$50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card Giveaway

Box Tops For Education Marketplace

This giveaway has ended.

It is time for another giveaway here at The Freebie Blogger! This time I am giving away a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card just in time for holiday shopping, courtesy of Box Tops For Education Marketplace.

Box Tops Marketplace is a great site where you can shop at more than 70 of your favorite stores, which include Target, Walmart, Shutterfly, Lands End, Kohls, and Office Max. For each purchase you make, the school of your choice will receive a donation of up to 8%. Sign up is free. You can still use coupon codes as you normally would to save yourself money while helping your school when you shop through Box Tops Marketplace.

To enter to win the gift card just stop by Box Tops Marketplace, and then return to this post and leave a comment about your experience there (it can be anything, I’m not picky). Bloggers who link to this post will automatically be entered. One entry per person. One winner will be picked randomly on November 3rd. Thanks, and good luck!

Please check out my other giveaway here!

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  1. Aimee says

    I have heard of Box Top For Education but I didn’t know they had a Marketplace you could shop at.

  2. Sandra says

    Hi there,

    I stopped by the Box Tops website, and it seems like a great site to shop through–plus it’s all for a good cause. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  3. Elizabeth says

    Very interesting. I thought the box tops for education was just schools colleting them. I will be more aware of how this works than I was before.

  4. Hannah says

    I liked their recipe cooking activity page. It had some really great activities I can do in the kitchen with my kids. I never knew about this website before this.

  5. anthony says

    the Box Top website is very very cool. it’s now in my favorites. of course thanks to the most wonderful Freebie Blogger for another awesome find!


  6. allie z says

    The marketplace is news to me! I’ve been clipping these for how long and I never knew they had a site? Cool deal!

  7. Michelle says

    I never knew about the website before either, it’s a great program to help out school districts hurting for cash, being from Michigan I can tell you all about that !!

  8. Wendi says

    I’ve heard about Michigan’s problems for some time now. I think that Ohio is going down the same path.

  9. Madeline says

    If you click on ‘reading room’ tab you will find the link to the Barnes & Noble site. How convenient! =)

  10. laura says

    Thanks for offering the link and a chance to win. I’ve also been a saver of BoxTops and sent them along to school for my mom who is a teacher. It’s nice to see an overview of how the whole program operates.

  11. Amy says

    Great site~I always collect Box Tops for my child’s school and thanks to you, Freebie Blogger, I have a new place to shop!

  12. Kristen W says

    WOW! I didn’t know I could send my customers to shop my Avon site and get money for the school! Awesome.

  13. Samantha Zundel says

    This is a great web site for discounts. I love the idea of helping out my local homeschool group. Love a deal!!

  14. Elizabeth says

    There are a lot for things I can help my child’s school out with than I knew at this site.

  15. says

    I had no idea you could actually shop on their website. Good to know! I’m a new follower of your blog, and just have to tell you that I love all the great info I find on here!

  16. Jill W says

    The reading room looks great-as well as all the rest of the information on there-wow! Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Christy says

    Much rather raise money for school this way than buy overpriced wrapping paper! I’ve actually just started collecting boxtops so this site is a cool extra way to help our school out. Thanks for the contest!

  18. LeLe says

    Thanks for the givaway…I’m with christy, buying from the fundraisers to me is just a waste of my money.

  19. says

    I really like how this works. Instead of collecting box tops I can simply click on a link and let a portion of my online shopping go towards the school of my choice. I like how they show some discount codes and free shipping codes too.

  20. says

    Hooray, I love giveaways!

    Okay, so I checked it out and feel like a doofus for having forgotten all about clipping boxtops for schools. Given how much cereal Tim goes through (mine’s Kashi, so it’s no help) I can’t believe how much money we could’ve donated. sigh.

    So thanks for the reminder. And for the chance to win a gift card. I have some books on my Christmas shopping list so this would be a huge help.

  21. Laura K says

    I didn’t they had a website that you could shop through – I will definitely try this in the future. I also like their recipe section!

  22. Michelle P says

    I use this site all the time to earn box tops for my son’s school. :) It is a great way to support a great cause (our children’s schools) all while receiving something in return. Its a win win situation!

  23. Jon says

    I like that you can earn extra points for your school by shopping at stores listed on the website & that you can pick the school that you want credited.

  24. says

    Terrific giveaway! I’ve visited the Box Tops Marketplace before, and I love that I can save money when I shop AND support my school.. it’s easier than saving box tops, that’s for sure!

  25. Mandy Green says

    I found out how much $ my daughter’s school has raised. We have been cutting box tops like crazy! She is always on the look-out for the items with bonus box tops while we are shopping. It was great to find out that I can shop on-line places that I normally do anyway, and donate a percentage to her school. That is awesome!

  26. Helen says

    Nice! I didn’t know there’s a marketplace for box top. I guess it’s something like Upromise. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  27. rosa says

    This is a great program..my daughter’s school has a competition between classes and the class with the most gets a pizza party at the end of the year!

  28. says

    I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to stop collecting box tops–I see a dime with every one, and these days, who can throw away money?

    I had no idea, though, about BT Marketplace. They were wise to sponsor a giveaway because it sounds like there are a LOT of us who fall into that camp.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway…I can only hope to get lucky here :).

  29. says

    I knew about Box Tops For Education but not about the market place. What an easy way to help out. I especially like the Deals and Discounts page. Thanks!!

  30. Heather says

    I didn’t know that they now had a marketplace where a percentage goes to the school. That is awesome! And the site is very easy to navigate!

  31. says

    I like that it has such a variety of places…from Office Max to Land of Nod! And that it tells you what percentage is being donated!

  32. gina says

    I was surprised at all the places you could shop at from their website. (I hope I win the gift card)


  33. says

    I was familar with the box tops site. We collect all year for the schools. I really like that if you are going to shop anyway, you can go through the website and earn money for your schools. thanks!

  34. Jana says

    I didn’t know anything about this website. Lots of great sites to shop at, and benefit schools also. Thanks

  35. says

    gosh it’s been forever since i was in school myself and did box tops. there’s so much you can get from them now! keep your tops everyone!

  36. Merry says

    Wow. I didn’t know about the website, so I was surprised at all the stuff available. Great selection and a great cause.

  37. sarah says

    I’d never been to the boxtops website! I just enjoyed browsing the recipes…..especially the desserts!!

  38. rachel crisman says

    I didnt even know about the market place but I save the box tops for my best friends kid.He must be the only kid that brings his tops in a grocery bag! He gets lots of them from the neighborhood.

  39. Stephanie says

    My first visit to Box Tops for Education. I really liked their catagorized recipe section!


  40. says

    I always have a container in my kitchen full of Box Tops. I hand them in to the school each year. I have family members saving them for us too. Every little bit helps!

  41. Kelly says

    Thank you for the link to Box Tops Marketplace. I shop at many of those stores and it’s a great idea to do it through this organization!

  42. says

    Wow! I had no idea all the retailers that participated in this. I love how easy it is to see the specific percentages each retailer donates. Makes me feel much better about being a shopaholic if I go through this site!

  43. Keely says

    I’ve seen the boxtops before but never knew they had a marketplace! That is very cool, I will have to spend some time there.

  44. says

    I had no idea they had a marketplace. I save Box Tops for a friend of mine. I would love to win this gift card. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  45. Brian says

    Interesting that they also include accredited homeschool organizations, although I don’t know of any locally.

    I wonder how many parents actually use the social features they put into that site.

