How to Earn Free Gift Cards Online

How to Earn Free Gift Cards Online

Everybody loves gift cards.

A gift card gives you the opportunity to shop guilt-free for something that you might not otherwise have bought. You can get new clothes, books and video games. A massage is also possible with the ever-glorious Prepaid Plastic.

However, gift cards are not usually given out for birthdays or holidays. They can be purchased by you or waiting for special occasions.

This is true if you don’t know where to look.

How to get free gift cards without spending money

You don’t have to shop to get gift cards. But we’ll get there in a moment. These are some ways to earn rewards that don’t require you spend money.

1. Market research can help big brands

Branded surveys lets users earn points through taking surveys that can be redeemed for gift cards. Your answers will help brands improve their products and can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. You can give feedback on the things you love and use by influencing which surveys you see.

Sign up now and instantly receive 100 bonus points towards a gift card.

My Branded Surveys review shares some tips and tricks that helped me earn $10 worth of gift certificates in less than 24 hours from the time I created my account.

To cash out via PayPal, direct deposit or for gifts to Amazon and other retailers like Lowe’s, Chipotle, Chipotle, Lowe’s and others, you need to have 1,000 points. While it isn’t free, it can be a great way to earn gift cards by taking surveys regularly.

Branded Elite members can receive up to 1,000 bonus point, equivalent to a $10 gift card, on a daily basis, weekly and monthly basis. Each day, the 50 highest-earning members receive 50 bonus points. The top 20 earners each month earn 300 bonus point. This could give you $20 in gift cards every month.

Claim 100 Branded Points

2. Use a different search engine

Swagbucks is an online rewards platform that allows users to earn points by taking surveys, shopping online and searching the internet.

Swagbucks is your default search engine. You earn points every time you browse. Swagbucks doesn’t know how many points each search is worth. However, you will receive a notification when they credit your account. This method won’t give you gift cards instantly, but it is very easy to use.

Swagbucks offers new members a $10 sign up bonus. To cash out, you only need to spend $3 or $25 to redeem your points for PayPal cash.

3. Check your local store for product barcodes

Shopkick gives you three unique ways to get free gift cards.

Shopkick allows you to earn points (“kicks”) for just walking into certain stores like CVS or Target. You can also scan products in the app once you are inside the store. You can make it a family scavenger hunt if you have children. They will love the experience and you’ll earn rewards.

Earn more kicks while you wait in line to check in or if there are a few minutes left in your day, by watching in-app videos. The exchange rate is approximately 250 kicks per $1. You can get gift cards for clothing retailers such as American Eagle and Aerie, or department stores like Target or Walmart.

Bonus: Sign up using code DOLLARSPROUT and get a free 1,250 (valued $5). You can also make an in-store scan within 7 business days of installing the app.

4. Instagram is a great place to look for gift cards giveaways

Instagram is full of giveaways from companies. These giveaways are open to all. You could win gift cards codes or enter them. You can enter these giveaways according to your own rules. However, you will need to follow the account that posted them and like, comment or tag someone.

These opportunities can be found by searching hashtags such as:


You can follow hashtags on Instagram, so you don’t need to search for them every day. Instead, you can follow hashtags and they will automatically show up in your feed. You should contact the host if you win one of these giveaways to find out how you can claim your prize.

5. Your internet can be sold

It sounds strange, right? Sugargain lets you do just that. It’s been a little more than a year since I started using it and I have racked up $300 in earnings.

Honeygain allows users to earn passive earnings by allowing it to access some of your internet resources.

They use the additional internet resources that you provide to conduct market research for companies. They particularly like to see what consumers are searching for online. They don’t share your personal information with third parties and the information is sent anonymously.

Honeygain: How much?

  • Use to get a $5 bonus using our referral link.
  • Current rate for Default network sharing is 1 Honeygain credit per 10 MB traffic through your network.
  • 10GB = $1 USD (each Honeygrain Credit is worth one penny).
  • You can also earn 10 credits per hour that Content Delivery is running.

You can get free “honey” as long as your internet package has unlimited bandwidth (no bandwidth limitations).

6. Refer friends to services that you love

Many people want to share the things they love when they find something that is truly meaningful. You can often earn rewards or gift cards by doing this.

