Discovering the Secrets of Making Money in Stocks with William O’Neill

Discovering the Secrets of Making Money in Stocks with William O’Neill

Discovering the Secrets of Making Money in Stocks with William O’Neill

Are you a newbie to the world of stocks and investment? Or are you an experienced investor looking for new tips and strategies to improve your stock investment game? Either way, there is good news for you! William O’Neill can help turn your stock investment game around with his knowledge, experience, and insights.

Who is William O’Neill?

William J. O’Neill is a renowned American investor, commentator, and stockbroker who founded Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) and the famed CANSLIM Stock-Picking System. CANSLIM is based on identifying stocks that will perform well by analyzing trends in the amount of current quarterly earnings per share (EPS), annual EPS, new products or services, supply and demand for the stock, institutional sponsorship, and market indexes. This system has helped investors identify stocks that have increased over 1,500% in just two years, making O’Neill a legend in the world of stocks and investments. So, what advice can we learn from O’Neill?

Tip #1: Study the charts

O’Neill believes that successful investors must study the charts of potential stocks before investing. This means identifying the patterns of the stock price, volume, and how it correlates with market indexes. According to O’Neill, charts can provide investors with the information needed to make informed decisions when buying and selling stocks.

Tip #2: Understanding the market trend

O’Neill advises aspiring investors to analyze the market trend, which is defined as the direction in which the market is moving. Is it a bull market, bear market or flat market? If it is a bull market, there is a strong likelihood that stocks will increase in value, while a bear market indicates a downward trend in prices. Understanding the market trend can help investors identify stocks that are likely to perform well and help them avoid stocks that are likely to perform poorly.

Tip #3: Focus on earnings and EPS

According to O’Neill, the most important indicator of a company’s health is its earnings per share (EPS). This is the amount of profit a company has made per share of stock. The higher the EPS, the more valuable the stock is likely to be. Focusing on earnings and EPS can help you identify stocks that are undervalued, enabling you to invest early and enjoy better returns.

Tip #4: Identify stocks with institutional support

Institutional investors are professionals who manage large sums of money, such as mutual funds or pension funds. According to O’Neill, institutional investors help to drive the stock market up, and you can benefit from investing in stocks that they have identified as profitable. As such, investors should look for stocks with institutional support, as these stocks are likely to perform well.

Tip #5: Stick to your strategy

O’Neill believes that successful investors stick to their strategy, no matter what. O’Neill’s CANSLIM system is a long-term investment strategy that focuses on identifying success over many years. You should not invest in stocks that do not correspond to your strategy just because the market demand is high. Sticking to your strategy will result in greater return in the long run.


William O’Neill’s advice and insights are highly valued by investors and stockbrokers all over the world. Studying the charts, understanding the market trend, focusing on earnings and EPS, identifying stocks with institutional support, and sticking to your strategy – these are some of the most important tips for successful stock investing. Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting, O’Neill’s wisdom and knowledge can help you increase your wealth through stock investment. So, go ahead and start implementing William O’Neill’s tips and become a successful investor. Good luck!

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