Free Ben & Jerry Movie Rental at Google Play

For a limited time you can rent the movie Ben & Jerry: The Fast and the Furry for FREE at the Google Play store. In this movie Tom and Jerry enter the “Super Race,” an extreme reality show in which the contestants compete in an all-terrain car race around the world, to win the grand prize of an ultra dream mansion.

Free Pen Making DVD

Penn State Industries is making it easy for you to dive into the art and craft of pen making with a FREE 45 minute instructional DVD. The “Hand Crafted Pens – The Basics” DVD provides a wealth of information for those considering getting involved in this rewarding hobby. This freebie will be available while supplies last.

Free Rental at Family Video For Good Grades

Last chance! Family Video is offering one free movie and/or video game rental to students for getting good grades on their final report cards in June. All students, kindergarten through college, are rewarded with one free overnight rental for each final grade of “A” (or equivalent mark) earned in any core subject. Core subjects or courses include any geography, history, language, math, reading, science and spelling classes. Ends 6/30/15. Click here to find a location near you.