Have You Had Trouble Using Coupons At Walgreens?

I had a truly terrible experience at Walgreens about a month ago when a cashier would not accept my coupons. I asked to speak to a manager who ended up yelling at me (yes, yelling) saying that I was stealing and would get the person fired who normally accepts my coupons.

I contacted Walgreens customer service via email and they said that they do not have a corporate coupon policy, but a list of guidelines they like to follow. A few days later I received a call from a manager of the Walgreens nearest to where I live (but not the store I was having problems with). Here are a few of my questions:

Q. Is there a limit to the number of printable coupons you accept?

A. You could use 200 printables if you wanted to, but only if they had enough of that item in stock for everyone who may want to purchase it that week.

Q. Can you use an in-ad coupon or Easy Saver coupon with a regular manufacturer’s coupon? 

A. Yes.

Q. Can you use a BOGO coupon in combination with a BOGO sale?

A. It is against their coupon policy (wait, thought you didn’t have a coupon policy) to do this, but normally his store will allow this unless they feel like you are stealing.

At this point I had to end the conversation since my head was about to explode.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to discuss this on this here or not until I read today that now people are having problems combining easy saver coupons with manufacturer coupons. I still haven’t gone back to Walgreens, and until I can be sure that me and my coupons will not be turned away I don’t think I will be back. Have any of you had any problems or is it just me with the dark cloud following above?



  1. Kristykss says

    I hear people complain a lot about Walgreens coupon policy. I have not had problems myself but I don’t go there much. I am a CVS girl!

  2. Tanya says

    I have had problems “off and on” with a lot of retailers when it comes to accepting coupons. One problem I had at Walgreens was the $5 off $25 they do periodically. Your subtotal has to be $25 after all other coupons are taken off. If they scan the $5 first and the subtotal drops below $25, it automatically takes off the $5 coupon. However, the CVS coupons allow you to take the $5 and then use other coupons. There was one CVS store that told me I couldn’t use extra bucks with other coupons after I had been doing it for years??? I think when it comes right down to it, some cashiers/managers just want to make it harder for us. Some just don’t like coupon-users. I used to work for a manufacturer, and they reimburse the ratiler the full coupon amount plus a “handling” bonus. So you’d think they’d be happy to accept coupons. You’re lucky if this is the only problem you’ve had, but no one should get away with accusing you of stealing just because you’re smarter than their marketing dept.

  3. Madeline says

    I usually try to stay away from Walgreens, except for the ‘free-after-rebate’ items. I have the same kind of coupon troubles, so I am learning which cashiers and which managers at my local store will let me combine coupons and which ones won’t. Walgreens needs to have a set policy that’s the same for everyone.

  4. dana says

    I have only tried Walgreens 3 times and all 3 times was horrible experiences, they would not even take their own RR from me?!?! I doubt I will be going back!!

  5. Pam C. says

    I have had some problems with Walgreens also. Not with the cashiers, but with management. In fact, the last cashier went out of her way to try to make sure all my coupons worked. I have had trouble once with Register Rewards printing. That manager thought that the trouble might be because of the “flavor” of the medicine I had was different than the one in the picture. She asked if I had used a manufacture’s coupon also. I had but did not answer her. The cashier spoke up and said she bought what it said she needed for the register reward. So the manager did a refund and then scanned the one that was exactly like the one in the ad and the register reward printed. Somehow I do think it was linked to the manufacturer coupon making not print. I love this cashier and she goes out of her way to make sure that my coupons work. Because of her, I do go back to Walgreens and I do buy other things that have good pricing.

    There is one manager there that I refuse to deal with. He question everything I do…as if I am trying to get steal from them. Like everybody else, I am just trying to get the most value for my money. I follow what I have been told as far as Walgreens coupons and manufacturer coupons. I did notice that some of the coupons in the Easy Saver Catalog do say manufacturer coupon. So is it truely a manufacturer coupon that can only be used at Walgreens or a Walgreens coupon that can be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon that you cut out of the flyer such as smart source or red plum? I was under the impression that I could combine both. Anybody have an answer?

    Long comment…sorry.

