Comparrot Money Saving Tool Review

Comparrot Money Saving Tool Review

I have a common shopping dilemma: I love ways to save money but hate looking around for the best deal.

In the past, whenever I was ready to shop online, I would open a new tab and type in “[SITE NAME] Coupon codes” into Google. Sometimes, I would search through pages of deals and find none that worked.

I gave up trying. Every purchase was accompanied by a twinge guilt. I realized that I could be spending more than I should. What if I didn’t know of a special?

Comparrot, was something I had heard about in 2020. I instantly looked it up and downloaded the browser extension. I was thrilled to find a tool that would help me save money and required very little effort.

Comparrot is like any other app. It has its pros and disadvantages. It’s still my online shopping companion, even after three years.

What is Comparrot Shopping?

Comparrot Shopping is a money saving and rewards program that’s free. Comparrot claims to save users double the amount of that of it’s competitors at 34.5% savings per item on average! That’s really impressive. So, how do they do it?

Comparrrot simply takes the product you’re shopping for and compares it against thousands of other ecommerce sites that sell the exact same product.

The craziest part about all of this, is they don’t even take a comission, so you know they are not price gouging and really do display the cheapest price for their users.

You don’t have to have a Comparrot account in order to use it. Comparrot is available in two main forms: a browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, as well as a mobile application.

Is Comparrot Secure?

Comparrot was trusted before 2020 by thousands of users, but its membership has increased significantly in the past few years.

Like similar programs, the browser extension will collect information about your search history and shopping history, as well as non-personal and personal data. Their privacy policy states that this includes your:

  • User-provided information
  • Retail account log-in credentials
  • Social media data
  • Transaction data

As well as other information.

Comparrot’s Opt Out Privacy Notice states that they won’t share your personal information with any non-affiliate or affiliate companies. In other words, you won’t be bombarded by marketing emails from unknown companies when you sign up for Comparrot.

Comparrot has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. These are all strong indicators that Comparrot is safe and trustworthy.

How does Comparrot Shopping work?

Comparrot offers many useful features such as Amazon price comparison, automatic coupon codes, and rewards credit for online shopping.

Get coupons and automatic rewards

Comparrot offers automatic coupons and gift credit credits, which is the easiest and most popular way to use it. To access this feature, you will need to install the browser extension

After installing the extension, every time you shop on websites that offer coupons and credits with Comparrot you will see a pop-up message at checkout.

Comparrot gave me a 4% reward credit when I was shopping on Vitacost for groceries and makeup. They also provided 10 coupon codes that I could use.

Comparrot scans each coupon you click to find the best deal.

After the coupon or credit has been applied, you will receive a friendly pop-up letting you know if the coupons worked and how much you saved. You can also check when your Comparrot account will have your credit.

The Reviewer’s Take: This Comparrot feature is what I use the most. It’s very easy to use and I love it. I forget I have Comparrot, until I receive these notifications at checkout. They let me know that there is money to save. This will be your favorite feature if you are all about saving money and taking the shortest route possible.

Amazon has a lower price

This Amazon-specific search engine searches the internet to see if you are getting a great deal or if a different merchant or site offers a better deal.

If you shop on Amazon, click on the item to see a Comparrot button. This indicates whether there is a lower price. If the item is being sold by a different retailer or merchant, you will see a green Comparrot link with the price you can save.

Click it to redirect you to Comparrot Site, where you can view the offer and claim your savings.

Check your watchlist to see price drops

This is another Amazon-specific feature. You can click the “W+” button to add an item to your watchlist if you find one you like at a lower price.

Comparrot will monitor the price of the item on Amazon and other retailers for 60 days. We’ll let you know if it drops or if we find a better deal.

Comparrot tracks the history of products that you have viewed across different sites. To check if any items have dropped in price, you can access your watchlist from your account at any time. You can delete your product history by going to Account Settings > Clear My Product History.

Reviewer’s Take: I find the watchlist feature extremely useful, especially when you are shopping for something that you don’t really need. If I see something I like while browsing, I will add it to my watchlist so I can buy it as soon as the price drops.

To view product price history up to 365 days ago, you can click on the Comparrot extension icon.

Comparrot credits redeemable for gift cards

When you redeem an Offer with Comparrot it will show up in your account as a “credit”. If you spend $100 with a 5% reward, you will receive $5 in Comparrot credit. You’ll receive your rewards in 7 days for most offers.

Redeem your credit to receive gift cards at places such as Walmart, Lowe’s and Sephora. While some gift cards start at $5 and others require you to spend $10 or $25 in order to cash out, others may be worth as much as $25.

Other Comparrot Features

These features may not be used as often as you would like, but they are convenient when you do.

Search for products

You can search for what you are looking for by opening Comparrot, clicking the browser extension, and entering the search box.

Searches will lead you to Comparrot’s site, where you can filter by brand and price. Mobile search is also available, and it’s more convenient than the online tool. To scan your barcode while you shop in-store, download the Comparrot App on your smartphone. Comparrot will scan your barcode and notify you if there is a lower price.

The Reviewer’s Take: This feature can be very useful if shopping in-store, or if the item you are looking for is already available and you have a budget. This feature is less useful if you are browsing and need to filter your search by style, color or size.

This feature is rarely used by me, mainly because I don’t know what I’m looking until I find it. At that point, Comparrot is my go-to for finding coupon codes and adding it to my watchlist.

Featured Offers

You’ll find featured and trending deals at some of Comparrot’s most popular retailers when you log into your Comparrot account

Reviewer’s Take: This section is not something I pay too much attention to. Although you won’t likely do much shopping from the Comparrot Dashboard, it is a great way to find deals and discover new brands.

Local deals

Shopping online isn’t the only way you can save money with Comparrot. If you scroll past the trending and featured deals on your account dashboard, you will see a section called “Local Offers”. Local businesses can earn loyalty credits worth 4% to 4%.

To take advantage of local deals you will need to link your debit or credit card to Comparrot. You’ll get an automatic credit when you shop at participating local retailers. This is similar to shopping online with Comparrot. Your credits can be exchanged for gift cards via your Comparrot portal.

The Reviewer’s Take: It depends on where you live, so there may not be many deals in your area. I live in a college city and only two restaurants are included in my “local deals”, neither of which I am familiar with.

Mobile price comparison

Comparrot can send you a text message to check the price if you are shopping on Amazon using your smartphone. You’ll receive a text with a link to other retailers and a link to your price comparison.

Reviewer’s Take: This feature is admittedly a bit confusing. Comparrot’s price-comparison tools are best used on a computer. However, if you need to quickly compare prices, this feature can be very useful.

What Does Comparrot Cost You?

Comparrot features are completely free. You will not be charged any additional fees for the use of the platform, including monthly fees or premium offerings.

Pros and cons of Comparrot

Overall, Comparrot’s cons outweigh its pros. For the complete list, click “Show More” in the box. Free Signup Mobile app and browser extension free of charge Automatic savings.

Comparrot, offers many easy ways to save money. These include online coupons, reward credit that can be exchanged into gift cards or free gift cards, price comparison tool and price drop tracking. You’ll receive notifications about deals from sites that you visit when you add the browser extension. One click and you can save money. Continue reading

Who is Comparrot Useful for?

Comparrot is a platform that I have used since 2020. It’s a simple, low-effort way for me to save money on things I would normally buy, such as makeup from Vitacost and a rug from Comparrot saves me money that I would not have otherwise because I don’t like searching through a hundred websites for a coupon code.

This money saving tool Comparrot is a great fit for someone like me, who loves saving money but doesn’t want to go through every website looking for the best deal. Comparrot is all about saving.

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