$10 off $10 For New QVC Customers – Free Shipping!

* This offer has ended.

QVC offers new customers $10 off their purchase of $10 or more. You will need to enter a referral code (1086 worked for me) or you can Google to find another. Many items have low prices and free shipping. Here are a few I found:

Bird & Tree Pillow Set – $2.72 (after discount prices)
Cake Plate and Server Set – $4.76
Disney Princess Porcelain Box – $2.36
Door Hanging Organizer – $2.60
Flickering Taper Candles – $2.61
Halloween Rug – $0.68
Igloo Cake Pan – $2.56
Interactive Baby Doll – $6.56
Kyotsu Knife – $4.64
Magic Lid – $5.11
Memory Foam Slippers – $2.23
Parrot Pitcher – $2
Paula Deen Spice Jars – $3.54
Rolling Pin – $6.64
Silent Night Beaded Bracelet – $1.29
Table Runner – $3.22

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  1. Robyn says

    I gave it a look but the fine print says you have to refer a friend and they must buy something for the $10 to be awarded. Did I read it wrong?

  2. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    It is a little confusing. They talk about the “customer” and the “referred friend”. You would be the “referred friend”. It makes sense until you get the last paragraph before “additional terms”. I think that last paragraph is talking about stuff beyond this first $10 credit.

    I just know that I used the referral code above (1086) and my account was credited $10. I used the $10 towards my purchase and it went through with no problem. I was not asked to refer anyone, but from what I understand, I could be selected in the future to refer people, which means my friends have the opportunity to get a $10 credit.

  3. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    Hi Becky,

    The prices I have listed above would be after the $10 discount.


  4. michelle says

    I did not have to refer a friend. I saw the $10 new customer deal on another site (same link). It was great – we got a crepe pan (very nice) for just $3 and some change after the $10 new customer discount. And then the item we chose happened to have free shipping. We got the deal in Feb 09.