  6. Wendi says

    Tanya – I guess I am lucky. The only other problem I’ve had with coupons was just last week at Kmart. Coupons were supposed to double up to $2 but some of my coupons that were for $1 off 2 or 3 items didn’t double. The lady at the customer service desk said this was because the amount of the coupon was greater than the total cost of one item. She said that this is following their policy (though if this is true it should have been mentioned in the disclaimer)and if I didn’t like it I could return those items. When I brought in my items for return the first thing she said was that I couldn’t have my coupons back (how did she know I was going to ask). In the end some stuff got returned, some stuff didn’t. I didn’t get my coupons back, and the deals I did get were not worth the gas of ever going in the first place. Oh well, this was just a reminder as to why I haven’t shopped at Kmart in a few years. =)

  7. Wendi says

    Pam – I have not had any trouble combining any coupons from the Easy Saver with coupons from the inserts or with printable coupons. I asked the manager specifically about this and he said there was nothing against it in the ‘list of guidelines’ -but- today people are blogging about cashiers refusing to combine these coupons this weekend and that they are being told it is a new policy.

    I have seen Register Rewards advertised with the words ‘use just like cash’. If this is true then why can’t you combine them with coupons?

  8. G in NYC says

    I only use Walgreens to buy Enfamil Lipil. It’s $27.49/can of 25.8 oz formula and after the coupon, I end up paying $22.14 (I think they rebate the sales tax?) per can. I haven’t had any problems using the coupons and I typically buy 2 cans but check-out at different registers at the same store!

  9. Penny says

    Yes, I have! The Walgreens closest to me is the same way. I’ve had 5 experiences at the checkout that could be listed at the top of the bad customer service list of this decade.

    Thank goodness there are Walgreens all over where I live. I found another one that has great clerks and customer service. I have to drive a little further, but it is definately worth it!

  10. Jessica says

    { Can you use an in-ad coupon or Easy Saver coupon with a regular manufacturer’s coupon?

    A. Yes.}

    Not at the Walgreens I shop at. The cashier tried to put the coupons through and it wouldn’t allow it. She called over a manager who made me feel like an idiot for using an ESC with a MC. I haven’t tried it again but maybe will if there is another manager there since it all depends on the person.

  11. Amanda B. says

    The moral of this story is that you don’t know what is acceptable and what isn’t until you get there and try. Everything changes based on what location you are at, how good of friends you are with the cashier, or whether the manager is on a power trip or not. I won’t waste my time at Walgreens anymore.

  12. Jackie Anderson says

    I have never had problems using an ad coupon with a manufactures coupon….I just did it last week.

  13. Jacque says

    My friend and I have the same problem with Walgreens, they are very condesending when it comes to coupons. We are from Michigan can I ask where you are from.

  14. Kelly says

    I was unable to purchase a pack of diapers and use my 1.50 off coupon with a 4.50 reigister reward. The diapers were 10.00, so overage wasn’t even close! They couldn’t explain it and wouldn’t override it. I was annoyed.

  15. Becca says

    Wow, I had no idea. I live in the panhandle of Florida and I am thankful I have had no problems at my Walgreens. I use mfg coupons with Easy Saver coupons and they always take them. One time the cashier called over a manager to ask if my internet coupons was okay and the manager said to accept it.
    Walgreens needs to work to correct this problem and set up a corporate policy, especially given the economy.

  16. Jessica says

    Hi, I’m new to couponing, but have gone out the last two weeks and used ES + manuf coupons combined with no problems at my Walgreen’s in TX. In fact, the cashier has her own stash of extra coupons under the register, and gave me one of her manuf coupons to stack with an ES coupon.

  17. says

    I suppose I’m lucky with my Walgreens – knock on wood – they are so kind to me, and I even have the cashiers starting to clip coupons now too.

  18. Christine says

    You can use both coupons, but you have to have enough items. If you read the fine print on the RR it says # of coupons cannot be greater than # of items, meaning that next time you need to buy something small(gum,sale candy,etc.) so that you have 2 items and 2 coupons. If you do this you should not have any problems using both coupons.

  19. radhi says

    We use coupons at walgreens most of the time 5 off 20.Some ppl accept them some won’t.But what we noticed is we bought a buy one get one free enfamil coupon from ebay and make a copy of that both sides and used that one so it was accepted without a problem.