  46. Maureen says

    I love the fact that there is a part of the site that allows parents to learn how to deal with issues that pop up with young children.

  47. Heather says

    With the price of gas these days, it is nice to know that you can go online and shop and help the school of your choice at the same time!

  48. Tanya says

    I’ve known about marketplace for a while, but I didn’t know you could still use your own coupons to save money until I read your post. I’ll definitely start using it for my books and office spplies purchases! Thanks!

  49. Marina John says

    I never knew this site existed…wonderful initiative esp for online shoppers with kids in school

  50. Tammy Uu says

    Wow, I just knew to collect those 10 cents here and 10 cents there but never knew they had a website to shop! I will be shopping there more often. Thank you!

  51. says

    I linked to your contest -what an incredible prize!
    I signed up for Box Tops online a few months ago, but hadn’t really looked through it very well. Thanks for reintroducing to me. It’s a great project for schools.

  52. Kathy says

    I clip the box tops off of products from the grocery store but had no idea that so many companies would donate for this cause. Interesting…

  53. says

    I never knew about the marketplace either, but I love the idea of supporting schools while shopping!
    sjbraun at hotmail dot com

  54. says

    I’m glad to find a site like this – they certainly have a wide variety of sites to shop & contribute to my school.

    nm3722 ( a t ) gmail ( d o t) com

  55. Amber G says

    My kids always collect box tops and I think it is cool that they have expanded to include a marketplace :) Please enter me!

  56. says

    I”ve done the box tops before- as a teacher our school got great things. Now that I’m not teaching anymore I give them to my teacher friends.

  57. Victoria says

    I’ve been collecting box tops for years for my nephew’s school and i had NO idea there was a marketplace. Thanks for letting me know, I’m doing my christmas shopping there as we speak. I love that a percentage helps schools!

  58. says

    Wow! Did not even know that site existed… When I get a few more spare minutes I will spend some time poking around it! Thanks

  59. Pamk says

    we collect these for our kiddos and have for over 12 yrs. Didn’t realize they had a site to shop through. That is good to know.

  60. Amy Mallett says

    Sorry it took me so lnog but I am trying to get on your site more. I am glad it is doing well and look forward to saving money. Amy

  61. Brynna says

    I saw they had a link through VistaPrint, which is cool since I’m going to order some calendars there for gifts! I think I may just do it through their site!

  62. Sally says

    I had no idea there were so many stores that supported this! So much easier than dealing with meltdowns when I accidentally throw a box top away…

    Thanks for this fabulous option & contest!

  63. Lindsey says

    WOW!! I always love to help out our local schools and this will be a great way to do it! Thank you for showing me of that website!

  64. Danetta says

    Box Tops For Education is a great program. I collect box tops to help support my son’s school. The Box Tops Marketplace is a great place to shop from. They have so many great stores to shop at.

  65. says

    Our schools collect BoxTops and I have been saving them for 5 years now for my sons. But I had no idea that you could shop at these sites via this site and a % went to your school! WOW! That is what I found out from visiting that site!

  66. amber says

    Ooh the bookworm in me is so excited right now! lol. Please enter me, I would love love love to win this.

    The Boxtops site is awesome, loved the Reading Room, they’re showcasing JK Rowlings new book, which I am so excited about reading! (especially now that my beloved Harry Potter series is over, lol) They also feature another of my fav books, Wicked, in anniversary edition, so cool.

    Thanks for this great contest!!

  67. says

    I had no idea that the Box Top program had a reading room with recommended books to buy and such :) I love that focus on literacy which is so important.

    Becky (laney_poATyahoo.com)

  68. Hallie says

    What a great way to earn money for your school! I will definately be shopping there – our school budget has been drastically cut. This will help out!

  69. Kathleen says

    I didn’t realize that they had a Marketplace either! You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the giveaway!


  70. Stacey says

    I am the box top lady for my kid’s school so I already knew about this awesome website. In fact we just got done with a huge contest with a certain popular stuffed animal/ internet game prize. I have spent many hours cutting these down and packaging in 50 counts!!! Can I still enter though – please? Thanks for the generous giveaway and raising awareness for our schools!


  71. Jill G. says

    Love the Marketplace and love that they so generously contribute to our schools. Thanks for the opp to win!

  72. Theresa Shafer says

    I was surprised to see recipes. Happily surprised. Thank you and the gift card will go far to making this a happy Christmas.

  73. says

    I am a box top fanatic I have collected even before i had kids. I love the variety of shops that will help schools earn money and thay you can access online

  74. Anna G says

    I liked the design of this site and also the tab for recipes. I will go anywhere for a good recipe!

  75. says

    Wow!! I had no idea that Box Tops had created a marketplace!! What a great idea- there are so many stores that I usually shop online that I know it would be a great help to our local schools.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  76. Jill B. says

    I never realized how many stores were available through the marketplace. I’ll be sure to go there first now when I’m shopping online. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  77. Kinslee says

    Wow! I didn’t know anything about this site. Thanks for enlightening me I shop at tons of those places.

  78. ivy says

    I was surprised by how many companies actually participate (beyond grocery store items). Many of these are stores I regularly purchase things at.

  79. says

    Someone else said it, but I didn’t know you could shop there either. I definitely went straight for the reading room to check out all the books!! hahah
    They had Dracula, which made me think…I really need to read that!


  80. judy brittle says

    Like a lot of others I didn’t know that they had a marketplace. I save the boxtops for my grandson’s schools but now I found another way I can help. This is great to know. Thank you so much!

  81. says

    I had never been to the site before, I actually didnt know that it existed. I think it is great that they offer you so much info in one place. I particularly enjoyed the recipes.

  82. says

    We collect them for my daughter’s school, but I had no idea they had a Marketplace! I’m surprised by the wide variety of stores they offer – even Petsmart and Kohls! I’ll be sending that link to our families so they can use it, too.


  83. says

    We love the Boxtops website – and the things we find boxtops on throughout the house – wow! Some of the companies need to make getting those boxtops off from the box BOTTOMS a bit easier.

  84. Margaret says

    I like that you can see the list of percentages that will be donated back before you start shopping. That way, you can pick the one that will give the biggest reward to your school.

  85. says

    I love the recipes section lol the enchilada mummies were cracking me up! Thank you so much for the chance to win, this would go a long way to helping with our Christmas shopping for our oldest and middle kidlets…they are both avid readers!

  86. says

    WOW…I didn’t even know I could shop and get more boxtop’s for my children’s school!!! LOVING THE SITE!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway too :)

  87. Julie says

    I didn’t realize they had that site either. I am used to just printing off coupons from the one box tops site. Fabulous, it will be a good resource. Ü
    We are always cutting off our boxtops for my Son’s school. It is a great thing they do!

  88. Nicole says

    It’s so cool that I can still do my normal shopping, and help kids at the same time! I do most of my Christmas shopping online so I will be sure to use their site!

    canole07 at yahoo dot com

  89. marsha garrett says

    This site has many ways to save if you click the deals bar to the left of the scree. It has savings for barnes and noble and even circuit city, great deals thanks!!!

  90. Anita Garcia says

    Wow, that’s pretty neat. I’ll have to remember to go through the site next time I shop online.

  91. GA says

    Very nice site with a lot of information for a number of topics. Definitely a one stop shop for information, deals, and fun. Thanks!

  92. Amanda says

    This is the first time I’ve been to this site!! I liked the recipe section.. looks like it has a lot of cute recipe ideas!!! :-)

  93. Kelley says

    I’m glad I ran across this. It was a good reminder. I used to save Box Tops for my school when I was teaching, but haven’t even thought of it recently. I’m going to have to do some more exploring on that website!

