Easy Online Jobs to Make Extra Money

Easy Online Jobs to Make Extra Money

Online work is growing in popularity due to the flexibility, variety, and income-earning opportunities that online jobs offer.

There are many gigs available depending on your interests and skills. It was actually very affordable to start my online business, even though I had no experience.

Through trial and error, and lots of hard work, I was able to earn a full-time living from my online jobs.

There are many opportunities for you to start your own online business.

28 Legitimate Online Jobs

There are so many online jobs that it can be difficult to determine which are legit and which are not. These are some of the most lucrative and popular options.

Featured Online Jobs

The majority of jobs on this list can be done by anyone. However, I have divided them into categories that are more appropriate for kids, parents, teachers, students and moms to make it easier for you to sort. The first list is the best because it includes so many successful people who work online. They don’t need any certifications or degrees.

1. Product

Hourly Pay:$5 – $15

Product testing is an online job that can make you money. You only need to test products you are interested in. You can review and test both digital and physical products as a paid product tester.

There are often product testing opportunities on Swagbucks Explore. Regularly checking both platforms will increase your chances of being eligible for an offer. After you have received and tested the product, you will need to follow the instructions and complete an online survey (or similar task) to give your feedback and insights.

You will be paid in cash or gift cards and you can keep the product that you have tested. Although this is not a full-time job, it can be a great side hustle.

2. Online seller

Prices:$40-60 per box

Virtually anything can be sold online. You can sell furniture, unused makeup and old tech items online.

You can sell your children’s gently used clothes, shoes, and toys once they outgrow them. This type of job is great for those who enjoy it. You can also start looking for items to resell at local flea markets and yard sales.

You can flip a used item you find at a high price on Decluttr if you are able to. This will bring you more income, so do it more often.

3. Blogger

Payment:$1 – $2,000+ per Month

You can earn money online by blogging. Blogging is a great job if you love writing and helping others. It takes 6 to 18 months for a blog to make money.

Blogging as an online job is fun because you can pick a topic that interests you, and there are endless opportunities.

These are the four main methods to make money blogging:

  1. Advertising You can get paid to place ads on your blog.
  2. Affiliate Marketing This is where you can get a commission on any products you sell through your blog.
  3. Digital Products You can create and sell your own eBooks, courses, and other digital products.
  4. Services– A blog is a great way for you to connect with people one-on-one.

Recommendation Hosting with HostGator is one of the best ways to start a profitable blog. It’s easy to set up and maintain (and everything you need in one place), so it’s a great choice for new bloggers.

See how we created a successful blog.

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4. Manager Facebook ads

Payment:$1,000 – $2,000+ per Month

Local business owners are aware that they must advertise online. However, they may not know how to do so or lack the staff to do it. If you are familiar with Facebook’s advertising platform and have the time and desire to learn more, you can contact local businesses to provide Facebook ad services.

Bobby Hoyt was a digital marketer and blogger. He was a passionate digital marketer and blogger. He started to offer Facebook ad management services for local businesses and eventually made a substantial income. His Facebook Side Hustle Course which teaches others how to do it, was launched. This can be done as a side hustle, or you could make it a full-time career.

5. Transcriber

Hourly Pay:$10 – $36

Transcription services have a low barrier of entry and are highly in demand. You can find work even if you don’t have any experience in transcribing.

Many large businesses hire transcribers but their pay is usually low. Scribie.com charges $5-$25 per hour, while TranscribeMe.com charges $15 per hour.

You can start looking for companies that pay more as you gain experience. These companies can be a little more difficult to accept but they are well worth the wait.

  • Rev.com (24-39 cents per audio hour)
  • GoTranscript.com ($36/audio hour)
  • Speechpad.com ($24/audio hour)

To see if this job is for you, can take a free course on transcription .

6. Dropshipper

Payment: $25-$500+ per item

Dropshipping allows you to set up a storefront using a platform such as Shopify, then list your products and have orders shipped directly from the supplier.

This job is a great option for anyone who is looking for an online job. You can work remotely and make a decent income while selling products.

