Free Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Kit – IN Teacher

Teacers in Indiana can request a FREE Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Kit. The kit includes six lesson plans and hands-on experiments along with the necessary equipment for 10 groups of two students to perform each of the kit’s hands-on exercises and experiments. Lesson topics include the diesel engine and the development of biodiesel, the physical and chemical properties of soybean oil and esters, thin-layer chromatography, determining biodiesel concentrations in diesel, and more.Make your request by completing the online order form or by e-mailing

Free Teachers Count Posters is offering FREE posters to teachers. Just send us an email at with your name, address, and they will send you our latest edition of posters absolutely free.

Free Huddle Up With A Good Book Poster – Teachers

Teachers can receive a FREE Huddle Up With A Good Book poster. This offer is available to teachers/schools. School name is required. Offer is available while supplies last.

Free Chinese New Year Kit – Teachers

Panda Express is offering a FREE Chinese New Year Educational Kit. The FREE kit is geared for students in second to fourth grade and includes the following:

  • Exclusive Access to the Panda Express Chinese New Year Video
  • Year of the Horse Fact Sheet
  • Jade Emperor’s Game & Activity Sheet
  • Chinese New Year Decoration Art Activity
  • Lai See Activity Sheet

This offer will be available while supplies last. School name is required.

Free Ayn Rand Books – Teachers

Ayn Rand’s novels contain many elements that appeal strongly to young readers. With the generous help of donors, the Ayn Rand Institute is providing FREE copies of Ayn Rand’s novels, along with teacher’s guides and lesson plans, to high schools.

Free Acts of Care for the Earth Calendar

Earth’s Birthday Project is offering a FREE Big Gift Kit. This kit contains a 2013-2014 calendar and a sock for money collection. Get for kids and classrooms. This offer will be available while supplies last.

Free Set of 6″ Wooden Rulers – Teachers

Teachers/Educators can request a FREE set of 6″ wooden rulers for their school. School name is required. This offer will be available while supplies last.

Free Smart Moves, Smart Choices Toolkit – Schools

Smart Moves, Smart Choices is offering a FREE Teen Prescription Drug Abuse School Toolkit. This kit enables middle schools and high schools to raise awareness of teen prescription drug abuse through school assemblies, lesson plans, and year-round activities. This offer is available to schools for a limited time.

Free ‘A Foot in the Door’ DVD

A FOOT IN THE DOOR tells the story of Kindergarten to College, the first universal children’s savings account program in the United States. Sign up here to obtain a FREE copy of the full length DVD version of A FOOT IN THE DOOR (17 minutes) to screen in your workplace or community. This offer will be available for a limited time only. Organization name required.

5 Free eBoxtops for Your School

Scott Shared Values is a FREE program that offers is members special limited time offers. Right now, members can claim an offer for 5 FREE eBoxtops for their school -PLUS- be entered to win 250,000 Boxtops. Offer ends 11/30/13.

Free Nozin Nasal Sanitizer Sample – Teachers

Teachers can request a FREE sample of Nozin nasal sanitier. School name is required. This offer is available to the first 1,00 to sign up.