  94. says

    Wow! I’ve been saving the box tops forever and had no idea there was a website (although in this day and age I shouldn’t be surprised!) I’ve bookmarked the site and will use it when I make on-line purchses to try to raise more money for the school.

  95. Heather says

    I had no idea there was a marketplace. I thought the tops were just for schools to use. Thank you.

  96. says

    I like that most info can be found straight on the home page, however, it is pretty cluttered and hard for my eyes to look at.

  97. says

    The site is awesome. I love the idea of being able to shop for Box Tops instead of just cutting them out and mailing them in that is awesome!

    Thanks for the chance at an awesome give-away too!

    Shay B

  98. MaryBeth Habel says

    wow…i save my boxtops for a school in the area but I didn’t know that a percentage of what i buy could go to a school. as a former school teacher, i know how much extra money is appreciated…it makes the budget crunch hurt less. oooooo….i want to win that giftcard, please!

  99. MaryBeth Habel says

    i know schools can use that money, i will figure that site out and help schools out. please, i want that gift card. thanks.

  100. says

    I never new that Box Tops had a marketplace. That is so neat, I will have to check it out more. Plus I would love to win the $50. Barnes and Noble Gift Card:)

  101. says

    Wow thank you so much for letting me know about this. We are diligent about saving boxtops now here is something else we could do!

  102. Vicki Wurgler says

    I save box tops for my grandsons school but had never been to the site-they had a store and recipes that I checked out

  103. vika says

    Great website. I’ll go through them for target purchases from now on. Thanks for the info and giveaway.

  104. nicole says

    I think that website is a great idea. I have never heard of it before but I am sure to use it now that I know about it. Thanks for introducing the website to me.

  105. says

    Thanks for the contest and the link! I had no idea there was a website you could shop from. I have been saving box tops for my homeschool group for a long time and have even ordered books from the boxtops book club, but I didn’t know about the site.

  106. Kristina says

    Box Tops for Education is a fantastic way to earn stuff for your school! It’s a great program!

  107. Laura says

    I had no idea that they had a website, like so many…maybe that is something they should run a campaign on. It is nice to see so many vendors being generous with their donations. Great cause!

  108. Lisa says

    We collect box tops for our school, but I forget about buying online at their website. Thanks for the reminder!

  109. says

    I went over to the website and it was very easy to navigate. I had no idea that so many places that I already shop were on there and that I could be earning money for one of the schools in the area. Thanks for posting this, I’ve posted a link to this giveaway on my site.

  110. Jen says

    I collect box tops for my kindergartener, and before that, anyone in my neighborhood that needed them. I didn’t know they had this additional resource!

  111. says

    I did not know we could shop online and be helping the school through boxtops. I was already a member of the site and a thorough boxtop saver, so this market place is one more added way to help the school.
    I also really liked the book suggestion feature. They had some great halloween/fall book suggestions for kids and adults.

  112. Kelsey Tingey says

    What a great website! I am all for helping out our education programs for our kids! Thanks.

  113. Michelle says

    I don’t do too much shopping on-line, but I like the idea that your purchases can go toward such a good cause.

  114. Amy says

    What a great idea! A website where you can easily find sponsors for boxtops and see exactly what the donations will be.

  115. Katie says

    Very cool! I didn’t realize you could do it this way! I’ll have to try this next time I shop online.

  116. Lerin says

    I too didn’t realize you could shop online. I just started reading about this whole program last week on the back of a cereal box.

  117. Heidi says

    Cool site! Had no idea they had a store. I like that it shows what percentage the store gives back. Some are cheap only .5%!

  118. Sandy says

    I had no idea you could shop on a website to help your school. I’ve been cutting and collecting the box top labels for my Mom’s school for years! Thanks for the great give away.

  119. barbie says

    That seems like a great program. My children aren’t in school yet so I took advantage of their recipe section.Thanks:)

  120. Rebecca says

    I love the reading room! Being able to look through the different children’s books available is helpful.

  121. says

    I’d heard of box tops, but never in this context. They have an impressive selection to choose from, and things you would likely purchase anyway. Seems like an easy way to contribute to a cause!

  122. Carolyn Stevenson says

    I didn’t know about this website. Thanks for the headsup and the great giveaway!

  123. says

    Boxtops for Education has been around quiet sometime. I remember collecting them when my girls were still in school and for a few years after for the neighbor’s kids. It is something we will continue with once Lil Man is in school.

  124. says

    Thank you for bringing this site to our attention! I, like many others, didn’t realize there was a “marketplace” on their site!

  125. Tracey Byram says

    My granddaughter’s school collects Box Tops for Education. I think it is a fine way for large corporations to help local communities raise funds for the schools. Much better than sending the kiddos home armed with catalogues of overpriced junk to sell in order to “win” a sheet of stickers or some such.

  126. Angie says

    This would be a fun way to support the education programs and find some great stuff. I was happy to see Lands End on there!

  127. Julie says

    I didn’t even know this site existed. What a great way to save money! My favorite part, though, was the recipe section.

  128. Linda says

    I checked out the recipe section! I’m needing an idea for breakfast. I didn’t realize there was a box top marketplace online!

  129. Lisa Norman says

    I had no idea so many companies gave back a percentage. That is wonderful! I will definitely have to make use of this next time I’m buying online.

  130. mary says

    from the “recipes, after school snacks” section, i want to try the white chocolate strawberry yogurt parfaits! didn’t know that site had recipes.

  131. Heidi says

    Good thinking! Shopping through the boxtops website will probably yield a whole lot more than saving boxtops. (But of course, still save the boxtops : ).

    Great Giveaway!

  132. says

    I tried to sign up at Box Tops for Education, but I don’t have a child, therefore I don’t have a school to enter. Can I still be entered in the drawing? Thanks!

  133. says

    WE collect boxtops and give them to the kids on our street to turn in to the school we WILL go to one day. :) that’s so awesome that you got a gift certificate from them!!

  134. says

    I keep forgetting about the Box Tops website. Thanks for the reminder. What I like is that you can pick a school, even if your child isn’t of school-age yet. It helps the school where they will be attending!

  135. Marie Lyman says

    This is a really great idea. Giving donations to schools from online stores is the best way to help out because that is how most people shop these days. Every little bit counts when it comes to the education of a child. I like the selection of shopping sites that they have.

  136. Michelle says

    Just found your blog today! I really enjoyed checking out the box tops for Education site. It is nice to “earn” something for your schools when shopping online.

  137. Kathryn says

    I’m kinda shocked that Barnes and Noble has a 6% donation whereas Walmart has a .5% donation

  138. says

    Our school has really been pushing this website. “Buy your child a computer and we’ll make money!”
    I’d love some free books. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  139. says

    I also didn’t know about the marketplace, but it immediately lured me in with all those places to shop.

    I could breeze through hours there! Now all I need is money. :)

  140. says

    I love Box Tops for Education Marketplace. I am always cutting out my box tops and am glad to have another way to contribute to the school without spending any extra money. There are so many venders on Box Tops that I could find all my X-mas gifts there :)

    Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  141. says

    I had stopped saving box tops now that my daughter is in highschool…. maybe I need to start again. I can just mail them into the school! I never knew about the marketplace. very cool.

