Can You Buy Discounted Gift Cards – Where?

Can You Buy Discounted Gift Cards – Where?

What could be better than a discount on something that you had planned to purchase?

Imagine if you could get discounts on almost everything you buy from your favorite stores, even high-ticket items?

You can, and that’s why you should get discounted gift cards.

Why buy discounted gift cards?

Gift cards are often thought of as being for Christmas or birthdays. However, they can be used to save money at your local stores on everyday items.

Let’s suppose you are looking for new jeans. Although the prices tend to be higher towards the end, you can still save money by buying a discount gift card to your favorite clothing shop. You can save 25% on your next purchase if you buy a $30 gift card.

These discounts can be combined with online coupons or in-store sales to maximize savings.

Here are 10 Best Discount Gift Card Websites

Compare the prices of different gift cards when you are trying to decide where to purchase them. You might find a better deal on one site than the other. Prices and discounts are subject to change at any moment. Here are the most popular features on the top five discount gift card websites.

RaiseGift card GrannyCardCashGift Card Spread
Sign up bonus$10NoneNoneNone
Cashback OffersYesYesNoNo
Refer to a Friend$5$5$5None
Guarantee1 YearAll New Gift Cards are 100% Guaranteed100% risk-free 45 day money back guarantee60-day Return Policy
Physical LocationsNoNoNoNo
AppAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOSNone

Each website has its own terms and conditions. You should verify details such as the estimated arrival time and shipping address. You might receive a card that will ship to you, while others will go to your email. Some cards may offer a sign up bonus or referral bonus.

1. Raise Marketplace

Raise is the largest discount gift card website, with more than 2 million users. Card buyers have saved more than $150 million since 2013.

This company offers a unique selling experience, allowing sellers to choose their discount percentages. This keeps discounts competitive and allows gift card buyers to take advantage of steep markdowns. Although you will need to search the platform actively to find the best deals they offer, it is not difficult to find them.

Raise offers a 1-Year money-back guarantee. This guarantees a refund if the card is not received as promised, delivered by a different brand or is not in use. The card’s purchase price is covered, but not buyer’s remorse and cards that were purchased incorrectly.

For every gift card that is sold through Raise, sellers are charged a 15% commission. If the gift card is physical, Raise charges an additional $1 (or 1%) to the seller.

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2. Gift card Granny

This site allows you to buy and sell discounted e-gift and physical cards. Gift card Granny acts as an aggregate website, collecting information from different sources and directing users to the appropriate store. The portal also allows you to earn cash back if you purchase a gift card.

You cannot currently redeem your earnings for cash. However, you can redeem them online for e-gift certificates or print them in-store. Gift Card Granny’s cash back program can help you save money if you use your cash-back rewards for something you don’t need or would have bought anyway.

You can purchase gift cards for both national and local brands.

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3. CardCash

CardCash lets you do three things: trade, buy, or sale gift cards. You can filter gift cards to specific brands or stores by value, discount percentage or price. After you have selected and purchased your card, you will receive an email with all your card information. Or a physical gift certificate in the mail.

You can trade your gift cards for a card that you won’t use, or a card that you might. You might be able to get the best deal if you trade your gift card to Hooters for a card to a restaurant that you will use.

Although you won’t get the same amount for trading, it is likely that your new gift card will have a higher value than the cash offer. Although selling gift cards to CardCash can be easy, you cannot set your own price. CardCash sells gift card to customers using their own cash so they determine how much you can make.

Visit their website to receive an instant cash offer on your gift card. You don’t have to accept the offer and you don’t even need to sign up to find out how much your gift card is worth.

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4. Gift card spread

Gift card Spread offers only the option to purchase and sell gift cards. They do not offer cash-back, trade-in or local kiosks. There are no listing fees and commissions.

You will need to submit a form with information about your card balance and the amount you would like to be paid for your cards. Gift Card Spread will respond within 24 hours to let your know if the offer has been accepted. They will make a counter offer to you if your offer is not accepted.