This is a flexible job that allows you to sell everything online, from T-shirts to tickets for events and consulting services.

Dropshipping has a lower profit margin than stocking and shipping physical products but the benefits are worth it.

Students can find online jobs

These online jobs for college students offer flexibility and allow you to concentrate on your studies while making extra money.

7. Online personal trainer

Payment:$30 – $50 per session

Being an online personal trainer is a great side-job if you enjoy working out and helping others. These clients can be kept even after graduation.

You can also offer virtual sessions through Zoom or FaceTime. Additionally, you can create a YouTube channel that offers free workouts and showcases your work to potential customers. Some trainers can also make meal plans for customers.

8. Online beauty advisor

PayVaries depending on the referral program

You might consider becoming an online beauty advisor if you love getting compliments on your skin and are passionate about discussing skincare products. When someone buys the products you recommend, you’ll be paid.

Let’s see how it works. Let’s suppose you have a YouTube channel, or other social media account that you recommend certain products. When linking to these products, you use your affiliate code or referral code. You get a percentage of the amount someone spends when they use your link to purchase that product.

You can also accept virtual clients for one-on-1 consulting .

9. Freelance writer

Payment: $50-$500+ per Article

Being a freelance writer could be the right job for you if you enjoy writing and are able to find clients who need content.

It’s ok to start on a platform like Fiverr or FreelanceWriting.com, but you won’t find high-paying freelance writing jobs on these sites. You will need to work directly for websites, companies or online magazines in order to earn a decent living.

It is possible to search for clients through connecting with local business owners and newspapers that might be looking for writers. Joining writing Facebook groups is another way to search for jobs. Although the competition can be intense, you will succeed if you are persistent and willing to learn.

After you have a solid client list, portfolio, and testimonials, it’s possible to raise your prices.

Holly Johnson began freelance writing in order to make $0 to six figures per year by using the strategies she developed. She now teaches a course to freelancers.

10. Proofreader

Hourly Pay:$10 – $45

While there are many online jobs that allow college students to make a living proofreading HTML, you should not overlook the opportunities available on campus.

Before you submit your next paper, consider asking fellow students if they could hire a proofreader.

Editing is more involved than proofreading. You don’t make extensive corrections or suggestions. Instead, you act as an extra set of eyes and look for typos, spelling mistakes, and other minor issues in order to correct the papers before they are submitted for grading.

Caitlin Pyle is the creator of Proofread Anywhere. She offers a complimentary 76-minute webinar that explains what it takes for money proofreading. Source: FlexJobs

11. Textbook seller

Payment:15% – 50% per book

Book scouting and selling textbooks online is a great job for students. Many college students are not interested in selling their textbooks.

You could use their lack of motivation or time to offer to buy the books for them on a site such as ShopScouter. You can negotiate a selling price and the book fee, then do the work. You can also search online for book prices to buy or sell during prime textbook season (before each semester starts).

12. Manager of social media

Hourly Pay:$15 – $40

You can use your social media skills to get an online job as an social-media manager.

It is very similar to managing your business’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. You must be active on social media in order to make yourself visible and well-known. You must respond quickly to any comment or private message you receive from someone on social media.

Social media is a common failing area for businesses. They don’t have the staff to be active on social media. Many businesses don’t have the staff to answer comments, create engaging posts or monitor discussions within their communities.

Opportunities to find a job online as a social media manager at local businesses are plentiful. While you can email them, it is best to visit or call local businesses to introduce yourself as a student interested in helping.

While some businesses may not be interested in the opportunity, others might.

13. Consignor

Payment:40% – 60% per item

Many people have things they don’t need anymore, but few take the time to get rid of them to make more money. They donate it or throw it away.

You can start an online consignment company and act as a broker between buyers and sellers. Start by selling items online to students as consignments. You don’t need to have inventory and only make money when you sell.

You can download selling apps such as thredUP and eBay to your smartphone and keep track of all consignees. You can return the item or ask them to sign a waiver to donate it to local charities if the listing isn’t sold. If the item sells, you should also put in writing your commission.

It’s easier than ever to consign items for family and friends with smartphones and selling applications.