  142. Cherie R. says

    Wow I’ve always saved boxtops for our school, but never knew this site existed, it’s another great way to help out he school by shopping for things I would be buying anyway! Great concept. Thanks for entering me!

  143. chris s says

    WOW cool site. I have been collecting box tops but thanks for the reminder to do it and all the other ways. I bookmarked it.

  144. says

    I think this website is great. I collect boxtops to give my neighbor, but I didn’t know they had a website that would help earn more money. Thanks for sharing!

  145. Rhonda Rouse says

    I’m really glad you had this link on your site. I didn’t know they had the marketplace to order items. This way my purchases will help the school. Awesome!


  146. Lacy says

    Wow, what a neat site – I knew you could benefit schools through the box tops on products bought at the store but i had no idea you could also donate if you shopped through their site too. Smart! And they defnitely have a ton of participating merchants – I was actually impressed that almost everywhere I shop online is on there. (and all those recipes look worth searching through more in depth!)

    Love the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  147. Alison says

    It’s great to find out about places that give back while you shop for things you need, anyway. Thanks for getting the word out about this site!

  148. Melanie Jackson says

    Very excited to look at this site… I just started saving the box tops (I didn’t realize taht I had so many)

  149. Amy says

    I already save boxtops for my son’s school, and he is very interested collecting them. I never knew that there was this site out there too to help out the school! I have already signed my self up though and will shop on there from now on. Thank you for the information :)

  150. says

    wow, I didn’t know that BTFE had a store! I’ve been part of it for a while and never knew this. Great to see before we start our online Christmas shopping. Thanks for doing this!

  151. Angela says

    I like the idea of knowing what percentage of my spending will be going to support a great cause. Thanks!

  152. Kuuipo says

    We love to save our box tops for my daughters class! It’s such a great idea and so is the marketplace!

  153. says

    This is a cool idea. I hope that all these websites don’t overlap the Upromise ones though, because I would use Upromise unless it was a website only offered through Box Tops. Still, great for people who don’t need to save for college!

  154. says

    We collect box tops for my brother’s school and the money goes directly back to them! It’s such a great program we have been involved with for about 5 years now!

  155. Becky P says

    I use the boxtop website alot and I did not know they had a market place what a great way to earn more rewards for my daughters school

  156. says

    What a great reminder of why I’m supposed to be collecting those box tops! With young kids who will be beginning thier school “career” next year it was really enjoyable to look around the site at the great ways schools are being helped.


  157. says

    I’ve been saving the labels, but didn’t know you could shop online too! Great! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Check out mine, too:

  158. Dawn Okonowski says

    What a great way to support the school, with very little effort on my part. Thanks for making me aware of this option.

  159. LaJoy says

    Who knew that you could help your school shopping online. What a great idea when we are shopping anyhow. Thanks for the info.

  160. Kath says

    The Box Top site is really good. It was visually appealing and very informative. I was quite impressed with all the companies that participate and some even have up to 20% of your purchase donated! Wow. Thanks for sharing about the Box Tops for education site.

    Thank you for the great bloggy giveaway :~)


  161. Eden C, says

    Well it looks GREAT! Seeing as we have no kids yet, we don’t have a school to use. But it sounds like a fun money saver.

  162. Holly M says

    I love the fact that their so dedicated to giving money back to schools. Every little bit helps.

  163. says

    What a great website! I never knew the Marketplace existed. I see a lot of my favorite stores listed–I’ll definitely be going back!

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! I love Barnes and Noble!

  164. Nydia says

    I knew about the box tops for education program, but didnt realize it was that broad. Site is very busy hard to focus, because of all the info there.

  165. says

    I have never heard of the website before, but the site makes it so easy to find the store you want to shop at! I will definitely have to visit again.

  166. says

    I recently went to a seminar gived ny a food pantry and they worked with Box top for a lot of their supplies for children…I really liked the look of their website :)

  167. garnet says

    Ooooh. They’ve got coupons :)I’ll have to check out the shopping links as I get into my Christmas to do list.

  168. Alisa says

    Wow! I didn’t know I could shop and benefit the school, too. Just in time for holiday shopping.

  169. Beth says

    Wow, I had no idea box tops had a marketplace website! That’s great to know. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping there… might as well since it gives money back to schools! You can’t beat that. I especially like that Overstock.com participates – I buy a lot through that site.
    Thanks again for the heads up!

  170. says

    This is my daughter’s first year in preschool and I was sort of mystified when the other moms were talking about Box Tops… thanks for letting me know!

  171. Jen S. says

    Wow! Looks like they have a great variety too…from toys/clothes/gifts…A bit of everything!

  172. Paige says

    I had no idea that you could get box top points any way besides clipping labels! That’s cool!

  173. says

    I have been collecting boxtops forever(it seems)and my kids are not even in school yet, but never really looked around the site. What a great place, I now have to head back and check out more. Thanks for the info and for the great giveaway!!!

  174. Fujiko D says

    The marketplace seems to be a good idea, but it might be hard for them to get people to buy at their site when they have competition from the other “rebate” sites like upromise which gives the money directly to the customers.

    I do like collecting box tops and it’s all for a good cause.

  175. Julie says

    I was suprised to see all you could do on this site. Thanks for letting me know about this site!

  176. Carla says

    I had no idea. I thought it was only cut the box top off of a product you bought at the store. There are some really neat recipe ideas on that site.

  177. Elizabeth Cribb says

    What a great site! I had no idea box tops offered so much. Thanks for letting me know!

  178. brianne says

    That site is really cool. Schools around here aren’t big on collecting box tops but there were a few local schools on here! Thanks for letting me know and for the chance to win!
    Brianne (tarheeljc at gmail dot com)

  179. Andria says

    I had no idea they had a marketplace to shop from. Great way to get money into our schools! Thanks!

  180. Robin says

    Very cool! I used to collect the Box tops for our elementary, but now we are in the “big boys” school.
    Thanks for the info. I could still shop and have the credit go to our neighborhood school.
    I would love to win! I am a reader-aholic.

  181. Britney W says

    I had no idea that there were so many products with box tops. I will definitley have to refer some parents. We all love to shop, why not earn money for our kids school while were at it!!

  182. rachel says

    Great place to shop since I use Shutterfly anyway, might as well raise some $$ for schools! Thanks

  183. Emily says

    Oh man, I can’t tell you how many box tops I saved for my school. I was one of the only ones to bring them in. It’s a good program!

  184. Rebecca Peterman says

    How cool is that? We love taking our box tops to school. This will be a fun new way to shop online. Thanks for showing it to us!

  185. Ching says

    It’s an interesting website. My favorite part is the “Family Matters.” The articles are helpful to all the parents.

  186. Amy says

    New experience for me visiting the site- didn’t actually realized how it worked! I will start clipping my box tops :)

  187. linda says

    I never realized that I can buy stuff on the marketplace. I always give the boxtops to my sons school every year.

  188. says

    I visited and loved it! Sent the link to a friend who shops online constantly….she and I will now be able to help schools with our online shopping! Thanks for the link!!

  189. Terra Heck says

    I like the Box Tops Marketplace. I’m all about purchasing items that help support my kids’ schools. I also collect Box Tops from products that I purchase and let my kids take them to school so they can be redeemed.

  190. Alison says

    I think boxtop is a really great program. I did not know you can shop on the website. Thanks for the chance to win.