  20. Jessica says

    I have had problems with CVS also. They never want to acept my coupons and the manager hates me and follows mw around the store everytime I come in. He even asked me one day was I ok with stealing from them?? I said that I wasn’t stealing, I was taking advantage of the great savings they were offering. He then went on to tell me that they had no control over the coupons that were out and that they aren’t supposed to accept the easysaver in combination with manufacturer coupons if it would make the item free.He and I always go back and forth until I get my deals until last week he finally gave up and just rang it all up w/coupons and didn’t say a word. I owed 64 cents and he said I will see you next week ?????

  21. ARDENA BOWLES says

    Way to go Jessica! I don’t think CVS would appreciate a manager who accused someone of stealing because they were using coupons; I believe I would complain to corporate CVS headquarters!

  22. dc gal says

    I find that Rite Aid is the worst in this. Another problem with Rite Aid is that their advertised specials are often out of stock, area managers won’t follow corporate policy on what to do when this happens, and if I return something they deduct the value of the coupon (w/o returning it to me) so in essence they are double-dipping on the coupons.

    I have complained to Rite Aid numerous times. Each time the call is transferred to the District Manager, who now will not even take my calls and is suspicious that I shop at numerous locations and have all these complaints.

    I have not been back to Rite Aid in months. They are losing about $500 in business from me as a result (after coupons, etc.).

  23. Walgreens Employee says

    Walgreens Coupon Users,

    Please be aware of the fact that sometimes, when you do not get your way at the store, you are mean, and that you personally effect the mood of the clerk you come in contact with. My day at work has been ruined many times on account of customers who are simply mean, and attack me personally.

    I say this because, during this holiday season, I have had countless numbers of sale shoppers personally attack me for “overcharing them.” I want to make it perfectly clear that it is nearly impossible to purposely or maliciously overcharge someone. It is the computer that rings up the price, not the cashier, and it is nearly impossible with the weekly, monthly and easysaver sales for every employee to memorize every sale item, and simultaneously remember the sale prices as the items are being scanned.

    I would also like to add that it is a request that coupon users please abide by the printed limits on sale items. I do not like getting screamed at because someone decided they need 20 bottles of an item on 5 separate transactions which causes us to run out on Monday, and therefore be out of the item for the rest of the week.

    Walgreens Employee

  24. Kim in VA. says

    I tried to use a manufacturer’s coupon at Walgreen’s for an item, alone, not in conjuction with any other sales or coupons, one one item only, and the cashier, after checking with the manager, stated that Walgreen’s no longer accepts manufacturer’s coupons, only Walgreen’s coupons from now on. Anyone else heard this??

  25. Wendi @ The Freebie Blogger says

    That sounds crazy! Absolutely crazy! As long as Walgreens allows stores to make their own decisions on these things we will continue to have problems. Just like I have told everyone else, contact customer service and complain. You would think that eventually they would get the hint.

  26. Willow says

    I went to Walgreens once. I too had a HORRIBLE experience. They had me in tears and when I finally left a CUSTOMER appoligized to me, a customer!! She said that she had lots of problems there as well, and after she saw what they put me through she wasn’t about to come back. I haven’t been since. I was hoping to try again today since they have what seems like some REALLY good sales this week, but I really am uneasy about it. I can’t believe that they don’t have a policy about coupons in writing, that is plain wrong!!!

  27. Shalena says

    Today, I went to Walgreens to catch the Garnier Frutis .99 sale. I had 2 items for .99 cent each but the manager told me I can only purchase 1 item per transaction also I could not use my 2-1.00 coups because it would cause a penny overage- A Penny! I think is just ridiculous. Also I was told the Easysaver program is supposed to be ending in April.It seems like a conspiracy to make saving money harder than it already is.

  28. KP in NJ says

    I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought a few items using the Walgreens coupons in combination with a manufacturers coupons and did not have any difficulty. The Garnier Fructis Shampoo, which is on sale for 2.99. I used the Walgreens coupon for $2 off and I had a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off. I also bought the Jergens Natural lotion for $7.99 and used the Walgreens coupon for $2 off with a manuf. coupon for $3 off. Bought 2 Pledge furniture wipes for $3.99 each and used a internet coupon for $3 off of 2. And lastly used a $4 off entire order from Walgreens and paid $5.29 for these 4 items. Not to mention I will claim $2 for the Pledge wipes from this month’s rebate. Which is a savings of $17!!
    I think that Walgreens and Riteaid are great. In 2008, I have gotten over $500 worth of items for free!!
    However, I’m a little confused… is it legal to use a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon if you are buying 1 item? I know for a fact that Riteaid advertises in their fliers to use their coupons with a manufacturer’s coupons. And I just assumed that Walgreens’ policy would be the same.

