Car Advertising – How to Make Money with your Car

Car Advertising – How to Make Money with your Car

You will probably spend most of your time driving unless you live in a large city with good public transportation.

All that driving to work, to and from the gym, to run errands and to work can add up to high gas prices and expensive car maintenance. What if you had a way to offset these costs?

Consider adding a passive income stream to your portfolio if you are looking for extra cash.

These Three Companies Pay You to Advertise Your Car

There are many companies who will pay you to put stickers and wraps on your car if you’re willing to do so.

1. Nickelytics

A space filled with empty promises and scammy websites.


This is an outstanding company in terms of trust and instant credibility. Listen to the interview below with the CEO and learn more about his business model and how drivers could benefit.

How the Program Works

To make money with Nickelytics, you must first download the app and register to become a driver. You will then be asked questions about your driving habits and insurance coverage. You will then need to activate the app from your car so Nickelytics can match you with relevant advertising campaigns.

After being matched with a campaign you have the option of accepting or rejecting it. You can choose to accept or reject the campaign wrap. Depending on the style of the campaign wrap, either a self-install wrap will be sent to you, or a custom installation will be performed. Source: Nickelytics


  • Trust is important in this industry. Backed by well-respected names Nickelytics has a stacked team . It is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent VC companies.
  • Dedicated to delivering strong advertising results Based upon their client focused approach it is likely that Nickelytics will continue growing in popularity, which means more driving opportunities.


  • Mileage requirements for Nickelytics: You must drive at least 30 miles per day, 150 miles per week, and 450 miles per month to qualify.
  • A newer model is required: To be eligible for Nickelytics, your vehicle must not exceed 10 years old with no major body damage.

What you can expect to earn

Nickelytics reports that the majority of their drivers make between $175 to $250 per campaign. Some campaigns can earn drivers as high as $500. Campaigns last between 7 and 3 months.

2. Wrapify

Wrapify was founded in 2015 and partners with advertisers interested in rolling billboards. Wrapify hires drivers who are willing to place ads on their cars and then pays them according to how far they drive.

How the Program Works

Download the app to sign up as a driver and work with Wrapify. You can then drive to places you usually visit and receive campaign offers. The app will track your driving habits and provide you with offers based on these.

If you find a campaign that interests you, register and get the advertisement on your car. Then you can start making money.

Your earnings will be determined by how many miles you drive within a campaign area, which is typically within 50 miles of an advertiser’s location. Wrapify offers different wrap levels and payment levels based on user interest. Source: Wrapify


  • Every other week, Wrapify will send you a direct deposit.
  • There are no long-term commitments. Most campaigns last between one and three months. Therefore, you don’t need to make long-term commitments.


  • You must pass a background screening and be at least 21 to drive for Wrapify.
  • A newer model is required: To be eligible for Wrapify, you must own a vehicle that was manufactured in 2010 or later without major body damage.
  • Early termination fees If you terminate a contract prior to its expiration date and take out the wrapping, you will be charged early termination fees.

What you can expect to earn

Wrapify drivers earn $196 to $452 per mois, depending on how many miles they drive.

3. Carvertise

Carvertise, a Delaware-based advertising firm, is located. It was established in 2012 and employs thousands of drivers across the country.

How the Program Works

You can apply for Carvertise by entering your name, email, and phone number on the website. The company will match your application to a brand that targets areas where you drive.

Once you have been approved to drive, the company places car wrap advertising on your vehicle and then pays you via direct deposit. The company pays $100 per mois for the duration of the campaign. For example, $300 is the total amount you will earn if you take part in a 3-month campaign. The ad will be removed at the end of each campaign. Source: Carvertise


  • Earn more parking: You may be able increase your earnings by parking your car in certain areas for a specific time period.
  • Accept or decline campaigns: There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can accept. You are free to participate in as many or as few campaigns as you like.


  • You must drive 30 miles per hour: Carvertise will not hire you as a driver if you drive less than 30 mph per day.
  • A newer car requirement: Your vehicle must be a 2008 model or later.

What you can expect to earn

The pay ranges between $300 and $1,200 per campaign.

Companies We aren’t sure of but have seen mentioned

You can find a long list of car wrapping companies by doing a quick Google search. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all worth your time. Although the names in the following list kept appearing in other articles on the internet, we cannot verify their authenticity. Before you try any other companies, we recommend working with Nickelytics or Carvertise.

Free Car Media

Why they were not on our list:

Very old website with a strange “start your internet business today” link that’s not related to car wrapping. You will be taken to a completely different URL if you click on the sign-up page.


Why they were not on our list:

Although a poorly designed website doesn’t necessarily mean it will fail, the ReferralCars website is a disappointment. The site isn’t secure which is a red flag. The link to sign-up for campaigns redirects to the homepage and makes it impossible to sign in. It’s possible that the site was once active but has since been removed from its website.


Why they were not on our list:

App Store reviews indicate that customer service is in decline. Users also reported that the app is very unstable. Be cautious.

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What kind of ads will be placed on your car?

Every company has its own approach to placing advertisements on cars. Some businesses pay to advertise with simple decal stickers. However, most opt for vinyl car wrap. Wrapping makes it appear that the ads are actually painted on the cars.

The size of the advertisement will determine whether the wrapping covers your entire vehicle or just a portion. Car wrapping isn’t permanent so the car advertising company will be able to remove it from your vehicle if you stop using it. Vinyl wrapping shouldn’t cause any damage to your vehicle, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to spend on expensive repairs or new paint.

How to find legit car advertising companies

Car wrap frauds are common. Before you sign a contract with a company, do your research.

Application Process: Any legitimate car advertising company will have a formal process that evaluates your vehicle’s make, year, and model as well as your driving record. It might be a good idea to move in another direction if a company doesn’t ask these kinds of questions.

There is no application fee for working with car advertising companies.

Insurance Requirements A company that is trustworthy will require you to provide proof of your car insurance coverage. If you don’t meet minimum state car insurance requirements, the company will not allow you to drive its ads.

It pays for your car wrapping: A car wrap advertising scam is when a company asks you to pay for the application or removal of car wraps. This is what a legitimate company will do.

Excellent Customer Service: Make certain that the company you select offers a phone number and email address for customer service. You might consider moving on if there is no contact information.

You can also make money with your car in other ways

You have many passive income options with your car. Deliver packages to Amazon Flex, or order food from restaurants via Uber Eats and DoorDash. You can rent your car out to Getaround if you are a parent who lives in a city or a single parent. This allows you to make extra money while you’re not using the vehicle.

Combining a few options can increase your earning potential. You can make your car a money-making machine with a little effort and time.

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