  191. Jenn Berry says

    Very cool – I always send in the box tops with my kids, but had no idea of this neat site before! Thanks 😀

  192. says

    And here I thought that “Box Tops for Education” meant clipping those little coupon-y things from specially marked packages. Since my dad’s a retired teacher and my niece is an elementary-school teacher, I guess I will do any ordering through a site that contributes to schools.
    Thanks for publicizing this. Of course, the chance to win a FABULOUS PRIZE is always appreciated, too. 😉

  193. Ryan says

    our school collects box tops, we raised almost $1500 last year and got new books for our library. its a great cause and its nice to have our grocery store help us out as well!

  194. CC says

    I had no idea that the BoxTops program had an online marketplace! Thank you so much for the heads up, the site really appears user friendly and well put together.

  195. Misty says

    I got an email from them awhile ago. I think it is great that you can use your online shopping to get donations for schools! My favorite part of the site (overall) if the recipe area. I have found some quick and easy things for dinner there!

  196. sue says

    We collect these for my kids school but I had no idea they had an online marketplace.
    What a great giveaway! Would love to take my kids to pick out some new books and maybe even one for Mom! We LOVE to read!

  197. lacy says

    I love this site! We visit it about once a month to check up on our school! We have a contest over the summer to see how many box tops you can collect, we came up with 305!! It’s super easy to collect when you get other family members involved!! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  198. Kara says

    I had no idea you could do so much through the Box Tops for Education program! That inspires me to be more active in it!

  199. says

    I didn’t know they had a website either. It’s full of information as well as the chance to shop for a good cause.
    Thank you!

  200. says

    I didn’t realize so many name brand stores donated! Thats great. I used to cut all the box tops off and save them.. wasn’t sure really if they were of any use. Now I know! :)

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  201. Susan says

    My preschooler and I created a special boxtops container and whenever she spots the boxtop on a product, we cut it out and she puts it in the container. The marketplace looks like another opportunity to support the school. Very visually appealing and easy to navigate!

  202. Meagan says

    What a great idea. I will definitely keep that site in mind the next time I go shopping online!

  203. Laura says

    Just this week, I ordered from Kohl’s, eToys, and Leaps and Bounds. I had no idea about the Marketplace. I could have gotten my son’s school a few bucks!

  204. Deane says

    Another great way to earn money for our schools! I didn’t know about the marketplace, but I will start using it.

  205. Savanna says

    This is a great website for any mom! I would never think to go to this website, but it has a lot of interesting information and plus, it’s all for a great cause!

  206. Suzanne Bahar says

    Wow – donating to our school is sure a lot easier (and more profitable) from the Marketplace. We’ve come a long way since I was ripping cereal boxtops and labels for my kid’s schools.

  207. Amanda Zema says

    Wow! That is really cool, I’d never heard of it before. I’ll have to share it with my friends who do lots of online shopping.

  208. Sarah Baggs says

    That is kind of cool! I have been saving the box tops for my nephew for school but didn’t know i could shop and also get money for him. Thanks for letting me know!

  209. says

    Wow, there were quite a few participating businesses! I homeschool, but save my boxtops for my friend’s son’s school. Thank for the giveaway!

  210. Christin says

    I had no idea that BoxTops were associated with so many other companies! I only have a 2-month old, but am looking forward to homeschooling… if I file an affidavit as a private school, could I get funding as well?… I’ll have to look into that!

  211. Billie says

    I had no idea they had so much cool stuff on their website! Thanks for encouraging us to go there! Billie

  212. tracy pulley says

    love the recipe section; tons of great ideas . . . thanks for the giveaway; my weakness is books and it would be wonderful to get a new one instead of a much-used, must-be-returned library one

  213. Elena Fox says

    I can’t wait to utilize this website! I did not know something like this existed. What a great idea with Christmas right around the corner. Thanks.

  214. says

    I had no idea you could buy stuff on that site! And, there are recipes and other stuff…who knew! We have always saved them for the schools…it is a wonderful program and I like that you are getting more out of the products you already buy!

  215. Lydia says

    What an intersting website! I didn’t know either that you could shop through them and earn boxtops that way. I also liked some of their parenting articles. Neat website and neat giveaway.

  216. Mandy says

    Great information. I’d heard about box tops but had no idea how it worked. Thanks for the info. and the giveaway!

  217. Shauna says

    What a great idea! I hadn’t heard about this before. It is worth noting though that not all the stores give the same percentages.

  218. Mary says

    I checked out the site. I’m glad they have a nice variety of merchants. Almost every place I’ve ever ordered from online is included, so it should be easy to throw some cash to the school of my choice over the holiday shopping season.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  219. Lori Stoudt says

    Boxtops for education is such a great program. Thanks for letting us know that you can support schools through the program through their website!

  220. Kari says

    I have been collecting Box Tops for years for my kid’s school. I didn’t know that there was a marketplace to shop at. We shop at most of these stores anyway. What a great idea and a good cause.

  221. Allen says

    Thanks for the link to this site. I remember saving box-tops with my grandmother years ago and I had forgot all about the program. Thanks for the reminder of how sometimes the simple things in life are well worth the effort.

  222. Lisa says

    The Box Tops marketplace is a good idea. Its easier than saving all those little tops cut out from my food.

  223. says

    I enjoy the Boxtops for education program. THis website has a lot of additional information to use. Thank you for entering me in the give a way.

  224. says

    Thanks for the link to the website. I saved it too my favorites. I knew there was something like this out there but I had never checked the site out before.

  225. Linda J. says

    I had no idea that website existed, although I’ve heard of the box tops for education program. What a great idea to support local schools. Lots of great merchants there, too.

  226. says

    Amazing! I had no idea this even existed! I’m the Campbell’s labels coordinator for my daughter’s school, but I’ll have to pass this along to the Labels for Education coordinator! Thanks!

  227. says

    very cool – I didn’t know about the marketplace website before – they have a lot of shops that I usually buy from online!

  228. Noelle says

    Wow! I didn’t know anything about Box Tops Marketplace. I knew you could save the tops and donate them to your local school. However, I did not know that you could purchase your usual gifts, clothing, toys, books, etc and have money donated in this way. I will certainly be looking into this when we purchase an item online. Thanks for informing people of this great tool! Teachers truly appreciate you!

  229. Monica says

    I visited the website and what a great idea. It’s kind of like “ebates” but the school gets the money directly.

  230. says

    Wow, I really like that website. It’s just in time for christmas, too! I didn’t realize that site existed. Proflowers I think had 5% rate, I better tell my husband about that one! Oriental Trading at 4%, our church uses that magazine all the time to order from. So glad you posted about BoxTops! Thanks!


  231. Chrissie says

    I knew about Box Tops for Education, but I had no idea that you could shop at their Marketplace site and have your purchases benefit area schools–great!
    Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity!

  232. says

    I love that there are ways that you can win extra box tops for your school! That’s a really cool feature. The whole website is great, we have been saving up Box Tops in our house for years so it’s nice to have a site to go to for more information about them. Thanks for the great contest! =)


  233. says

    I just recently learned that you can shop and earn points for the school of your choice. That’s easier than trying to remember to cut off all of those box tops.

  234. says

    i’ve always loved the boxtops program and its great that they are incorporating other businesses as well! the reading room is great too!

  235. says

    Hmm that’s really cool… I have heard of Boxtops.com before but not the whole shop and donate thing! I think I might just shop online a little more.

  236. Laura R says

    Cool! I love how they show the various companies with their donation percentage. Makes me want to shop those stores even more!

  237. says

    I love the Box Tops site. I am there weekly, checking on my kids school stats. I get a ton of dinner ideas, and shopping tips from their as well.


    fritzfacts at gmail dot com

  238. Abby says

    I will definitely be sharing the Box tops website with people I know who like to save money and save box tops!