  29. wendy in OH says

    I have had trouble this week for the first time with 3 different Walgreen’s cashiers telling me that I can only use one RR per purchase. I asked them if this was a new policy, one said ‘no’ it’s always been this way, and when I told them that I have been allowed to use several (if my purchase qualifies with more items than q’s) I was told that ‘whoever’ was taking more than one RR from me was “not supposed to”. I thought RR’s were as good as cash! One cashier takes all I can use on each purchase. I called Walgreens Customer Service this morning and asked this very question. The lady told me that she would have to have a distric manager call me, and that he would yet this morning. Well, I never got a call. This is nuts! I wish that somehow ALL Wags would be consistant with their policies!!! When you buy items on purpose to get a RR, then you are unable to use them before they expire (due to 1 per purchase) why bother? Ya know?

  30. Another Walgreens Employee says

    I’ve been at walgreens for a year, and have seen it all. In essence, you get one walgreens coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. The Register Reward coupon counts as a manufacturer coupon, because it’s sponsored by a company; which is where some of you may get confused: One MFG coupon limit per item. If you use a MFG coupon for any item associated with a RR program, it voids the offer. (this is the hardest one for most customers to understand.) Coupons won’t be accepted for more than the item is worth. For example, if an item is on sale for .99 and you have a $1.00 coupon, it will not be accepted. That’s how my store operates, and it seems to differ around the country, weird!

  31. Kat in NJ says

    I was buying 25 items and handed the cashier 20 coupons, including 2 register rewards. She took the coupons, rang up all my items, rang in half of the coupons, then handed the rest back to me and told me I had too many coupons. She also told me she could only take 1 of the RR. I was stunned, and argued with her. She called the manager and he told her based on my subtotal ($60) she could take both. I was with my toddler and decided not to argue further, I told her I didn’t want the items that she was refusing the coupons for. She told me that would bring the total down and then I couldn’t use both RR. I told her to give me back all the coupons and I wouldn’t take anything, so she took the 2 RR. When I got home I realized that a Walgreen’s coupon for a free item was not rung in, the full amount was charged. I returned it the next day, since I had no proof I had given her that coupon. I am IRATE, and now I am a CVS girl, too. I actually paid $30 cash in addition to coupons. CVS will gladly take that $30. Bye, Walgreen’s!

  32. Tammy in GA says

    Walgreens had a coupon in their flyer for Reynolds foil for $0.89 and I had two $1.00 manf. coupons. I went to walgreens to purchase 2 roles of foil (which their coupon stated limit 3 deals) and to use both of my $1.00 coupons. The manager would not let me do this because my coupon was in excess of the purchase price and he would not override the computer. I left without buying anything. Then I thought the process through on how to “trick” the computer – because the computer is really what would not take my coupons. I went to another walgreens and this is what I did. The regular price on the foil is $1.69 so I had the clerk ring it up then enter both of my $1.00 manuf. coupons and then enter the walgreens $0.89 coupon. The computer said “refund $0.11”. My coupons paid for the tax! The clerk wasn’t sure what to do with the $0.11 so she put it on a walgreens gift card – which in my personal opinion is not giving money back since I MUST spend that at Walgreens. I then wrote to Walgreens customer service and the manager at the first walgreens that I visited called to “resolve” the problem. Of course we did not get anything resolved because he said they could not take coupons in excess of the purchase price and that he would not override the computer. With this much trouble at walgreens I think I will just take my business else where!

  33. T. P. says

    I work for Walgreens and hope to clear up any misconceptions you may have. First of all, the register is set up to only accept one coupon per item. This issue is usually only questioned when someone wants to use two register rewards on one item, the system will not let you. However. If you have a $10 and a $5 register reward, and you buy a $15 product and a pack of gum, you will be able to use both coupons. As far as trying to use coupons, you can’t use another stores coupons but all MFG coupons are accepted on the register. As a manager, I will tell you that the “coupon policy” is according to the store manager. If you have a problem with a coupon ask for the store manager (most times the assistant will not be as helpful). As far as my store, as long as the coupon isn’t expired, there’s only 1 coupon per number of items being sold, and no one is getting cash back I will accept them. But once again, Walgreens has boundaries for coupon use, but there are no set standards…and once again, that is up the the store manager. Their name is usually on the front door if you need to know. To my knowledge we’re all supposed to be in the business of taking care of the customer. If that means taking a $1 coupon for $.99 so be it. It’s not like we won’t be reimbursed the $.99 and sometimes people need to be reminded of that.