You can filter your search for a card by price, card type and category if you are buying one. The discount will be displayed in the search results. For bulk purchases of cards, you can save an additional 3 percent

You can review your gift card balance after receipt by the company with a 60-day return policy. You can return your card if you are not satisfied with the purchase and get your money back. As long as the card is not used, in the same condition it was when it arrived and your claim details match the original card, you are covered.

5. Gameflip

Gameflip offers discounted gift cards for PSN, Xbox Live and iTunes. You can also find gift cards for Lyft and Amazon as well as Lyft and Netflix.

Search the website or mobile application to find the information you are looking for. Click or tap the listing to see all of it. You can view the card listing to see the seller’s rating and details such as the delivery method (auto or postal), the original card amount, and the percentage discount. You can even ask the seller additional information before buying.

Cards are often listed at 2% to 15% off their original price. With the Gameflip Guarantee your purchase is protected in the event of a problem with the gift card.

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6. MyGiftCardsPlus

Swagbucks partners with to give you gift cards as well as the opportunity to earn Swagbucks points (SBs), for every card you buy. You’ll receive SBs when you purchase a gift card through MyGiftCardsPlus. These SBs can be used to redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash.

The gift cards can be sent electronically or by mail.

The gift cards can’t be discounted, so you will need to buy the full price unless there’s a sale. However, if you are a Swagbucks member, this is a great way for you to get extra points.

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7. Cardflip

The site states that allows you to “SELL gift cards at a premium market price and BUY gift cards at a discount for most brands, restaurants and merchants”. In other words, they buy gift cards in bulk to allow them to sell to customers at a lower price and also allow sellers to sell gift cards on the site.

Gift cards can be purchased at discounts up to 25% at places such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Michael’s. You can send them electronically or by mail. They can be paid with a credit card or direct bank transfer.

You can get additional discounts if you pay by direct transfer or bitcoin. Cardflip offers a 45-day money back guarantee. However, it is not clear under what circumstances you will be eligible for a refund.

8. eBay

You can also purchase discounted gift cards through eBay. After you search for the gift card you are looking for, you will see a list of results that includes discounted gift cards, cards at face value and cards available through eBay’s auction process.

The cards can be sent by email or postal mail after you have made a purchase.

eBay has strict rules regarding which gift cards can be sold. However, shoppers need to be cautious when buying discounted gift cards on the site. eBay offers a money-back guarantee if you have a problem with your purchase.

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9. Costco

Bulk item retailer Costco also offers gift cards at a discounted price. There are offers available for restaurants, gyms, and even travel. Costco offers discounts on gift cards, which is different from other sellers.

Let’s take, for example, a gift certificate to The Coffee Beanery. You might be able to purchase a $20 gift certificate on other websites for $15, but Costco will cost you $79.99 to buy four $25 cards. This is a substantial discount but only if you are buying them as gifts, or if they are frequented by you.

You can only redeem the cards in-store or online. You don’t need to have a membership to buy the cards online. However, you will need one to purchase them in-store.

What Discount Gift Card Site Offers The Best Deals?

Below is a list of discounts that are available on different gift card websites. Prices are correct as of the writing. However, they can change daily based upon demand and availability. To get the best deal, double-check your purchase before you make it.

Discount percentages

Store/BrandRaiseGift card GrannyCardCashGift Card Spread

Make sure you note whether cards are for in-store or online use. You should purchase an in-store discount card if you are certain that you will be shopping at your local store. An e-gift certificate is available if you intend to shop online.

Combining your savings can lead to deep discounts

Gift cards are not just for gifts. Gift cards can be purchased at a discounted price for you, as long as they are used.

Don’t buy cards that you don’t use. Keep track of your cards. If you purchase cards that you don’t need or lose, you’ll end up spending more than you save. Don’t forget about other money-saving options such as Honey or Rakuten or credit card rewards points. You can also use free Amazon Gift Cards for other gift cards.

You can Save Money with any of these apps as long as your budget is kept in mind, you combine your discounts and you only buy gift cards that you will actually use.

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