  239. Brenda Callahan says

    I visit box tops often. Have been registered with them for quite some time now. Not in financial situation to be able to purchase from the marketplace, but I am always nosing around their site. I love what they do for the kids!

  240. Becky says

    We have always saved box tops but didn’t know there was such a site to order and earn more great rewards.

  241. says

    So I knew that schools collected Box Tops as a fundraiser, but I had no idea that you could get on their website and contribute money by ordering through their website! WoW! How cool!

  242. Laureli says

    Thanks for the info. I haven’t heard of this website. I’ll have to pass this on to everyone I know.

  243. Elissa says

    I have been collecting Box Tops for a while now, but didn’t now you could go shopping to help your school, too! I will have to let our homeschool group know.

  244. Jennifer says

    I love how they have the marketplace set up. Our kids school had told us about it at the beginning of the school year. It is great how you can pick which places will donate the most.

  245. Susan says

    I didn’t know about this program either. I’m going to look a little closer when I have more time and it’s not close to midnight!

  246. says

    I usually go to the Box Tops site looking for new recipes that use Box Tops products. I didn’t know about the Marketplace. I’ll definitely be shopping there for Christmas. Thanks for the link and the giveaway. :)

  247. Jessica says

    The parent forum seems like it could be a helpful resource. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  248. Tianna says

    Wow, Boxtop Marketplace has everything! I had no idea. Practically every retailer I ever shop with online is there. It’s such a great idea. Thanks for the giveaway~

  249. Serena says

    Great website. It’s easy to navigate, and it’s nice that it shows how much each retailer donates right up front.

  250. Sheila says

    I love this site. My kids love collecting box tops for their school. I am so glad to see all of the retailers that are offering a donation back to the schools. The schools need all the help they can get. Great giveaway. Love Barnes and Nobles also.

  251. Emily Elliott says

    WOW!! who knew this website had so much great info. I have a large pile of box tops on my kitchen shelf and never even thought to look online at the website. I also loved the recipe page. I have to make Halloween cupcakes tomorrow and it gave me a great idea about how to decorate them. GREAT SITE!

  252. says

    I had no idea Box Tops offered this shopping program, and so many great stores participating. I will definitely use this in the future and pass along the info to our school. Thanks! We love B&N!

  253. Sonja says

    I need to bookmark that site and remember to order through the marketplace — I always like to earn boxtops for my daughter’s school.

  254. Kelly says

    I am impressed by how many stores are participating. Why not let sign up to help out our local schools.

  255. Pamela says

    Oh my, they have free shipping on some excellent christmas things from Pottery Barn, my favorite store. Thanks for sharing.

  256. Kelli says

    Great find! What a wonderful way to do something good while you’re making those Christmas purchases. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  257. Marleen says

    Wow they have a ton of great stores! Nice to make extra money for someone else while you are already shopping.

  258. says

    I found this not too long ago and love that it helps our schools. We will be doing some Christmas shopping through this site for sure.

  259. Sue Davenport says

    Love the website – never knew you could do that. Hopefully they will get more traffic with your help!

  260. says

    WOW! I didn’t know you could buy things from their site and the credit would go to our school.

    Our schools have been collecting the box tops for as long as I can remember. I have a zip lock baggie hanging on my fridge attached with a magnet that I keep the box tops in. I take turns giving them to my kids. Sometimes my son takes them to school, other times my daughter. That way both schools get to benefit from them.

    Thank you for a very generous giveaway. I LOVE books!!! I would have a lot of fun spending that card at B&N.

  261. says

    I’ve shopped using the BTFE Marketplace…it’s a great way to help schools and it’s really easy! I’d love to win the gift card. Thanks for the chance!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  262. Rachel says

    This is a great resource for schools. Our private school is on Box Tops, so I try my best to help them earn $$! What a great place to go for quick internet shopping. Benefits more then just you.

  263. Vanetta says

    I, along with others, didn’t know they had a Marketplace. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind when shopping online from now on :)

  264. Brooke Feucht says

    I didn’t know you could buy things from the site either! That’s neat. And they have coupons there too! Thanks.

  265. says

    interesting site…I wish I could have explored more, but it makes you register. I hate when sites make you sign up before you can browse…

  266. christina says

    we have been saving boxtops for our schools for years. the web site shows alot of the changes that have been made in the program and tons more products that they are available on.

  267. Leanne says

    Eve though my kids don’t collect the box tops any more, I still save them all and give them to my daycare kids to bring them in to their classrooms. The marketplace is another great way for people to help support their schools since so many of us shop online these days. Will definitely link through there to help out our district.

  268. says

    I’m so glad you shared! I knew that you could save the boxtops for local schools, but I had no idea you could shop through their site to donate directly! I’m definitely going to do some of my Christmas shopping through there — it’s like double the gifts, one for my family, one for their school. :)

  269. Mai says

    Cool site– I did not know that Box Tops had a marketplace. There’s even discounts for certain stores! Awesome.

  270. Carol says

    I’m a member of the box tops marketplace. I like being able to log in to our school. Thanks for a chance to win a really nice prize.

  271. says

    Oh my goodness. I visited the site of course and I just had no idea. I just ordered a book and I could have saved money AND donated to schools.
    I will certainly consider this site for shopping. They have so many participating stores; there is really no reason NOT to order there.

  272. says

    Wow! I wish that my school system had told us about this! I’ve been saving box tops for several years now for my oldest’s school, but I am surprised that the website has NEVER been mentioned.

    I’ve bookmarked both sites, yours and boxtops. I really like how boxtops has a section for recipes with boxtop products. I can’t wait to explore your site, either!

    Thank you for publicizing such a worthy site, that not everyone was aware of! So many schools will benefit!

  273. Elaina says

    I was previously aware of the Box Tops for Education Martketplace site, Box Tops periodically sends me emails. But I have yet to make a purchase thru it, I probably will this holiday season though.

  274. Crystal B. says

    I didn’t know about the Marketplace. It is great that you can help schools by shopping through them.

  275. Jeanie says

    I took a long peek. Wow they offer discounts to some stores. I will definitly keep it in mind with my future purchases. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  276. Margaret says

    I have known about the program for some time but didn’t know there were other ways to help your school such as the Marketplace. I shop a lot of the online store listed.

  277. sara l. says

    I love the Cooking Ideas page…I’m gonna try some of those out with my little man!
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  278. Connie Kitto says

    I always save my box tops for my kids school. I never realized though they had a marketplace. That is pretty cool.

  279. Eliza says

    I, too, didn’t realize that they had a website like this. I always cut out the Box Top labels on my grocery items and give them to my nephews for their school but I love that my online shopping can also be of benefit to them as well. All the more reason to shop, right ;-D

  280. says

    I had no idea you could shop through the Boxtop site and then it would be credited to your kids’ school. I ended up doing some Christmas shopping while over there….

  281. oona b says

    I have never heard of a website like this to benefit my school. I checked out some of the merchants and was pleased to see Boden/Mini Boden listed. I will definitely sign up to help raise money for my school.

    The design and ease of navigation of the site made it very easy to use as well.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  282. cheryl c. says

    I have never been to Box Tops Marketplace before. I was surprised to see how many big name stores were featured there.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  283. Bethany says

    I didn’t even know they had such a place. great idea! I have been saving these for our school.

  284. Karen says

    Thanks for sharing this great website. I can collect from family and friends for my kids’ school!