  34. libby label says

    I had a cashier who didn’t even know how to scan a coupon, and half way through it (he was doing fine by now) he called the manager over (he was even worse) who voided everything out and restarted. The manager some how was skipping a filler item when scanning the item so I couldn’t use my $5 coupon. He did voided it out six times and each time did the same thing. He just wouldn’t be reasonable! We eventually walked out without anything and wasted an hour of our time due to the “manager.”
    Anyone know if I can use my remaining rrs at CVS.

  35. Laura says

    I too have had crazy experiences. Sometimes i feel like people are envious of us couponers, because we have found sometimes smart, and all it means to them is More work, DON’T BE MAD AT US, THE MANUFACTURE PRINTS THESE COUPONS. Don’t be lazy, and don’t be rude. If we want to buy mulitiple items, well so be it. My husband is a Marine, and he gets sent out a lot, and i usually try to buy things to send him and his friends..

    I tried buying a toothbrust yesterday. I tried using a Walgreens coupon, and a manufacture coupon. couldn’t do it. ATTENTION EMPLOYEES., if it so happens that your Walgreens coupons are “manufacture” according to your computer, would i be able to take your Walgreens coupon and use it at um say TArget..?? NO, OF COURSE NOT. That is a WALGREENS COUPON ONLY. So honor it. the Register Rewards are rewards, I wouldn’t be able to ue that anywhere else either. So honor them all. I want to think that behind the counter is someone with a brain, not a robot. C’mon. You tell to follow the rules, but when you guys are more confused than we are, what can you expect, A DISASTER!!!!!!!!! WHAT ALL YOU WALGREENS EMPLOYEES SHOULD DO IS COMPLAIN TO YOUR HEADQUARTERS, AND DEMAND A POLICY, OR A WRITTEN GUIDELINE. I wonder why?? Well, lets see, Most stores i go to, actually all stores i go to, have a policy, and each person abides by it. I feel sorry for anyone who works at Walgreens, They need to get their act together, because you can’t implement something that doesn’t even exist.


  36. Laura says



    Coming from a field of psychology, and majoring in it. I know that when anyone criticizes another person , its because they want what they have.

    I LOVE COUPONS, EVEN IF IT MEANS THAT I DEAL WITH SOMETIMES RUDE EMPLOYEES, OR THAT SOMETIMES I AM AWARE OF THEIR RULES, MORE THAN THEY ARE, OR I GET DIRTY LOOKS WHEN I GET FREE ITEMS, thats ok. to me it tells me that i am SMARTER THAN THEY ARE. and if they think i get free stuff, who cares, i can’t take their comments serious, i mean last time i checked i wasn’t being paid by them. so keep thinking, maybe one day you’ll use a coupon to save for your family, and who knows, maybe you’ll love it as much as i do.

  37. Crystal says

    Yes I have had issues. I tried using a manufacturers coupon. If you read the back it gave the manufacturer address to send it to for reimbursement. The lady at the register called over a manager and because it had a Kroger emblem on it he argued with me that it could only be used at that store. I had actual STORE

  38. Crystal says

    sorry it did not let me finish what I was saying. I had an actual STORE coupon from Kroger with that same emblem on it and if you read the back it clearly states that it is for use only in the Kroger store. I just left without a purchase because I saw that I was getting no where and sent a copy of the two coupons to the corporate office to make my case and all they did was have the same manager call me to “resolve the situation” to which he argues with me again that if it has a Kroger emblem it is not a manufacturers coupon. I give up I normally do not shop there anyway because I am in Walmart all the time and they just price match the Walgreens item and they know the difference in a manufacturers coupons and a store coupon so there is no issue with taking it. So dont waste your time stopping in Walgreens just go to Walmart chances you will not need a price match because it is 9 times out of 10 cheaper there anyway. I know that is what I will continue to do from now on to avoid the hassle.

  39. Deb says

    I have had a lot of bad experiences at walgreens, but my last trip was the last straw, and unless I get an apology from the CEO I will never go to any walgreens again.

