Get Paid for Writing Reviews Online

Get Paid for Writing Reviews Online

Do you check out the reviews left online by customers to see if they are satisfied with their purchase?

Perhaps you enjoy leaving reviews for future customers.

Reviews are not just for consumers. Companies value your feedback and will use it to improve their products. Some companies will pay customers for honest feedback, while others offer free products in exchange.

This is a great way for you to make extra money by writing reviews.

Review Places for Money

It can be hard to convince companies to pay reviews directly. Companies that do this tend to work with an intermediary. If you are interested in writing reviews and getting paid for it, there are many websites and services you can sign up.

1. LifePoints

LifePoints pays users to take surveys. These surveys may be related to the products you have purchased. Some will focus on more general topics.

LifePoints will be awarded for each completed survey. If you provide enough demographic information, some surveys may disqualify your participation. You’ll still be able to earn LifePoints if this happens.

While most surveys take around fifteen minutes to complete, some may take longer or shorter. LifePoints will be awarded for longer surveys.

LifePoints can be used to redeem rewards. You have the option to redeem LifePoints for cash deposits, gift cards, or charitable donations.

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2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars pay their customer for a range of tasks, including:

  • Taking Paid Surveys
  • Watching
  • Playing games
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails

You will be emailed opportunities to complete surveys or other tasks. InboxDollars will pay you cash, not points. Since 2000, InboxDollars’ customers have received more than $56 million in pay outs.

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3. American Consumer Opinion

American Customer Opinion allows you to take surveys and share your opinions with companies. It has distributed more than $30 million to its 7,000,000 members.

Every survey you complete rewards you with points. Points can be used to redeem cash via PayPal, sweepstakes entries or charitable donations. You have the option of choosing how you would like to be rewarded.

4. Create a review blog

Start your own review blog if you don’t mind dealing with the requirements of another website to be paid for reviews. Although it can be challenging at first, this is a great way to make money reviewing products.

Because of the high-quality reviews, websites like Wirecutter have millions of visitors each month. You can earn money by advertising on a review site or working with Amazon Affiliates, which allows you to receive a commission if someone purchases based on your review.

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5. UserTesting

UserTesting connects tech companies with regular people who want help testing their websites and apps.

You will be provided with a link to their website or app, and a list of tasks to complete. For example, an online retailer might ask you to complete the purchase process for a shirt.

A microphone is required to start an assignment. UserTesting will record you as you go through your tasks. It is important to speak clearly and loudly so that others can listen and understand what you are saying.

For every 20-minute recording that you make, you’ll get $10 via PayPal

Review Stream

Review stream pays you based on the opinions of other customers. It is important to be honest and provide as much detail information as possible.

Review Stream allows you to review any product or movie on the site. Review Stream will pay a small amount if you submit a review. After your review has been posted, users can vote on the usefulness of the review. For every helpful vote you get, you’ll receive ten cents. For each answer that you give to consumers’ questions, you can earn ten cents.

PayPal is used to pay for your order. You can cash out your minimum balance depending on how much you make for each review. Minimum balance to cash out is $100, ten times the initial review’s value. If your first review was sold for $2 or $10 it will be $100. The minimum price for a review that sold for $16 is $160.

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7. YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube brandConnect connects YouTube creators with brands who want to showcase their products to a wider audience.

The service connects you with companies to pitch. However, you have the freedom to choose how to feature products and set your own rates. After signing up, you will be able see the list of sponsors that are looking to partner with YouTubers. Nearly 500 companies advertise on the site. These companies pay YouTubers to promote their products and services.

YouTube BrandConnect charges a 10% fee for the privilege of connecting you to brands. There are no fees to sign up or pay any other fees. You only pay the fees once you are paid. YouTube BrandConnect can pay via PayPal or by check.

8. Influence Central

Influence Centre connects influencers with brands that want to show their products to consumers. Reviewers will be paid to post reviews on their blogs, websites, and social media profiles.

Each review is paid differently. While some companies may pay more than others for reviews, this can be a great way to build your influence and give honest feedback to your followers.

9. Tryazon

Tryazon is the right website for you if you want to test products. Once you sign up, you will be able view the available TryaBoxes and Party opportunities.

A company will send one product or item to you for a TryaBox. After you submit your Party application and Tryazon selects it, the company will send you a free box containing party favors and products. A party can be hosted with family members, friends, or colleagues, where everyone has the opportunity to try the product.

After you are done, you can share your feedback with manufacturer, post about party on your blog, social media and tell your friends about what you tried.

10. Review Clients

You can search the internet for sites that provide reviews on products and services to find potential clients. Next, pitch your review writing services directly to them. Before landing your first gig, you will need to build a portfolio and be able to pitch multiple clients. You may be able to write more reviews later on if your final submissions to clients are outstanding.

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Are you eligible to be paid to write reviews for Amazon and Google?

Google and Amazon are the two most trusted sites when it comes to reviewing. This means companies will do anything to ensure their Amazon and Google reviews are positive.

These websites allow you to earn money by writing reviews. Although it is possible to receive compensation for reviews, the condition that you leave a positive review violates both sites’ Terms of Service. If you are offered this opportunity, think carefully about whether you should accept it.

Your local pizza shop may offer a free slice if you show them that you have left a review. However, it cannot require you to leave five-star reviews on Google. The offer must be extended to all who leave a review.

Three Tips to Get the Best Paid Reviews

Although you won’t make much money writing reviews, it can add some cash to your pocket. These are the top ways to make money reviewing.

It can be done in your spare time.

Write reviews and turn your idle time into something productive. Write a few reviews for each train or bus ride you take. Instead of focusing on the Netflix series you’ve seen several times, you can put it on while you review.

Reviews are a great way of filling small time slots because they are usually short and simple to write.

Take stock of what you are using.

Reviewing products you use regularly is the best way to get to know them. If you are a regular user of a product, your familiarity will allow you to write high-quality reviews other consumers can benefit from.

Write high-quality reviews

Make sure that your reviews are as positive as possible to ensure that they are accepted by the company and valued by other customers. This includes spelling and grammar checks, photos and specific information about each product.

Are Paid Review Sites Worth Your Attention?

Although paid review sites can be a great way to make extra money, they will not provide a steady income.

You will be paid a fair wage at the best sites. UserTesting, for example, can pay $30 an hour. However, you won’t have enough time to complete a work week with all the opportunities available. Writing reviews is more likely to make you $5-10 an hour.

Be on the lookout scams when you are getting paid to review. Websites that require you to pay a fee in order to view potential opportunities for payment are the most common types of scams. These companies should be making a commission from the companies providing the surveys or products. If you see a company asking for reviewers to pay a fee then don’t bother. This is a red flag that the company is not legitimate.

Writing Reviews can be paid.

Although writing reviews online can be a great way to make a little extra money, it won’t guarantee you a steady income. Review writing isn’t the only way to make a living from online writing.

You might consider starting a freelance writing job. This can help you make some extra money and improve your writing skills. Many freelance writers make a living writing for clients who will pay hundreds of dollars per article.

Even those who don’t know how to write can make a living online as editors, transcriptionists or virtual assistants. It’s easy to connect with people all over the world and receive a payment. You are free to show your talents and reach out to those who are in need of your services.

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