  285. Melissa B. says

    I was impressed with all the different choices in stores. They’ve even got Oriental Trading.

  286. says

    I knew the school collected box tops but I never realized they had a website with a ton of stores on it. Thanks for introudicng us to this website.

  287. Jennifer says

    I really like how easy it is to find a store and I love the variety of stores! Thanks for the great giveaway, I love Barnes and Noble.

  288. says

    I liked the website, had no idea they had one! I liked the reading room where you could buy books and get money for your school!

  289. says

    Never knew this site existed. I have shopped 3 of the stores online in the last month…sob. Will go through the Boxtop Marketplace from now on.

  290. Michelle G says

    I have been on their website before to enter contests & print coupons – I didn’t realize they had so many retailers & you could shop off of it, too. Thanks for building awareness! I will remember that for my Christmas shopping!

  291. Karen A. says

    I’ve been a member of the Boxtops site for a year or so now. I like being able to go in and print out coupons and I also enter the sweepstakes that they have where you can win boxtops for the school that you sign up for.

  292. says

    I’d never seen that site before and enjoyed exploring it a bit. I found some very interesting breakfast recipes… I’m not sure my family would go for the apple and sausage pancakes!

  293. says

    Earnings so far this year: $483 is what my daughter’s school has earned so far this year and I can say that $5.00 of that was from us alone.
    Box Tops is such an excellent program for the schools.

    Thanks for the giveaway there are so many books I want to get and that card would be great should I win.

  294. Kam A says

    I clip them but did not know about the marketplace!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    kerin0874 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  295. says

    oh yes i know all abt this my family use to save them for the kids school porgram a long with all the other ones out there and it was grate to help out the kids thanks

  296. Sandra says

    I have heard of Box Tops For Kids…but knew nothing about their web site and that you could purchase things through them. You learn something new every day!

    owatz (AT)telus (DOT) net

  297. Nicole W says

    Great Box Tops site and I love that you can purchase items through the site and earn even more money for school.

  298. Julie says

    My high school participated in this program while I was in school. It was pretty successful. I love the site still though. Even though I don’t have kids, the recipe section is great. The Chocolate Fudge Witch’s Hat sounds amazing! I’m actually contemplating going out to buy cocoa puffs and marshmellow cream right now to make it! Like a Rice Krispy Treat only better! (if that is even possible)

  299. Christine says

    What a great giveaway. I used to be a coordinator for our school’s BoxTops program. The marketplace is great for earning extra BoxTops. Can’t believe Oriental trading gives a percentage when they’re already such a good deal.

  300. says

    I liked their recipe activity page. I did not know about this site. I am glad I learned I always like to help out especially when it comes to education.

  301. Ginger says

    This is a great program. Schools can earn up to $10,000 per year from Box Tops. This is another way to boost the amount of money schools get to work with our students. I really like the fact that all the stores I shop at are on this list. It is a great portal.

  302. Amber S. says

    I never knew about the Box Tops Marketplace. There are tons of participating stores! I bookmarked it so I can remember to shop through their links so our school gets credit. :)

  303. says

    Well, like many others, I had no idea this site even existed. I’m excited to find another place that offers coupons and discount codes for shopping – and it’s for a good cause.

  304. Crystal says

    I can’t believe all the companies that are linked with Box Tops.

  305. maria says

    I collect these for my sons school…i actually never checked out the website before though…thanks for the chance.

  306. Becky says

    Wow my family are all teachers and I never knew that this wasn’t a school only collection thing. This is awesome.

  307. says

    I had a typo in my email address! Bah. Anyway, I learned how to make witches brew from the website. Come on Apple juice. Boil boil toil and trouble.

  308. says

    I had a typo in my email address! Bah. Anyway, I learned how to make witches brew from the website. Come on Apple juice. Boil boil toil and trouble. Its not a duplicate comment though. I Swear.

  309. Carolyn Hagerman says

    Boxtops is such a wonderful program. I have seen it in operation at my school. We can make lots of additional money for student needs by turning in the Boxtops. Our school is a big believer in the program. thanks for offering this give away. :)

  310. Lori Z. says

    I like that it earns your school box tops, but we’re moving and I wonder if there’s a way of transferring box tops to a different school

  311. Michelle Burkhart says

    I like that it will automatically be transported to the school by just doing your shopping! What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaways! :)

  312. says

    My mom is a school teacher and collects box tops. I’m always her biggest contributor (by far)! I don’t necessarily go out of my way to buy products with them, but at the same time, when the price differential is minimal, I go for the box tops.

  313. Jenni M. says

    As a teacher, I think it is important to support our schools. I already collect boxtops and think its great that I can help out local schools even more just by purchasing things I would anyways.

  314. Tracy P says

    I collect, and have been for the past 15 years, Box Tops from neighbors, family members and of course myself from products I buy, to donate to the local schools to support them. I had no idea they had a shopping site – I do now and just in time for the holidays – thanks!

  315. Suzie G says

    I was surprised at how many stores they have to shop through! I love being able to help our school earn money for shopping I plan to do anyway!

  316. Brooke says

    My son just started Pre-k and so I’m doing the whole clip and save.. I love the fact that you can shop there also and some of it goes to the school you pick…. wiicked13 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  317. Krista says

    I had no idea that you could earn money for schools by shopping at the vendors they had listed, I thought the only program was turning in the box tops. This is great!

  318. says

    Hi there! I was really surprised to see how many different stores. Not only that, they aren’t random places I would never go – they are places I shop a whole lot. Thanks for doing such a great giveaway.

  319. says

    Wow! I had no idea of the sponsors. I’ve seen the ads before but really had no idea what the organization was about (I guess since I have no children, that makes sense). Thanks so much for sharing. Communities, organizations and people like you are really working together to make this world a better place. Thinking that the government is going to do it for you while you sit back on your butt has gotten us into a rotten mess. Thanks for the give-away, too. I got alot our of this site

  320. Kristin says

    I collect box tops for my nephews school. i really enjoyed looking at this website. i learned a lot. thanks for the giveaway!

  321. amy says

    I didn’t know this existed since I dont have kids in school ill start saving them now though…maybe I can donate them by taking them to the school myself…that would be so awesome!!!

    please enter me

  322. says

    I’m registered with the box tops site…I like the coupons they have available and I like the concept behind the marketplace; plenty of stores to shop from! and a portion goes back to the schools – perfect!

  323. Sarah says

    love this little wee pine trees, our homeschool sports program as benefitted from this fine program…we are involved with NOAH, in Tulsa, OK

  324. Karen says

    I save box tops for a friends son and had no idea there was a shopping site! This is great news just in time for holiday shopping! Thank you!

  325. Diane says

    I save Boxtops all the time for my grandkids, but didn’t realize that they would contribute for shopping thru their site.

  326. Alisha says

    It was very interesting to learn about this. I will definetly keep this in mind while I am Christmas shopping.

  327. Frances says

    I did not realize by shopping at some stores online, a portion of the money can go to a school. Very interesting!

  328. Jessica says

    I never paid attention to Box Tops for Education before, because I don’t have any kids, nephews, etc. whose schools I would need to support. But the website was more impressive than I thought! Very easy to use… something to keep in mind… thanks!

  329. Cherie J says

    I did not know they had a reciped section with recipes that sound yummy. Will have to try out the Ooey Gooey Candy and Chocolate Bars real soon.

