1. THANK YOU! I just did this deal- my total was $4.50. I was thrilled. I blogged about the deal and gave you full credit for it. :)

  2. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

    Thanks so much Amy!

  3. I did this deal in Dec and never got my cash back. Contacted the co and they claimed I did not purchase through them but I know I did. Other purchases since have not been credited either so be will to pay that $10 because you may never see the $$.

  4. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

    That’s too bad that happened Lana. I have been using Cash Baq for a while now and haven’t had any problems myself.

  5. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

    For anyone wondering about this site, when you find a merchant on Cash Baq you must select “use coupon” and then you will get a popup window which gives you are tracking number for the transaction.

  6. I haven’t tried that website before but I did order the entertainment book last year with the $5 off for auto renewal through another website. I never got a postcard saying the book was on it’s way. I only knew that it was when I checked my bank balance one day and it was a pending debit. My account was dangerously low at that moment and I called to ask if the book could be delayed. I had never expected they would send it SO early (the 2009 was first sent maybe September of 08?) Anyway, they said no they couldn’t stop it. Fortunately, I didn’t overdraw. Guess I should have used a credit card rather than my debit card but I had no idea they would do that.

  7. Does your cashbaq amount show up as pending as soon as you complete the transaction?

  8. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

    Hi Wendy,
    It is kinda slow. Should show up by the next day. If not, you might want to contact them.

  9. Hi Wendi we did the same post! :)I have never had a problem getting my rebates back through them I really love those sites I hate shopping in stores.
    Take care- Kim

  10. Could anyone confirm or deny that others are having problems with the Entertainment Book $10 off promo? My account previously listed the rebates as qualified correctly ($10 each) but just before payment were quietly reduced to $10 per order.