Free Flip-Flops

Get a FREE pair of Tropical Flip-Flops from Orbit Gum when you enter the code 074941. This offer is available to the U.S. while supplies last. After pressing submit it will look like the form resets. Do not sign up again. Look below the submit button and you will see “Thank you for redeeming your free tropical flip flops from Orbit”.

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  1. Are you serious? Ah man you’ll be doing me out of business! ;-) Ah well, spread the flip flop love wherever you can I say.

  2. Server error , now…rats

  3. Brenda Bronson says:

    I love flip flops

  4. Site not working?

    • Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

      They may have taken the offer down. Or it could be that the site can’t handle all the traffic.

  5. Rachel Watts says:

    not working….

  6. I got it to go through but have no idea if it actually worked….

  7. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says:

    It is working again!!

  8. Thanks! Can’t wait to get these!

  9. I guess i got em’…we’ll see if they arrive in 8 weeks. The irony of getting flip flops in January is too much to overlook.

  10. debbie combbs says:

    this was hard to figure out i hope it goes through

  11. Thanks Wendi-got a pair coming!
    You have to do these fast- as soon as you post & we get the email.
    GWEN-move to FL,we wear flip flops in!

  12. In the Terms and Conditions it says you can get a max of 3 pairs per address as long as you submit each on a different day :)

  13. Finally got my flipflops today!!!-really cute.
    Thought they were never to be had!
    But it took 4 months, not 8 wks.