  330. says

    my brother is a band director and i helped him set his school up for this!! does that count as having visited the site?

    i also blogged about your giveaway! it’s in my own bloggy giveaway post!

  331. Marigold says

    I’m well aware of the Boxtops for Education Marketplace. It’s where I do all my Land’s End Overstock shopping!

  332. Debra F says

    Very cool….I didn’t know you could shop through them….I’ve been collecting for my school, but now I see there is so much more.

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  333. creme says

    wow, i had no idea box tops for education was a website too!! thanks for sharing and the great giveaway.

  334. Lindsay says

    I only knew about collecting box tops not about the site, its so neat that shop and donate to your school!

  335. Francine says

    I have just recently realized that boxtops does this, I think it’s awesome. I love F.A.O. swartz but haven’t shopped there since they closed the closest one. I thought all of them closed!

  336. says

    That is a wonderful way to benefit the schools! I just love how they have so many vendors that partner with them, but they also have cool stuff on their site like recipes.
    akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

  337. susan t says

    I did not know there were so many products with these box tops on them. Thanks for the giveaway. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  338. Nancy Smith says

    Thanks for the information on the Box Tops Web Site. I’ll let my local schools know about this so they can pass it on to the parents!

  339. Suzanne Lewis says

    I was not familiar with Box Tops for education before. I think the mission is awesome.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  340. Debbie says

    Wow! I’ve saved the boxtops for my childs school and never knew this site existed. Thanks for informing us!

  341. says

    I knew you could clip the box tops, but I didn’t know about the other cool options (like shopping-definately more my style!) for helping out your schools!

  342. Michelle says

    Wow, I have to tell you that you’ve really opened my eyes. I faithfully purchase items and cut out Boxtops for Education. But I never knew about the online shopping part of it. I do quite a bit of my shopping online, and now I will definately visit this website prior to doing so.

    Thanks for the info….Michelle

  343. Chantelle says

    I never even knew there was a marketplace. its very cool! Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  344. says

    I was impressed with the stores they’ve listed – many which I already shop at. Looks like a great site!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  345. Heather says

    I had no idea all of the retailers who donated to box tops. I just thought this was where you cut off the tops of boxes and soup labels and sent them to school. Very cool.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    poncey76 at hotmail dot com

  346. Lucile says

    I didn’t know about that Marketplace so thank you for the link because there were some things I was going to buy from those sites and now I’ll have to register and buy it that way :)

  347. Jennifer says

    I have visited Box Tops for Education before, but, never even noticed that there was a marketplace until you directed me there. I am going to be sure shop through there in the future! We save box tops for our elementary school, I would love to help even more through the marketplace. Thanks!

  348. says

    I was impressed by how many of my favorite stores (and stores I might shop at for Christmas shopping) are participating: Best buy, Khols, Old Navy. We already collecting box tops. Thanks for pointing me to the website!

  349. Dawn M. says

    I liked the Reading Room. I’m going to have to look for Goodnight Goon. Too funny! I’m going to go back and check out their recipes next.

    Thanks! :0)

  350. Erin Walsh says

    I joined Box Tops for education when my son started school and have loved the chance to help his schools earn money and win prizes. I was kind of sad to find out that they don’t have the same program for high schools, as he is a freshman this year.

  351. jen says

    I always donate my tops but never realized you could make purchases online where they’d donate more! That’s awesome!

  352. Colleen Day says

    My daughters school participates in boxtops for education. I didn’t know there was a website. Thanks for the info.

  353. Maggie Smith says

    Well, I have never been to their site and I didn’t even know they had one. What a nice way to help pay schools back…..


  354. Carrie Zeiter says

    I was surprised- I have always collected boxtops for my son to bring to school, but I never realized you could shop for the cause!

  355. Allie B says

    I didn’t know they had a marketplace. All these year collecting boxtops for the schools and never knew that.

  356. Pamk says

    didn’t know about this site but I signed up and am glad cause I know this helps my child’s school every year cause they tell us how much we raised collecting these.
    scrtsbpal(at)yahoo (dot)com

  357. Tamara says

    Wow, so much variety, I mean where else can you shop for B&N, Home Depot, Lands End, the Disney Store, Best Buy, Circuit City and so many others all at once!

  358. karen c. says

    I didn’t know they donated money from stores you shop at. And those are all really normal stores that I shop at all the time.

  359. says

    Box Tops for Education is very cool. I collect tops for my sons school but never realized that you could shop online and support your school that way. Wonderful site.

  360. Lisa says

    I was once a Box Tops Coordinator for my daughter’s school. The website is awesome, and a great way to raise money! Thanks for offering this giveaway!
    lisaarant at aol dot com

  361. Ellie Wright says

    I had no idea about the marketplace. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and for the giveaway. It seems very easy to navigate and I think I’ll be using this site in the future.

  362. says

    I had no idea that so many stores particiapted and that the had a marketplace store. who know? I can’t wait to check it out more in-depth!

  363. chrisb says

    As a retired teacher I know how important every dollar is in the classroom. This site has many more places to shop than I expected.

  364. says

    I didn’t know about the market place either. Will have to remember to check it out when making future online purchases. Thanks for letting us know and for the give a way!

  365. says

    I’ve been collecting Box Tops for over a decade now. My kids are teens. But I didn’t realize there was also a Marketplace. Definitely a site to bookmark.

  366. Terry C says

    Very interesting! I didn’t know they had the marketplace. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  367. says

    They really have changed the marketplace around a lot since the last time I visited there. We are homeschooling my son now so I am not as active with the box tops program any longer, but I do still save them off actual products and send them to the local elementary school that my son used to attend.

  368. Julie S. says

    I’ve always known Boxtops for Education was a great thing, but had not previously heard about their ‘Marketplace’! I love it when companies go the extra mile to help out our educational system! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  369. says

    I love what a HUGE selection of places to shop that there is, I wasn’t expecting to see nearly that many!

    karla at endikos.com

  370. Stacy says

    I send the box tops to the school, but I had no idea that you could shop online and then have the school benefit. I am glad to see the big selection of stores also. Thanks for the chance to win.

  371. Michelle says

    Yeah! Thanks for the reminder. I need to sign up for my childrens schools also. I had never been to the website before. I love the recipes! Thanks!

  372. Brooke says

    WOW! I thought the only thing you could do with Boxtops was collect all the boxtops! They have so many vendors!

  373. Katherine says

    I had no idea I could shop through box tops. There are so many stores that participate. I am not a big online shopper, but when I do I will remember the box tops site!


  374. says

    I learned that Pottery Barn (one of my fav stores!) gives a 3% donation. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card! It would be awesome to win!


  375. Callie B. says

    Shop 4 Education Week! Hooray. I didn’t know about this site but I’m a teacher and love that you can support schools this way. Thanks, BoxTops!

  376. Crystal F says

    I did not know that you could shop through their website and make money for your school! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  377. Ann E says

    Wow! What a great way to donate to schools! I’m going to bookmark this site to use when my daughter reaches school-age. Thanks

  378. Mel says

    It’s good to know you can actually buy something through the website. I was unaware of that. I always donate the boxtops when I have them.

  379. says

    Our new homeschool co-op in Wagener, SC has signed up to receive the “Box Top” benefits to earn cash for our school. I encourage all homeschool co-ops to apply!

  380. Kathy says

    I didn’t know about this program! I’d only ever heard about collecting the packaging points. Thanks!

  381. says

    I have been there. I really love it and my kids are always reminding me about the Box Tops. What a great giveaway. The kids love books so this would be great for us.