Banks, apps (Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, etc. All of these are good places to begin.

You can even share the game applications that almost everyone has on their phones.

Look to see if your favorite companies have referral programs. If so, you can grab the code or referral link and share it with others who might also benefit. Before you can receive your reward, the person you refer must complete a specific action. This could be setting up direct deposits or booking their first trip or ride. Make sure you read all the details of each program to understand what to expect.

7. Instead of buying gifts, ask for gift cards free of charge

This is the fastest and easiest method to get gift cards for free.

You just need to ask. If it is gift-giving season, or you are asked what you would like for your birthday, say that you would like gift cards to your favorite shop. Ask for a Visa Prepaid Debit Card if you’d like to be able to spend your newfound money in multiple places.

Friends and family want to buy you something you truly want. Gift cards can be seen as a cheap way to get something, but they can also make the perfect gift.

Tell your family and friends about gift cards if you are saving up for large purchases like a new MacBook Pro, or a home appliance. They’ll likely be happy to assist you in reaching your goal.

8. Return unwonted gifts

My favorite way to get gift cards for free is to return gifts that have been completely misplaced.

Whether you have a receipt or not, almost all stores offer store credit for returns as long as the merchandise remains in its original condition.

While you can appreciate the thoughtfulness (or lack thereof) that went into gift purchases, don’t overlook the opportunity to use the money for something you actually require.

Get free gift cards for every purchase

Many services and shopping apps offer free gift cards to customers who shop on their app or website. These companies often receive a small commission for your purchase. Despite this, you don’t have to pay any additional costs and can still get them without having to fill out the surveys that the stores will pressure you to do at the bottom.

9. Use a reward browser extension

You can also earn points toward free gift cards by shopping online using any one of the rewards or cashback browser extensions. Customers can earn Capital One Shopping credits that can be used to redeem for gift cards at retailers such as Nordstrom, Lowe’s and eBay. These credits can be earned in two ways.

After the browser extension has been installed, you can shop online as normal. If Capital One Shopping appears with a reward offer, click it. After the browser extension is activated, Capital One Shopping will notify you if you are eligible for reward credits when you make qualifying purchases.

Capital One Shopping Credits can also be earned when you link your credit card to a participating merchant. Capital One Shopping credits will usually be disbursed within seven business days after purchase.

Get Capital One Shopping Rewards

CapitalOne Shopping will compensate you if you use the provided links to get the CapitalOne Shopping extension.

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10. Get gift cards for free by exchanging grocery cashback

The Ibotta app may be the perfect choice if you love saving money on coupons, but don’t like the idea of cutting them and carrying them around. Ibotta started as a Cashback App for grocery shops, but they’ve since added other retailers such as Target, Macy’s and Walmart.

Frugality expert Tana Williams, a DollarSprout reader, says that she can recoup between 20 and 25% each month on her grocery bills through the free gift card and other rewards she redeems through DollarSprout. All of it added up to more than $830 in savings this year.

You’ll see offers for cashback on a variety of products in the app. You can choose the products you like, and then complete a task to claim cashback.

To redeem your cash-back offer, purchase the item and then upload your receipt to our app. You can skip uploading receipts if you link your store loyalty cards. Then you will get paid immediately after your purchase.

You can cash out via PayPal once you have reached $20 in your Ibotta Account. Or you can choose from a variety of gift cards, including those from Lowes, Home Depot and iTunes.

11. Shop till you Drop

, a smartphone rewards program that is 100% free to use and a perfect complement to a computer based rewards browser extension is . Over 1 million people have downloaded the iOS app, with 46,000 reviews giving it 4.6 stars on average. Drop offers many ways to earn gift certificates.

You can also shop for offers through the app. You can link your credit or debit card to earn points when you shop at the retailers you choose. You can share the app with your friends and earn 5,000 more points for each 10 people you refer to the app. Learn more about maximizing your rewards in our Drop review.

The rewards for purchases made with linked retailers can take up to 5-8 days, and in-app deals up to 60 days. You can redeem your points for gift cards to Netflix or Starbucks once you have earned 5,000 points (equal to $5).

