1. keri massey says

    i have heard alot about the voodoo herbal insence & would be willing to order online but i would like to know what i’m buying 1st.

  2. david hadden says

    would like to find out how to get some samples of good blend mixes my way. hit me up! :)

  3. nate myers says

    want to find a herbal blend that compares to mr. nice guy and barely legal. will become a frequent buyer if it is very good! please e mail me if you need the address! greatly appreciated :)

  4. Jake says

    In search of a new herbal incense. Big fan considering I can’t smoke the good stuff (military), so I figure if you have free samples, I’d be more than willing to make you my supplier if your stuff is good. Anyways, thank you. I can give you an address if you need one.

  5. Jim says

    would like a sample before becoming a customer but has anyone actually received a sample? It doesn’t seem to be working.

  6. Lucas says

    Hello I would love to try a free sample. Please contact me so that I can give you my home address.


  7. Chad Groen says

    I would like to try a sample of your product before I purchase. Please send a sample.

  8. kelsey rice says

    I would like to buy items wholesale but i want to try what im getting before i buy wholesale if u could send me some samples that would be great thanks!

  9. Captain Obvious says

    HOLY ****. Everyone that has commented is ******* STUPID. It says VERY CLEARLY at the top that all you have to do it send an email to the provided address and you will receive instructions on how to get a free sample. The actual VooDoo company will probably NEVER see this page. YOUR ALL ******* RETARDS. Every single person that commented asking how to get a free sample does not deserve to live anymore. Its stupid people like you that are holding civilization back from doing great things. GO KILL YOURSELVES.

  10. tammy says

    i have heard alot about voodoo but have never tried it please send a sample before i order thank you.