Free Canker Melts at Walgreens

* This offer has ended.

Get a coupon for a free 12 count box of Canker Melts, for canker sore relief, at Walgreens.  The coupon expires September 15th.

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  1. Weird coincidence – I was just thinking that I wouldn’t do this deal because I don’t have this problem or know anyone who does, when I randomly get an email from a family I support with my couponing – a mother of 9 kids – and one of her little ones is having a big problem with these. So THANK YOU for posting this!

  2. I saw this on Hip2Save yesterday so I called the company today to verify the coupon. I just got off the phone and this is what I found out: This link was giving out to people who took a survey a week or so ago. I asked if it was ok to post it for just anyone to print and he said yes. He also said he hopes that only the people who get canker sores will use the coupon and that it won’t be taken advantage of. Coupon says limit 1 per household on it.

  3. The coupon has now changed to “buy one, get one free”. I was able to print one out when it was completely free for one box. Just a little hint how to possibly get rid of a a canker sore, a few ounces of warm water with maybe a teaspoon or so of regular salt mixed in, swish it around your mouth like you are rinsing your teeth after brushing. I always did this when I used to get canker sores a long time ago, and the sore was always gone within a day or less, even by the next morning when I swished the simple salt water at night time. I would also tilt my head towards the side where the canker sore was to let the salt water sit on it for a moment, I don’t recall this burning like you may think because of the salt. Just one of the things my mom did for us kids when we hurt at night. May she rest in peace way to young, at only 60 years old.

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