Free Tree Seeds is giving away free tree seeds. You can request free seeds every two weeks. Currently they are shipping giant sequoia and sugar pine seeds. However, the seeds on offer may change without warning. They do not mention where this will ship to.

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  1. daniel poppe says:

    would love some tree seeds am removing several pine trees but want to replants trees in back wooden area and along proporty line to replace trees coming out thank you

  2. would love to see if I could get them to grow in Ga.

  3. Can’t wait to plant them!

  4. Brandy Gunderson says:

    Would love to plant some trees that I just had cut down thru the forester

  5. Would like to have shady area in our yard for peak summuer in CA. Thank you.

  6. Rhonda Maddux says:

    This is suchagreat site! Ican’t wait to get my seeds!

  7. cant wait to start getting free seeds, thank you so much this is a great website

  8. Layla Elliott says:


  9. Looking forward to a greener back yard.

  10. agreed.

  11. I cant wait to plant the seeds and watch them grow

  12. we need any of tree amd perrieal seeds

  13. jeanie bengochea says:

    Send as much as u want

  14. KT Gonzales says:

    Posted in September 2010 and never received seeds.

  15. hoping this works

  16. Cornelius says:

    send me some please i love planting trees email me for my email address

  17. Im doing a project for my class to grow trees back and i need seeds for this class project

  18. gene shepherd says:

    nice would love having more trees