How to Legitimately Get Free Clothes Online

How to Legitimately Get Free Clothes Online

There are few things that I hate more than going to the shop to purchase new clothes. I would rather spend my money and time on anything else.

Evidently, I am not the only one who holds that opinion.

A U.S. Consumer Expenditures Report shows that Americans spend on average $1,833 per year on new clothes and the most recent fashion. This is a staggering figure for someone who can’t even take $40 out of their pocket to buy a new pair.

Alas, I digress. I was not going to settle for clothing that was only marginally discounted, given my penchant for penny pinching. I was curious if it was possible to get completely free clothing. It turns out you can, and you don’t have to work very hard to get them.

9 ways to get free clothes online

This list contains ten legitimate places where you can get free clothing online if you feel poor.

1. Refer-a friend programs

Refer to many retailers and you can earn free clothes. Referring friends to retailers can help you both earn free clothes.

Some of these programs include:

A. ThredUP

ThredUP is the best way to get used clothes for free online. ThredUP is an online marketplace that sells second-hand quality clothing at a steep discount. There are two ways to get clothes for free on the site.

Refer a friend and thredUP will pay $10. Refer five friends and you’ll get $50 to purchase new clothes. You can also sell your clothes on the website. You will receive a “Clean Out Bag” that you can use to ship your items.

You can get paid for your clothes with thredUP, a prepaid Discover gift certificate, or PayPal

B. sells consignment items online. With the Share & Earn program, you earn $10 per person that you refer to the company’s website. credit is the only payment.

Selling used clothing can earn you more credit. To become a Premier Seller, you will need to complete an application and wait for approval.

C. Fix

Stitch Fix offers a personal styling service with clothes delivered right to your doorstep. Refer a friend to earn Stitch Fix credit.

Register for an account to receive your unique referral code. To invite your friends to sign up, send them the link via email, text or social media.

Each time someone clicks on your link, you earn a credit. This credit can be used to pay the $20 styling fee that the company charges per order.

The $20 you spend on an item purchased from your Stitch Fix cox will be applied to the final cost. Each box contains five items. You can also request specific trends or products by requesting a new one.

D. Hire the Runway

Rent the Runway’s Refer a Friend program pays $30 and gives you $30 off your first order.

Rent a dress for special occasions, or a suit for job interviews. Rent the Runway has accessories that you can rent to match your outfit.

2. Organise a clothing swap

A clothing swap is an event you can organize with friends, neighbors, or your local mom’s group. Each person brings their own clothing and accessories, and then everyone comes together to swap clothes.

Swaps of clothing work best when guests are similar in size and style. To display the items, set up tables or racks and then sort them by occasion or type.

3. Get free clothing giveaways online

Sweepstakes fanatic offers free clothing giveaways. Trustpilot has awarded the company a 5-star rating and 98% of its reviews have rated it “Excellent”. There is a limit to how many sweepstakes entries you can make. It varies by product. Some allow you to enter once while others offer daily or weekly entry options.

Community Clothes Closet offers clothing for women and children in need online. The company provides assistance to seniors, disabled people, students, the homeless, as well as those with low incomes. To be eligible for this option, a school, church, or human service agency must refer you. You can receive free clothing for up a year.

4. Check out Facebook groups

For low-cost or free used clothes, check out your local yard sales groups on Facebook.

It’s hard to believe how many clothes people give away or sell because they are too busy to hold a yard sale. If you find something that you like, set up a meeting with the owner to pick it up.

5. Craigslist is a great place to start your search.

Craigslistis an enormous online classified marketplace. The site allows sellers to list their homes, cars and electronics.

Navigate to the “free” section for clothing. A great top or pair of jeans could be yours. You might even find large bags and boxes full of clothing. This is particularly useful if your children are constantly outgrowing their clothing.

6. is a great resource.

Source: The True Cost

An online network that has local chapters in different communities all over the globe, You don’t have to pay anything for any of the items on this site. is a great place to find free clothing for children, adults, and babies. You’ll find amazing free clothes if you keep checking your mailbox.

7. Earn rewards points and spend them on clothes

The easiest way to get free hoodies and t-shirts, jeans and shoes is to sign up for a rewards website or sites that allow you earn points. These points can be used to redeem for cash or, in this instance, clothes.

There are many ways to earn points online. You can redeem points for gift certificates, while others give you cash. Trading rewards points for clothes can be a great way of filling your closet.

8. Redeem points on your credit cards by cashing in

Certain credit cards offer rewards points for shopping at specific retailers. The amount you earn will depend on which card you use. Some cards offer 1% cash back on all categories, while others give 5% cash back at department stores.

Sign-up bonuses for new cardmembers are also available if they spend over a certain threshold. These points can be used to purchase gift cards from retailers or to cancel a clothing order.

9. Start a fashion blog

A fashion blog is a great way to receive free clothing from companies. After you have set up your blog, and gained readers, companies might send you clothing free of charge by mail.

Affiliate links can be used to promote your favorite products, and you will earn a referral commission. You can also promote a brand you love on your blog to earn enough money for a new pair.

This is a longer-term strategy, so don’t expect to be able test clothes for free before your blog has a steady flow of followers.

All Clothes Free Fit the Same

There are many ways to get clothes for free online if you are broke and don’t have any money. However, be aware that this will require some time investment.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for clothing, but Facebook, Craigslist, and yard sale groups are quick ways to find it. Although the items may not be brand new, there are still many ways to get the latest fashion for a fraction of the price.

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