthly membership costs $49

165. Your home can be rented

Mike Braeuer earns $1,500 per month through this side business. RVShare allows you to rent out your RV to other travelers if you don’t use it as often as you would like. You can list your RV for free on the site. You set the dates and prices, and you have 24/7 roadside assistance and insurance coverage up to $1,000,000.

How to Rent Your Home Out for $1,500 per Month

Mike Braeuer shares his story about how he made $50,000 from ShareAlike.

Rent Your RV with RVShare

Earn money for renting your RV to peers.

166. Small businesses need branding

Graphic designers create consistent images with a company’s brand. Branding specialists create those images. These could include logos and fonts as well as voice and a brand image that attracts the ideal client. One-on-one or group services can be offered. Users can also create their own branding kits that include a variety of designs so they can choose from and mix and match.

167. Consign clothes to friends and family

You can also sell clothes to friends and family if you don’t have any items you want to sell online. You would receive a percentage of each item sold as a consignor. Consigning is a convenient way for customers to sell their items. You can also control your profit margins by accepting only those items that you are confident will sell. You can also hire an Upwork assistant to help you create your listings, which will make this a passive source of income.

168. Make a subscription box

There’s a subscription for almost everything, from dog toys to make-up to ready-to-eat meals to makeup. You can create your subscription box using Cratejoy. Cratejoy will help you market and sell your product. They take a portion of every sale. While you will still need to source products for your subscription box, Cratejoy provides a step-by–step launch checklist as well as videos and articles to help you get your business off to a good start.

169. Part-time work

It can be difficult to make more money when you have a full-time job. Part-time jobs are a good option if you require structured hours to support your side hustle. You could make a steady income by working as a server, barista, or retail associate.

Side hustles that are creative or unusual

Here are some creative and unusual ways to make extra money in your spare time.

170. Become an investor in fine art

Fine art investing is a great way to make or lose fortunes. A company called Masterworks is worth looking into if you are willing to take on risk and want to make money in a way other than traditional investing.

You don’t have to shell out $3 million dollars for a Andy Warhol painting. Masterworks allows you to invest in shares in a painting, much like buying shares in a company. Masterworks will sell a painting to investors, who will get a portion of the proceeds.

171. Online poker

This is not a recommendation if you’re hearing it for the first time. Over the last few years, the average skill level of internet players has improved so much that it is almost certain that new players will lose money in the long-term. However, we couldn’t resist listing the story of Ben, one of DollarSprout co-founders who earned upwards of 6 figures while playing online poker in college.

172. Be a mystery shopper

A company can pay you to appear like you are a regular customer in a restaurant or store. You give feedback about things such as how clean the store was, or how the staff interacted with you. Most mystery-shopping companies will ask you to make a purchase.

173. Transcribe audio into writing

Transcribers can make a living in business, legal, and medical fields. Transcribers convert audio recordings into text files. There are many types of recordings, from business presentations to podcasts and court proceedings to podcasts.

Specialized transcriptionists typically make more than generalists. As a self-employed transcriber, your hourly rate is between $15 and $30. Transcription jobs tend to be paid by the hour. Earnings will depend on how efficient you work.

174. Valentine’s Day: Sell roses

They should be ready for harvest by the 14th of February if you start them in December or mid-December. You can make quick cash by opening a shop in a Starbucks or romantic restaurant.

175. Participate as an online juror

Before presenting their case in court, attorneys use mock juries to evaluate their evidence and arguments. After you have heard the case, you will meet with other members of the mock jury to discuss the evidence and reach a decision. The lawyers can observe the proceedings from a distance and ask you questions about your decision. OnlineVerdict and eJury allow you to sign up as a mock juror.

176. Housesit

For busy professionals who travel frequently for work, you might consider joining local or regional Facebook groups. These groups may offer house sitting opportunities.

House sitting is a service that can be used by people who travel to warmer destinations during winter. Start making connections in your local area by asking around and telling your family and friends about your house sitting services. is another way to find homeowners who are looking for someone to look after their home while they’re away. Register for to create a profile detailing your house sitting experience. You can also describe the additional tasks that you are willing to do.

177. Invest in dividend-paying stocks

Dividends are a form of income that some companies give to shareholders. You can passively make more money by investing in dividend-paying stocks. The dividends are typically paid every three months. However, it can vary depending on the company. This is not a quick way to get rich. You need to have money in order to invest. Reinvesting dividends will give you the best return on your investment.

178. Act as an extra in a movie

Although you won’t be able to direct any scenes as a TV or movie extra, you will have the opportunity to gain experience on set, make valuable connections and watch professional actors perform.

You’re more likely than someone who lives in Los Angeles or New York City to find extra jobs in movie productions. However, that doesn’t make them impossible to find. To find out if extras are needed in your area, check the newspaper advertisements, the tourism website of your state, local casting agencies and websites such as

179. Cafes and restaurants sell art

Many artists don’t have galleries where they can sell their work. They are expensive to maintain and need steady foot traffic.

