Free Swagbucks Codes

Get up to 30 FREE Swagbucks this month when you download their new toolbar. Each day a new code will be released through the toolbar (through the messaging function). It is compatible with Safari, Firefox and IE and has lots of quick links to all aspects of Swag Nation, as well as fun add-ons like games and email notifiers. And on top of all of this you can log into your Swag account and track your SB’s all from the toolbar!

They will also be announcing all the details about SWAGO (their version of BINGO and a fun way to have a chance to earn 1000 SB’s) and the BACK TO SCHOOL section of the Swag Store at

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  1. Maria says

    I just signed up for swagbucks and used your offer code. It’s the least I could do for all the great offers I have found out about from your great blog. Thank you

  2. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    Hi Danielle,

    Maybe it is on a delay. That happened the last time I had a code. If you still don’t receive it, contact them and let them know. Sorry


  3. bethany says

    I really want swagbuck codes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease i really want a wii