Guys That Groom Panel

Guys That Groom is all about men’s grooming products. As a member, you’ll receive emails and Facebook posts alerting you to opportunities to test exciting new products for one day, or sometimes for up to six weeks. After you try and test a product in one of their studies, you will get to keep the product AND receive a $25 – $100+ incentive in gift cards or beauty products.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share your opinions about male grooming or personal care brands and more through survey links that they’ll send to you via email or post on Facebook. Share your opinion in the survey and you’ll have another chance to win products, prizes and gift cards!

General Mills Advisory Panel

The Mill Advisoryy Panel is a group of consumers willing to share their opinions about food with General Mills. By joining MAP and participating in their projects, you will have the opportunity to influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.

If you agree to join the Mills Advisory Panel, you may receive different types of compensation depending on the type of research project you participate in. For many projects, you will be awarded MAP points that can be redeemed for various prizes after you’ve accumulated a minimum number of points. For other types of projects, you may receive a product to try or some other type of compensation.

Free Parent Product Testing

Sign up to become a Product Tester for PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) and you will be able to evaluate products and keep them for free. This opportunity is available to those in the US and Canada for a limited time only.

Vogue Insiders Panel

Take a survey for a chance to be a part of the Vogue Insiders Panel.  As a member you will help shape the future of the fashion and beauty brands you love. Share your opinions on the topics you’re passionate about, preview exclusive ad campaigns, test new products before they hit stores, and more.

McCormick Product Testing

McCormick regularly recruits people between the ages of 18 and 65 to be panelists for the McCormick Consumer Testing Program. Panelists may sample a range of food, snacks and beverages. Being a panelist may include attending sessions during the day or evening hours in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Participation may involve preparing and tasting products at home, or simply completing Internet surveys. Panelists may participate up to four times per year and will be compensated for their work. If you are not able to travel to Hunt Valley, you can still join the database of nationwide consumers to participate in home use tests and Internet surveys.