Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich Giveaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

My daughter just loves Arby’s curly fries, so when Arby’s sent me a $10 gift card and asked me to review their new Smokehouse Brisket sandwich I jumped at the offer. A trip to Arby’s usually means the Grand Turkey Club for me and a Beef ‘N Cheddar classic for my husband, but this time he tried the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. This mouth watering feast starts with beef brisket that’s been smoked for 13 hours. You can see the smoke line on the beef, which any foodie knows is the sign of slow-smoked tender loving care. You can see it for yourself here:

They add smoked Gouda cheese for some sweetness, then crispy onions, BBQ sauce and some mayo. It all sits on a toasted bakery style bun so you don’t need a knife and fork to enjoy all the smokey-beefy goodness. The combination is both savory and a little sweet, and the meat reminds you of what you might find at a barbecue competition. I tried to get a picture, but my husband tore into it and only left me some crumbs and a little sauce to show you.

Arby's Smokehouse Brisket sandwich

Yup, he really enjoyed this one. By this time you’re ready to go get your own Smokehouse Brisket, so click here to Find an Arby’s near you. Then tell your friends just how good it is with #SmokehouseBrisket.


The Freebie Blogger is giving away two $10 Arby’s gift cards, one each to two lucky readers. To be entered just leave a comment on this post telling everyone either why you love Arby’s or why you are excited to try the new Smokehouse Brisket sandwich.

I will choose 2 winners at random on the morning of October 15th. Must be 18 to enter, continental US only.

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  1. Mollyann says

    I love Arby’s! It is one of the few fast food places that doesn’t leave me sick afterwards. Must be the great ingredients they use!

  2. Tamara O. says

    I like the Beef N’ Cheddar, too! Now, I will take the Ham N’ Cheddar or one of their delicious salads. I wish they still had the Arby Q sandwich. I like Arby’s because their fast food is like going to a deli.

  3. MK says

    I love Arby’s French Dip subs. You get that juicy buttery taste throughout the whole sandwich. And you can’t beat dipping it in the au jus either. :)

  4. AT says

    I love Arby’s for their classics: the roast beef sandwiches and curly fries (dipped in honey mustard)! That’s all I ever get, but that new sandwich sure sounds good.

  5. Laura says

    Oh this sounds so good! I especially like sound of the Gouda cheese. Usually I get the yummy turkey and swiss market fresh sandwich. Love the spicy mustard they use!

  6. sharanda says

    I love Arbys Curly fries!! if i win i would donate the gift card to the fundraiser im doing for my niece who is in the hospital.. i am making baskets to raffle off to raise money for her family. she is 29 years old and a loving wife and mother of 6 small kids.. they dont think shes going to make it out of this.. its just so sad!! as much as i LOVE Arbys… i would much rather donate it to earn money for her… hers are story incase you want to read about it…

  7. Doug says

    Been a big fan of arbys for 40 years … Have many memories of my dad and I going to Arbys when I was a kid and us ordering the 5 for $5 roast beef sandwich deals. Sitting down and wiping them all out :) We even would buy a bottle of their great BBQ sauce and take it home. I still go there at least once a month and have a classic combo.

  8. Melissa says

    I’m excited to try the smokehouse brisket – it looks awesome plus I LOVE gouda! Also can’t beat those Arby’s curly fries..

  9. Sarah says

    I love Arby’s for their roast beef and curly fries but they also have lots of yummy appetizers you can’t find at most other fast food restaurants!

  10. Marianne Bowman says

    I love Arby’s and have loved them for a long time and go back to the time when they first introduced the French dip sub YEARS ago. Absolutely love the new sandwich as it tastes fabulous. I can’t stand onions, yet it tastes so good I am willing to try grilled onions on steak now with a sauce. I also used to work at Busch Gardens and loved their brisket so much I would sneak out on break to get it. Arby’s brisket sandwich brings me back to those days of my childhood and tastes just like advertised with the long, low and slow cook method.

  11. candie says

    Arby’s is the best alternative to being “burned out on burgers”. I like that they’re always introducing something new, and I love their coupons….

  12. Kristie says

    I love Arby’s because I remember going there as a kid with my mom. She had a custom sandwich she’d order for us all the time, not on the menu.

  13. sue holland says

    Arby’s makes a GREAT Sandwich-anytime.

    The new smokehouse brisket sounds like another winner with the cheese and onions!!


  14. Traci Lynn Butler says

    Brisket is my favorite cut of beef! Can’t wait to try this sandwich – looks delish!

  15. Lana says

    I love the grand turkey club because it tastes so fresh. I would love to try this new sandwich too!

  16. Lana says

    The Grand Turkey Club is my favorite because it tastes so fresh. I would love to try this new sandwich too!