    I bought a trial size bag of purina 1 dog food for $1.99 and 3 Dove candy bars. I had a coupon for buy 2 bars and get one free. That went ok until I gave the clerk the $2
    off any size purina 1 dog food coupon I had.

    She told me that it was against company policy to adjust the price of the item to match the coupon, and when I asked her to call the manager over she said they got in trouble with the district manager the last time they adjusted the price of an item, and it took 3 requests for her to finaly call the manager, who didn’t even bother to walk all the way over to the cashier, and told her to go ahead and put it through and walked away.
    One would have thought that was the end of it, but being caught in her lie apparently that REALY pissed her off, because she raised her voice and started going on that I shouldn’t take it out on her, and that she was getting really angry. I let her rave on for a bit and interupted her and asked if she could just ring me up so I could go.
    At that point she started shouting that I had to pay first because that would be STEALING! I am standing there with my wallet in my hand and there are 3 other customers standing in line behind me and I just looked at them, as they looked at me. God only knows what they were thinking. I asked how much it was and she told me 1.83 I had given her a $1 register reward, that I wasn’t sure would ring up with the buy 2 get one free and coupon, so I asked her if the $1 register reward had not rung up and She started sputtering something in such a rage, I couldn’t even understand so I handed her $2 and grabbed my bag which she had ripped a hole in when she threw in the dog food, and left.
    When I got home I only had 2 candy bars, apparently one had fallen out on the counter when she ripped the bag.
    I called the manager as soon as I got home and told him what happened, and he was uninterested, and just said he would write a report and got rid of me.

    They don’t deserve my business ever again!

  40. Nikki says

    So sorry you all had a bad time there, Yesterday, I had a GREAT time at Walgreens in Lynnwood, WA where I was visiting. They let me buy, load my car come back and buy load my car and come back again (I did 4 total transactions) I wanted another 4 set of campbells, 3 more foils, and 3 Nivea for men w/RR on each one. I got to use my 3 RR instantly on the next buy and when I appologized to the girl saying “sorry for all the coupons” she said “Oh, I LOVE coupons, no problem at all”. I was so happy. It even spit out a Catalina for me for more BioTrue so I went back and got another one, got in another line and when I tried to use a 1 1 RR, 1 Wg coupon AND my catalina (from $8 to $3) the machine wouldn’t take the Catalina so she FORCED it through after like 5 tries. She said “I was DETERMINED to get that coupon to work” and I was like WOW, THANKS! She even gave me ANOTHER catalina after doing all that. If my local walgreens isn’t good about coupons, I’ll definitely be going back to the Lynnwood one if there are any good deals. I think they’re used to couponing because Lynnwood has a bigtime blogger who writes about couponing all the time, so she must be going in there often so they must be used to her large volume shopping.

    Once again, I’m so sorry about your bad experiences. If u live near Lynnwood, definitely go there if u want WG deals.

    I’m a new couponer so it’s so nice to have a good experience because it can be very scary with people waiting in line behind you getting frustrated, and you don’t know if you’re going to get embarrassed. The Krazy Coupon Lady says she checker profiles and I’ve started to do that too. I try to go to someone who’s young and energetic, or men are ALWAYS nice. Take care.

  41. Nikki says

    One other thing I have to say is if you EVER have someone giving you a hard time and you have a video phone, the SECOND they start to act like they’re not going to take your coupon, I WHIP my phone out and non chalantly start video taping the WHOLE EXPERIENCE. Just keep the phone near your body (don’t point it in their face) You can also do a voice memo audio tape of the experince if you don’t have video. You can use this as amo when you need to talk to corporate so THEY can see the horror that is their employees. (I did this on my first ever coupon experience, because I just got the idea in my head while it was happening like I was going to do a youtube my first couponing experience video. Luckily, she called the manager over and he was TOTALLY nice and was like just do this this and this and I ended up getting 4 boxes of Special K for 15cents each –this was at my local riteaid) It will also be fun fodder for all us couponers to watch on youtube.

    Take care everyone and live in abundance.

  42. Nikki says

    Oh i also forgot to say it totally helps if you profile for good cashiers and if you’re TOTALLY NICE to them no matter what.