17 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income

12. Get gift cards for lifestyle brands at no cost

Fetch rewards partners some of the most well-known household brands, such as Pull-Ups and Lay’s. Their site states that “Every time you buy one of these brands, you will get points and save money on your shopping trip.”

The best thing? Fetch Rewards doesn’t require you to select your offers. Download the app and shop as usual, scan receipts, and then you can use Fetch Rewards.

Referring friends and family can earn you points. Each time someone signs up via your referral link, they’ll each get 2,000 points. You can refer unlimited people.

To cash out for gift cards to retailers like Airbnb, Sephora and Best Buy, you must have at least 3,000 points Some offers may require you to have at least 5,000 points.

13. Use a rewards credit card to get the most out of your investment

Credit cards may not be right for you. This is not the best choice if you are prone to overspending, or trying to get rid of debt .

If you aren’t in credit card debt, and you trust that you will only spend what you have available each month, you might consider a rewards credit credit card. These cards usually pay between 1-3% cashback and travel points depending on which card they are.

There are rewards credit cards that offer higher rewards for specific categories like groceries and travel. To find the right card for you, you will need to do your research.

Take advantage of online surveys to get free gift card codes

While paid internet surveys won’t make you wealthy or help you pay rent, they can be a quick way to get gift cards for free. To make the most of your time, ensure that you complete your profile when you sign up for each site.

This will ensure you only receive surveys that are most relevant to your needs. You’ll also spend less time answering questions to find out if you’re eligible.

14. InboxDollars

InboxDollars currently offers a $5 sign up bonus to new members. Site membership is free and the Trustpilot rating of 4 stars is based on 7,400 reviews.

InboxDollars claims that most surveys are quick and easy to complete, with a pay range of $0.50 to $5. If you are matched with the study’s demographic profile, you might find surveys that pay up to $20.

After you have reached the minimum payout amount, $30, you can request payment via PayPal or a check in mail. You also get free gift cards. Your earnings can be donated to the American Humane Society or Red Cross, as well as any other charity you choose.

15. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie does not offer many ways to earn points that can be used for gift cards. Survey Junkie is focused on paying online surveys. This platform is simple and easy to use.

Survey Junkie is easy to use. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of options available or be forced to watch multiple videos. Each survey has a payout and an estimated time to complete. Points will be credited immediately to your account after you have completed the questionnaire.

To redeem your rewards, you need to have at least 1,000 points worth $10 You can redeem your rewards by purchasing a gift certificate, transferring your earnings to PayPal or sending cash directly to your bank account.

16. MyPoints

MyPoints users can get points by participating in online panels and completing surveys. Sign up for a free account, make $20 purchases through their online shopping portal and receive a $10 bonus.

MyPoints will deliver surveys to your inbox when you sign up for SurveyMail. Each time you complete a survey, you’ll get points.

The length of the survey will determine how many points you earn, but typically they range between 50 and 600 points. For every 10 questions on your profile, you’ll earn 5 points and for each friend you refer, you can earn up to 750 points.

You can cash out as little as 480 points to get a $3 gift certificate. Redemption requirements will vary depending on which retailer you are dealing with and the value of your gift card. A $10 gift card purchased from Retailer A may cost 1,400 points, while a $10 card purchased from Retailer B will require 1,580 points.

17. PrizeRebel

According to the website, PrizeRebel has given out more than $19 million in prizes since 2007. You can currently choose from over 500 gift cards or rewards.

PrizeRebel members can earn points towards gift cards by taking surveys and watching videos, participating in daily challenges and signing up to receive offers from partner companies. Points are added instantly to your account once you have completed a task. You can exchange your points for gift cards to Gap, Kroger and iTunes.

You can also use points to enter drawings for bigger cash prizes.

Get Gift Cards for Things You Already Do

Finding ways to earn rewards for doing things you already do is the best way to get gift cards free of cost. You could benefit from apps such as Fetch Rewards, Drop, and Ibotta if you shop online for groceries.

You may not be able to do much shopping in your home. Instead, you can earn gift cards by doing online surveys, Shopkick, entering giveaways and referring other people to your favorite products.

No matter what your shopping habits are, there is a way to earn gift cards for free. It’s easy to find the best option for you.

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