Free Energy Conservation Kit For PA FirstEnergy Customers

Get a free Energy Conservation Kit that includes 2 surge protectors, 4 lightbulbs, 2 nightlights, and attachments for your faucet from FirstEnergy if you are a customer and you complete the Home Profile section of the Home Energy Analyzer. This offer is for residents of PA only.

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Thanks Money Saving Madness!



  1. says

    I received your free kit today and thank you. I tried putting the furnace whistle on the filter, but did not have it on right or something anyways the one part of the green part B dropped into the area where the filture is. Just want to know if that will hurt anything, as it went clear under where the furnace filter goes and I could not retrieve it. Thanks….used all the bulbs except one today and again thank you

  2. Do your homework says

    This is not free. They just use tricky wording like “you will not be billed separately.” It says on their website in the fine print that they charge your electricity bill. Then the energy companies profit off of selling shares of the conserved energy. So essentially you are paying them for bulbs so they can make more money off of you because they think that you’re too stupid to get your own cfl bulbs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they raise your rate for energy i when you get this kit. That’s what their fine print makes it sound like.

  3. Guess I was wrong says

    So I guess i read the fine print too fast. It’s “free” because they build the cost into everyone’s bill. So your rate never goes up because they already raised the rates to accommodate for this program. So it is worth it.

  4. Linda Moore says

    The website certificate will not allow the form to be opened on my Mac. It says it is a valid certificate but it still won’t open.

  5. says

    Is it so that you build the cost of the bulbs into my bill. If that is so, you should state that in the ad for the “free’ KIT?????? The word free is deceiving the public if they are not free!!!!!