Elite Dangerous: How to Make Money Early

Elite Dangerous: How to Make Money Early

Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game developed by Frontier Developments that allows players to explore the galaxy while piloting their own spacecraft.

The game features a lifelike simulation of our Milky Way and offers players the freedom to choose their own paths and playstyles. This guide will focus on how to make money early in the game, helping you get your feet off the ground and start exploring the vast universe.

First, let’s talk about the different types of activities that can generate income in Elite Dangerous. They include trading, mining, bounty hunting, exploration, and passenger missions. Each of these activities has its own rewards and risks, and each requires different skill sets and equipment. However, all of them can be profitable if done right.


Trading is one of the most straightforward ways to make money in Elite Dangerous. It involves buying commodities in one station and selling them for a profit in another station. The prices of commodities vary depending on the supply and demand of each station, so it’s essential to check the market prices before making any trades.

To maximize profit, you should look for high-value and low-supply commodities to buy and sell them in stations where they are in high demand. The best way to find lucrative trading routes is to use online tools such as EDDB or INARA, which allow you to search for profitable trade routes based on various criteria like distance, profit margin, and cargo capacity.


Mining, on the other hand, is a more specialized activity that involves extracting valuable resources from asteroids. To mine, you need a ship equipped with mining lasers, refinery modules, and cargo racks. Mining can yield high profits, especially if you focus on rare materials such as Painite, Low-Temperature Diamonds, and Void Opals.

However, mining also requires patience, skill, and the ability to avoid pirates who may try to steal your cargo. Again, online tools like EDDB and INARA can help you find good mining spots by providing detailed information about asteroid belts, resource types, and hotspot locations.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting is another popular activity in Elite Dangerous, where players hunt down and eliminate wanted criminals for a reward. To become a bounty hunter, you need a combat-oriented ship equipped with weapons, shields, and scanners.

Bounty hunting can be a lucrative and exciting way to make money, but it also involves risks such as encountering powerful enemy ships or being attacked by other players. To minimize risks, you should start with low-level bounties and gradually increase your skills and equipment as you gain more experience.


Exploration is the most adventurous activity in Elite Dangerous, where players travel to unexplored regions of the galaxy and discover new celestial objects. Exploration can be very profitable if you manage to find valuable systems, planets, or rare phenomena like Black Holes or Neutron Stars.

However, exploration also requires long hours of travel, a highly specialized ship, and strong survival skills to survive in hostile environments. To succeed as an explorer, you should invest in a ship with a high jump range, advanced scanners, and fuel scoops. You should also learn how to use the Galaxy Map and the Exploration Data Sell menu to track your progress and cash in your discoveries.

Finally, passenger missions offer a different type of gameplay in Elite Dangerous, where players transport VIPs, refugees, or criminals to their destinations for a fee. Passenger missions can be very profitable, especially if you cater to the specific needs and preferences of your clients. For example, some passengers may require luxury cabins, while others may demand fast travel times or discretion.

You need a ship with enough cabins, amenities, and speed to accommodate different types of passengers and complete missions on time. You should also pay attention to the reputation of the factions that offer the missions, as some may have criminal ties or political agendas that can affect your safety or legality.


Elite Dangerous offers various ways to make money early in the game, and each activity requires different skills, equipment, and strategies. To maximize your profits, you should explore different options, experiment with different ships and loadouts, and use online tools to find the best routes and resources.

However, you should also be prepared to face hazards and challenges along the way, such as pirates, hostile systems, or technical failures. By mastering the art of making money in Elite Dangerous, you can unlock new opportunities for exploration, upgrading, and customization, and become one of the most successful and respected pilots in the galaxy.

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