14. Data entry specialist

Hourly Pay:$10 – $17

College students have legitimate options for data entry jobs, but it is important to think carefully before you apply. Although they are easy to do, they require more time and pay less than other options.

The best thing about data entering jobs is the flexibility and ability to work from home. You can do as much or as little as you need, depending on your availability.

Clickworker and DionData Solutions are great platforms to start looking for data entry jobs.

Moms looking for online jobs

These are some great online jobs for moms. You can modify any of these online jobs to suit your needs.

15. Creator of subscription boxes

Pay:Depends upon the box and your profit margin

CrateJoy can help you make your subscription box idea a reality. CrateJoy allows you to build your subscription box service, without having to keep the inventory. The boxes can be designed, promoted, and sold without you having to convert your garage into a subscription box warehouse.

This is a great way to explore and start your own online business without having to invest a lot of capital or have a lot of space.

16. Virtual assistant

Hourly Pay:$19 – $25

Become a virtual assistant for an established online business. This is one of the most rewarding online jobs you can do, and it’s easy to start.

Virtual assistants are often able to handle tasks such as scheduling, customer service, administrative assistance, and email marketing.

You can offer any service you are comfortable with, and as you gain more experience, you can expand your services. You can also choose to specialize in one or two areas if that is what you prefer.

Reach out to entrepreneurs and small businesses, or connect with VAs in Facebook groups. You might get leads or tips to help you maximize your earnings.

You may be able to build your client base and make a good hourly wage once you have. You can learn how Kayla Sloan transformed her part-time VA into a six-figure virtual assistant company.

17. Graphic designer

Hourly Pay:$25-$50

To be a graphic designer, you don’t have to hold an art degree. Graphic design skills are required for online projects such as creating flyers, flyers, announcements and Pinterest images.

There are many online jobs for those who have a keen eye for design and can use PicMonkey or Canva. Bloggers and website owners are in high demand for creating beautiful Pinterest images. This can help any business draw new traffic to their website.

18. Niche website creator

Payment:$100 – $10,000+ per Site

You could make a lot of money by creating niche websites if you are an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). There are many topics to choose from, including babyrearing and hiking in the mountains.

You don’t have to create new content every week for a niche website. Instead, you create several landing pages to sell affiliate products within a specific niche. Although it is unlikely that any niche will prove profitable, you can brainstorm topics that are underserved.

Once you have built and made the site profitable, you can either keep it for passive income or you can sell it on a marketplace such as Flippa.com.

It is very similar to setting up a blog. You can start creating your niche website right away if you have the skills.

19. Website designer

Hourly Pay:$20 – $100

Drag-and-drop builders, which easily integrate with Shopify, make it possible to learn how you can design blogs and ecommerce websites. You might be able design and build websites for others if you are technically skilled and can identify the difference between a good and bad website.

Website design doesn’t require you to reinvent the web or create complicated websites. You need to be able to design websites that look good, are user-friendly, and meet your clients’ needs.

It’s easy to create a website. However, it can be overwhelming for many people.

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20. Influencer on social media

Hourly Pay:$20 – $100

You can become a social media influencer if you enjoy sharing your favourite deals, books, clothes and other products via social media. Companies will pay you to market their products to your followers. You’ll also earn a portion of any sales that they make through your referral or affiliate links.

You don’t need much to become a social media expert. If you choose a profitable niche and are passionate about it, it’s easy. To grow your reach and increase your income, you’ll need to regularly post on social media and engage with your followers.

You can post paid links to your profile through companies such as ShopStyle.com and Amazon Influencer Program.

21. Amazon seller

Hourly Pay:$15-$100+

Everybody shops on Amazon these day, so you can also make a good living through Amazon.

Although the concept of Amazon arbitrage seems simple, it can be quite tedious. Find discounted products in your local store and then sell them on Amazon at a profit.

Although it may sound easy, Amazon’s seller fees, shipping costs, and time spent can cause your profits to drop quickly. This online job is for those who already enjoy bargain shopping and thrift-shopping.

