Free Swagbuck Code

Get one free Swagbuck when you use the code 1 SWAGBUCK. There is also a bonus code from the Swagbuck Newsletter, SB2010. This code expires Thursday, 1/14/10 at 3:00pm PST.

New to Swagbucks? At Swagbucks you earn points to redeem for free stuff like gift cards, video games, electronics and more. Points are periodically awarded when you do internet searches from their site or using their toolbar. You can also earn points by shopping, inviting friends, submitting an idea and more.

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Thanks JC!



  1. Lisa says

    No, I had never entered it before. I tried entering it with a space and without a space, but neither worked. I used all caps.

  2. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    Hi Lisa,

    I just signed into my husband’s Swagbucks account (since I already entered the code in mine) and it worked. I just copied and pasted it in.


  3. Nicolle says

    I have tried to enter it the same way Lisa did also and it wont work for me either, says invalid

  4. Lisa says

    Wendi, I tried copy and paste, but it still says the code is not valid. I checked my history to see if I had used the code before, but I have not.
    Very strange…anyway, i appreciate your help. Thanks.

  5. cheryl says

    I tried the 1 SWAGBUCK & it did not work for me either. I have already used the SB2010, though so maybe that’s why?

  6. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    Okay, this is the last thing I can think to try. Go to but don’t go through my link in the post. Just type it into your browser. Then enter in the code. Let me know if any of you can get it to work that way so I know to update the post.

  7. Maria S says

    Thank you for the SB2010 code, it worked when I typed it myself, not copy and pasted. To others, it does work if you enter it manually (and haven’t used it before) like Wendi suggests in comment 9. Don’t copy and paste the code from the blog because it didn’t work when I did it, and most likely won’t work that way.

  8. Nicolle says

    The SB2010 code worked perfect for me but the 1 SWAGBUCK wont work at all. I manually typed it in with and without a space.

  9. Justine says

    I got the SB2010 one in the newsletter a few days ago and used it successfully.
    I just tried the 1 SWAGBUCK code (both copied and typed, with space and without) and it didn’t work. Perhaps it expired already? It’s 6:26 EST now.