10 Tips to Make Money in City Skylines

10 Tips to Make Money in City Skylines

City Skylines is a popular city-building game that is loved by many. The game provides an opportunity to build and manage a city from scratch, and it can be quite challenging to make money in the game. In this article, we will provide you with ten tips to help you make money in City Skylines.

1. Start Small

When starting your city in City Skylines, it is important to start small. Begin with small road networks and residential areas before expanding your city. This approach will help you save money on infrastructure costs and also reduce expenses on services like healthcare and education.

2. Build Commercial Areas

Building commercial areas can be a great way to earn money in City Skylines. When people live in your city, they need goods and services, and you can provide these services through commercial buildings. Ensure that you build commercial buildings in areas where there is good traffic flow, such as near major roadways or transit hubs.

3. Invest in Public Transportation

Public transportation can be a great way to earn money in City Skylines while providing convenience to your residents. You can earn money from ticket sales and reduce traffic congestion. Ensure that your transportation system is well-maintained, affordable and efficient to attract more commuters.

4. Plan Your Budget Carefully

Proper budgeting is essential to make money in City Skylines. Ensure that you allocate funds wisely, starting with key infrastructure items such as roads, water, and electricity. Avoid overspending on services that are not necessary or do not generate revenue.

5. Increase Taxes Gradually

Raising taxes can be a great way to generate more revenue in City Skylines. However, it is important to increase taxes gradually to avoid alienating your residents. Ensure that you keep an eye on the happiness level of your residents, and if it drops, consider reducing the tax rate.

6. Increase Land Value

Increasing land value can be a great way to increase revenue in City Skylines. You can increase land value by building luxury residences or commercial buildings. Ensure that you provide essential services like healthcare and education to attract residents to these high-value zones.

7. Keep Your City Green

Keeping your city green can be a great way to generate more revenue in City Skylines. Building parks and green spaces can attract more residents to your city, and it can also increase the overall happiness level of your citizens. Additionally, building green infrastructure can reduce expenses on water treatment and energy costs.

8. Use Policies to Your Advantage

City Skylines provides several policies that can help you make money in the game. You can implement policies like “High Tech Housing” or “Tax Relief for Businesses” to attract more residents and investments. Ensure that you use policies that align with your overall strategy.

9. Keep an Eye on Traffic

Traffic can be a significant problem in City Skylines, and it can cause congestion and delays. Ensure that you monitor traffic flow and adjust your road networks to reduce congestion. A well-maintained road infrastructure can attract more investors and tourists to your city.

10. Be Patient

Making money in City Skylines can take time and patience. Ensure that you take a long-term view and plan your city carefully. Avoid rushing the development process and focus on building a sustainable and thriving community.


Making money in City Skylines is not easy, but with careful planning and attention to detail, you can build a profitable and prosperous city. Remember to start small, plan your budget carefully, increase land value, and keep your city green. Use policies to your advantage and be patient. With these tips, you can create a thriving metropolis in City Skylines.

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