22. Budgeter / bookkeeper

Hourly Pay:$20 – $60

Bookkeeping and budgeting are very similar. However, bookkeeping is more applicable to businesses and individuals.

If you have a successful budget management and creation process and are open to sharing your knowledge with other families, then consider marketing your budgeting consulting services via Fiverr, social media or your website.

You might like to organize finances for businesses and work as a bookkeeper.

You will work with businesses to keep their finances in order as a bookkeeper. You will need to record income and expenses, prepare financial statements, create invoices and collect payment from clients. This can be done either manually or with bookkeeping software. You can even work remotely for online or local businesses.

Join Facebook groups to promote your services or visit local businesses in person. You can also advertise your services using Facebook ads. This adds another skill to you resume.

Teachers can find online jobs

Teaching is not the only way to make a living as a teacher. These online jobs are for you if you enjoy helping others learn.

23. Tutor

Hourly Pay:$14 – $22+

Teaching students online is a great way to make quick money. These sites allow you to tutor students in the subject areas that interest you.

  • (requires no teaching experience; the average hourly pay is $40)
  • Wyzant (set your rate)
  • VIPKid (bachelor’s degree is required; hourly pay is $14-$22)

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24. Creator of courses

Pay:30% – 70% of the purchase price

You don’t need to be a teacher to create an online course. However, this is a great way for teachers to make extra income. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher or have a class in your field. You can make a course on any topic that interests you. You can create a course that teaches students how to plant a garden or knit a sweater.

Because they guide students through a series in an easy-to follow way, “How-to” courses make it the easiest way to get started. To sell your course on a platform such as , you can make short videos that are easy to edit and combine them into a complete package.

Outschool, unlike other platforms such as Udemy and Teachable, is designed for K-12 learners. You can create lessons, courses and even summer camps. You have the ability to choose how many students you want to teach, the lesson price, and the class schedule. This platform is great for anyone aged 18 or older, who can pass a background screening and enjoys teaching children.

Once you publish your course, it is important to develop a marketing strategy. Also, connect with affiliate partners in order to sell your course to earn residual income.

25. Find teaching jobs online

Hourly Pay:$10-20+

You might consider taking up gigs specifically for teachers if you are looking for side job . To find the right job, you can create an account on GigEd.co or TeacherEd.co.

Teens can find easy online jobs

Many jobs are available online for teens who want to make extra cash or save towards a car or college but don’t have time to work in person.

26. Photographer

Pay:15% – 45% for every image copy sold

Your teenager might have a talent in photography and be able make some money selling photos, senior portraits, family portraits or wedding photos. You can also sell your photos online to make some passive earnings.

They might not need professional equipment. They can make money by taking photos with their smartphones on a variety of websites.

27. YouTube channel creator

Payment: $0 – $2,000 per Month

YouTube videos are a big business right now. Ryan, Ryan’s World’s star, earned $22,000,000 in revenue in just one year. His channel was popularized by his parents.

It’s not as simple as just recording a video and uploading it to YouTube. After you have met these minimum requirements, you can place ads on videos to generate an income stream. It is important to promote your YouTube channel on other platforms.

If your children are enthusiastic and able to work in front of the camera, might be a good option. Although you won’t make as much money as Ryan’s World’s, it is possible to earn some.

28. Amazon eBook publisher

Up to 70% off each copy

Although publishing a book via Amazon Kindle is simple and straightforward, it doesn’t guarantee you will make a lot. Books must be well-written and edited. They should also have a catchy cover and a clear marketing strategy. If you have a great idea, eBooks can be a way to make some extra income.

You can encourage your teenager to create and upload books for sale if they have a flair for drawing, writing, or cartooning. It may be a way for them earn some extra money through their creativity.

Take a liking to something and run with it

There are many options for making money online. Find the one that suits your interests and skills. You can create a job if you don’t have one.

Online jobs are great because you can earn a lot of money by working multiple gigs or doing different jobs at once. You can have a blog, tutor, Etsy shop, and YouTube channel all in one day. You’ll see a better return on your investment if you do everything you can to increase your income and reach your financial goals.

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