1. Lana says

    I did this deal in Dec and never got my cash back. Contacted the co and they claimed I did not purchase through them but I know I did. Other purchases since have not been credited either so be will to pay that $10 because you may never see the $$.

  2. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    That’s too bad that happened Lana. I have been using Cash Baq for a while now and haven’t had any problems myself.

  3. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    For anyone wondering about this site, when you find a merchant on Cash Baq you must select “use coupon” and then you will get a popup window which gives you are tracking number for the transaction.

  4. says

    I haven’t tried that website before but I did order the entertainment book last year with the $5 off for auto renewal through another website. I never got a postcard saying the book was on it’s way. I only knew that it was when I checked my bank balance one day and it was a pending debit. My account was dangerously low at that moment and I called to ask if the book could be delayed. I had never expected they would send it SO early (the 2009 was first sent maybe September of 08?) Anyway, they said no they couldn’t stop it. Fortunately, I didn’t overdraw. Guess I should have used a credit card rather than my debit card but I had no idea they would do that.

  5. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    Hi Wendy,
    It is kinda slow. Should show up by the next day. If not, you might want to contact them.

  6. says

    Hi Wendi we did the same post! :)I have never had a problem getting my rebates back through them I really love those sites I hate shopping in stores.
    Take care- Kim

  7. Gavin says

    Could anyone confirm or deny that others are having problems with the Entertainment Book $10 off promo? My account previously listed the rebates as qualified correctly ($10 each) but just before payment were quietly reduced to $10 per order.