1. Kelley Marvill (Stone) says

    Thanks so much for this free product, my mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with mets to her liver and lungs and she is able to get down your nutritional bars so any coupons for freebies would be received with immense grattitude, Sincerely, Kelley Marvill

  2. Carol says

    This is a great company, well-trained staff and delicious product that can be a real boost to the body. May God richly bless this company!


    EAS fan for life. Always looking for a saving in this hostile micro economic enviroment.

  4. Tom Beidering says

    Kelly, I hope all is well with your mother. I was diagnosed with stage IV Large Cell Lung Cancer with mets to my liver, spine, and lymph nodes in january of 08 and I have included myoplex(shake) in my daily diet to supplement my protein intake. I believe it has helped me significantly deal with my ongoing chemotherapy treatments, minimizing the side effects. I would never think to omit this drink from my daily dietary intake. I have read numerous articles on the importance of dietary protein and it’s importance in fighting cancer. While I may never be cured, I believe Myoplex is beneficial in helping in the fight against cancer.