5 Simple Tips to Make Money in HuniePop

5 Simple Tips to Make Money in HuniePop

As an avid HuniePop player, I know how frustrating it can be to not have enough in-game currency to progress through the levels easily. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five simple tips that will help you make money in HuniePop.

1. Talk to Every Character

The first and most obvious way to make money in HuniePop is to talk to every character. This may seem like it’s not worth the time, but trust me, it is. Not only will it help you build your relationship with each character, but it will also help you earn more gold. The more you talk to a character, the more gold you will earn. So, take the time to chat with each character, even if it seems tedious.

2. Master the Mini-Game

The second tip is to master the mini-game. The better you are at the game, the faster you can complete levels, and the more gold you’ll receive. So, practice the mini-game as much as possible. One trick is to focus on making the biggest matches possible, which will result in more points and more gold.

3. Give Gifts

The third tip is to give gifts. Each character has different preferences, so it’s important to pay attention to what they like. Giving a gift that a character likes will result in extra gold and more points. This is an easy way to earn more money, so make sure to give gifts whenever possible.

4. Complete Objectives

HuniePop has various objectives that you can complete, such as asking a certain number of questions or completing a level within a certain amount of time. Completing these objectives will not only help you progress through the game, but it will also result in extra gold. So, keep an eye out for the objectives and try to complete them whenever possible.

5. Utilize Upgrades

Finally, make sure to utilize upgrades. Upgrades can be purchased using gold and will help you earn even more gold in the long run. Upgrades like the “Passionate Upgrade” will give you extra points for making matches of four or more, while the “Stamina Upgrade” will give you more moves to complete the level. So, invest in upgrades whenever possible to increase your earnings.

In conclusion, earning money in HuniePop doesn’t have to be difficult. By talking to every character, mastering the mini-game, giving gifts, completing objectives, and utilizing upgrades, you’ll be able to make more gold and progress through the game easily. So, use these tips and enjoy playing HuniePop without worrying about running out of money.

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