  43. Walgreens Employee says

    What people- coupon divas, in particular, don’t realize is you can create some of the problems that you encounter. You apparently don’t realize it, however. When you arrive at the counter and begin emptying your cart on the counter the clerk is happy to assist you; when you get upset over products not ringing up correctly and become belligerent things shift. The line becomes longer and you get slower; you start to eye everything more cautious and slowly. You take more time looking at your items and the coupons. If anything appears amiss you question it. The line get longer and people start to cough and grumble. The clerk calls for help.

    After the fifth or sixth transaction your cart is getting full, but you are pulling things out of the bottom half like there is no end. After she hits total on the one of the transactions you decide that you wanted to use a $5.00 RR on that one so it should be voided. The manager is called to do a void, putting us behind a bit more. You have taken all the BYGOF toothpaste left and complain while a rain check is written; meanwhile the clerk is handing out cigarettes and sending ppl to photo and cosmetics to checkout.

    There is no way a checkout clerk could or should make a mistake. There is no way a customer should be patient or understanding. Not under these circumstances.

  44. Melissa says

    I was in Walgreens yesterday evening to mainly purchase the Gillette Proglide razors. I needed to make only 4 transactions, mainly just for the razors so that I can get the best deal. Well I was told that I could only make 2, yes that is correct 2, transactions. I asked the cashier why that was and her response was, “Because my manager just told me.” I asked her why they wouldn’t ring it up and she said that because it holds the lines up and people get angry. I turned and looked behind me and there was no one behind me. I think that there was approx 4 or 5 people in the store and that included 3 employees. I ended up not getting the razors but got everything else and I did get her name along with the managers name and emailed the company. No response yet.

  45. Kayla says

    Being a Walgreens employee and a coupon-er I have a few helpful tips for all my fellow coupon-ers…

    1. Checkout at cosmetic or photo. The cashiers are normally not very busy. In cosmetics the cashiers are rated on the number of customers they ring up in a shift. They will appreciate your business.

    2. Keep in mind that some employees get offended that you use coupons, not because you are getting an item for less but rather because coming up to the register expecting a fight and being short and defense only creates a hostile situation. For the most part, we are amazed that you have the patients and skill to cut coupons and use them in such a strategic manner.

    3. There is only so much a cashier can do per company policy before calling a manager to make the decision. So when a coupon does not ring up properly, do not worry that the cashier is calling the manager to deny the coupon but rather they call the manager to do a function that is above their access.

    4. You can use a BOGO coupon for a BOGO sale. For the most part the cash register overall will determine whether a coupon cannot be used. For instance, when the register kicks back a coupon because it exceeds the number of items in the transaction. I am not saying this is the case in all instances but for the most part it is right. When it is not the manager will come over and fix the problem. Just remember it is not the managers fault that the corporate tech in Ill. did not program the register correctly. Be happy that they are there to help you.

    5. We CAN adjust the amount on a coupon even though it may exceed the value of the individual item. For example, you buy Nivea body wash for $2 and have a coupon for $3 off the Nivea body wash. We can take that coupon for $2.

    6. We cannot use “manufacturers coupons” that are from different retailers. For instance, if the coupon says manufacturers coupon but has a Target emblem on it we cannot take it. Even though it has a reimbursement address, that address applies to Target retailers only. (The same scenario applies to other retailers and our Register Rewards.) We do not accept competitors coupons so we are unfortunately unable to accept these coupons.

    7. Lastly, do not throw the coupon policy in a cashiers face. If you have such a problem with a transaction ask for a manager and even then do not throw the coupon policy in their face. I will do everything in my power to take a customers coupon but I surely will not go above and behind for a customer that is rude, yelling or unnecessarily entitled before I even get to the register.

    I hope this helps. I love seeing customers come in with a great attitude and see them walk out with a transaction starting at $100 and only paying $3. I encourage that you all come to Walgreens and hopefully understand that being nice does go a long way. I have my moments at retailers around where I am from, where I start to lose my cool. I just remember that these are people and deserve the respect everyone else gets. Customers are not always right, cashiers are not always right but we all try our best to get to the best compromise we can!

  46. Kayla says

    Also I will be on this site from time to time we free to ask questions I want to help everyone and make shopping at Walgreens easier for everyone!

  47. Kelly says

    Post your letter to the manager on the Walgreens Facebook. Its amazing how quickly your issue will be resolved. Its not fun being called a theif or accused of “casing the store” just because I shop there 2x a day to get RR.