Many artists will instead have their work displayed in cafes and restaurants where people frequent them every day. On each sale, you would usually pay a small commission to the cafe/restaurant owner.

180. Help others decorate for the holidays

Helping people decorate for the holidays can be a seasonal side-business that will make you extra cash. Some people hate decorating the holidays while others enjoy it. Others don’t want to. A range of services can be provided, including full-house decorating and designing as well as hanging string lights outdoors.

181. Paint pet portraits

Many people consider their pets an integral part of their lives. Pet owners love to have keepsakes such as pet portraits to help them remember their beloved pets for the rest of their lives. Pet portraits can be a great way to make a lot of money if you are able to paint well and have a passion for animals. Martina Allen, a reader, has a profitable side business selling pet portraits. Although her income is variable, she has earned up to $4,000 in a single month.

There are many ways to earn more at your current job

There is no better place than the job you already have to make extra money.

182. Receive a promotional offer

Our day jobs are the largest source of income for most people. It may be worthwhile to pursue a career in your current job if you make $40,000 per annum. If you are able to move up one rung, you could earn around $45,000 annually.

Let your boss know that you are interested in a promotion and ask them what goals you need to achieve in order to be considered. Ask your boss if you could check in in three to six more months to discuss your performance and to talk about a promotion.

183. Ask for a raise

It’s worth talking to your boss if you feel underpaid in comparison to other people in your industry based on your qualifications.

If you are unsuccessful in your request for a raise, it might be time to look for another job. Changes in employers are the best way to get substantial raises. Most companies won’t give incremental raises to employees if they don’t have the funds.

184. Overtime

Although I don’t like the idea of trading your time for cash, sometimes it is worth taking up the offer to work overtime. Ask your boss if there are any hours you could work extra each week.

185. Refer new employees into your company

Employers may offer incentives to employees who refer new candidates to their company. This is more common in larger companies.

Keep an eye out for openings if your company has an employee referral program. Send out job openings to anyone in your network who might be interested. You could make between $1,000 and $5,000 per successful referral, depending on the company and the job. To find out what your company offers, check with the HR department.

186. Match your 401(k),

A 401(k), which is an employer-sponsored retirement program, means that you sign up through your employer. You could potentially earn more money for retirement if your employer offers a match. If your employer offers a 1-for-1 match at 4 percent, this means that if you contribute 4% to your paycheck, they will contribute another 4% from their money.

Ask your company for its vesting schedule. This will show you how much of your company’s contribution you have and for what period. Some companies offer 100% vesting right away. Some companies offer 100% vesting upfront, while others offer it over three to four years. If you leave during this time, you will only receive a portion of the money they have invested in your 401k. Your employer may offer a match if you are eligible. This is a great way for extra cash to go towards your retirement.

There are many ways to make extra money at college

Don’t forget about the money-making opportunities on campus if you are a student.

187. Camp counselor

Camp counselors can be a rewarding and fun way to earn extra money while you are a student. You can make it relevant to your degree by looking for camps in your field, such as STEM camps for engineering majors, health camps for nutrition and exercise scientists, and camps for children with learning disabilities for special education students.

188. Become a resident advisor

Resident advisors (or RAs) live in dorms where they act as a resource to other students. Typically, RAs receive a discounted rate or free room and board along with a regular stipend. You will need to live on campus. You’ll meet many people and be able to plan activities for residents. This, along with having your own room, can make it a valuable college job.

189. As a teacher’s assistant

Teachers’ assistants (TAs) assist professors in grading papers, projects and exams. You can also work with students directly or even teach your class. The requirements vary according to your school or department. The criteria for TA positions can be found on the university’s website.

190. Get a job at a dining hall

Although it isn’t glamorous, working in a dining room can be a great way to earn extra money at college. There were always open positions in the dining hall at my university. It’s possible to come home with a strong smell of mac and cheese or Chinese food, but you won’t have any regrets about the job after you’re done.

191. Buy/Sell NFTs

This is a very popular topic as of the last year. NFTs are non fungible tokens that have taken the world by storm. Crypto punks and bored ape nfts are amoung the most popular and they can range in the 100’s of thousands. Although this might be a little steep for you liking, there are other projects that individuals are able to buy low and sell higher as the project builds more hype. This is when you cash in and make profit.

The secret is finding the projects early enough to have a competitive edge against other NFT investors.

A Parting Suggestion

Find something you love that aligns with your goals.

You can make more money if you work extra hours than your full-time job. Find something you enjoy doing. It will still feel like work, although it will not be as unpleasant as doing something you don’t enjoy.

Look for side hustles that are not only compatible with your current situation but also with your future goals. Do you want to quit your full-time job? Next, choose something you can grow and scale to a full time income. Do you want to make extra money in your spare time? Walking dogs or delivering groceries is a great option.

Side hustles can help you earn extra money, but they can also improve your career and financial standing.

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