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Free Nook eBook & App

Each Friday, Barnes and Noble gives away FREEBIES which may include a FREE ebook, app, and/or video for Nook devices. This week’s freebies are:

Book: A TOWN CALLED VALENTINE: first in the Valentine Valley series by Emma Cane, from HarperCollins.

App: DOLLY’S BOOKWORM: the Book-Lover’s Puzzle Game. For all NOOK and Book lovers, this app is the perfect game – players guess the identity of a “mystery” book based on yes or no questions.

These will be FREE on 2/27/15 only.

Free Spring Crafts eBook

Looking for some spring craft ideas for the kiddies? Get a FREE copy of the ebook Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 flower crafts, butterfly crafts and more. Includes pictures and step-by-step instructions for projects like:

Fingerprint Hyacinth
Watercolor Doily Butterflies
Downy Blooming Flowers
Garden Stakes
Tissue Paper Water Lilies
Thanks A Bunch Flower Pot

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