McCormick Product Testing

McCormick regularly recruits people between the ages of 18 and 65 to be panelists for the McCormick Consumer Testing Program. Panelists may sample a range of food, snacks and beverages. Being a panelist may include attending sessions during the day or evening hours in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Participation may involve preparing and tasting products at home, or simply completing Internet surveys. Panelists may participate up to four times per year and will be compensated for their work. If you are not able to travel to Hunt Valley, you can still join the database of nationwide consumers to participate in home use tests and Internet surveys.

Free Product Testing with Expo.TV has a program called Trilogy where their members can test out new products for FREE. All you have to do is complete a video review of the product once you have tried it out. They are currently looking for people to test and review Always Discreet products . Click here for more information.

Free Product Testing – Raley’s Stores

Raley’s Something Extra members can join Something Extra Try-It.  Members will be invited to try products and services from Raley’s stores, share feedback, and tell friends what they like! It’s a way to get more out of Something Extra – and make your voice heard while you’re at it!