  17. melanie says

    I love arby’s for their cheese sticks and jamocha shakes! (Would love to try that new sandwich, though!)

  18. Sue Je says

    I love Arby’s. I wish there was one in my immediate neighborhood. We have one about 2 miles away, so it’s always a special treat when we go.

  19. says

    i go to arbys’ on special occasions because it’s a decent distance away BUT i am SOOO PUMPED to go try the new smokehouse brisket! #MOUTHWATERING

  20. Eileen says

    Good Morning! I LOVE to eat at Arbys! And like you, I love the Grand Turkey Club and curly fries. I would love to win the $10 gift card to Arbys. Thanks for the chance!

  21. EZ says

    The sandwich sounds divine with the brisket and gouda cheese & onions &,BBQ sauce.
    Can’t wait to try it!

  22. Tyanna says

    My mother is dying to try this new sandwich and would love to be able to take to her lunch one day and try it. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Melanie says

    I adore Arby’s!! Haven’t tried the brisket sandwich yet, but their Arby’s sauce is my all-time favorite. Add curly fries to that and everybody’s happy!

  24. Elaine says

    I love Arby’s & can’t wait to try this new sandwich – especially because it sounds like something that Adam Richman from Man vs. Food would gorge on!

  25. Elaine says

    I love Arby’s & would really like to try this new sandwich – especially because it sounds like something like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food would pig out on!

  26. Elaine says

    I’d love Arby’s & am excited to try this new sandwich – especially because it sounds like something that Adam Richman from Man vs. Food would gorge on!

  27. Elicia P says

    Call me strange but my favorite thing from Arby’s is the Arby’s sauce. I eat it with everything from Arby’s. Mmm, could go for some now!

  28. Ashley says

    I love Arby’s because it tastes better than the boring ole hamburgers you can find at other fast food places. Arby’s has much tastier options, like the roast turkey, ranch, and bacon sandwich (my personal favorite), not to mention curly fries!

  29. Jenny says

    I would love to try the bbq brisket sandwich from Arby’s. I happened to see the commercial after watching an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives that featured bbq so I was craving it and now I know where to get a fixing at!

  30. Susan Christy says

    I love Arby’s and can’t wait to try this with my favorite Arby’s food – CURLY FRIES

  31. Brandon says

    Brisket is delicious and I can’t wait to try this. I usually get beef ‘n cheddars but this sounds like a new favorite.

  32. Lisa says

    Arby’s is my husband’s absolute favorite — the roast beef sandwich and curly fries. We don’t have them where we live (NYC) and he insists on going every time we are on a road trip anywhere. He would be SOOOO excited if I won a gift card!

  33. Linda Campbell says

    I cannot wait to try the new slow roasted brisket sandwich from Arby’s. I grew up in Texas eating some of the best brisket there is. This has got to be great because it is Arby’s. I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY IT!!

  34. Whitney Lindeman says

    Love Arbys! I wish they still had their Loaded Potato Bites, but I still love their sandwiches & fries. :)

  35. Sara Tucker says

    Arby’s original roast beef sandwich is my all time favorite. The brisket sounds great. I love brisket and I love Arby’s. What could be better

  36. Debbie Rose says

    Your description of the brisket sandwich made me hungry! I would love to win the gift card and the chance to try it — as soon as possible!

  37. joyce gilman says

    I love arby’s because when I bring my 93 yr old dad a arby’s sandwich in his nursing home it makes his day. He can never get over the amount of meat in the sandwiches!

  38. Karen Lynch says

    I like Arby’s for a change in meal choices. The new sandwich sounds yummy. I still like the potato wedges as a reminder of growing up.

  39. Suzanne Bergholz says

    Arby’s is our family’s favorite place for lunch or dinner because the food is consistently great and the prices are affordable. We are always happy with our purchases at Arby’s!!

  40. Rebecca says

    I loveeee Arby’s French Dip w/ Au jou! I would also like to give an honorable mention to the Jamocha shakes!

  41. says

    I love Arby’s. I always get the French Dip… always. I’m not much for changing things up. My boyfriend on the other hand is always looking for some new food to try out. I would love to win this so I could treat him to the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisk sandwich.

  42. Dorothy says

    ARBY’S curly fries – need I say more! The Fresh Market sandwiches – yummy! I haven’t tried the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich, but it looks very tasty and will be the next order when I go there.

  43. Ruth Smither says

    One of my friends has been raving about this sandwich. Would love to try the brisket, sounds heavenly! My favorite sandwich has been the Grand Turkey Club. Arby’s is my favorite fast food restaurant.

  44. Betty says

    I haven’t been to Arby’s in a very long time, but the description of this Smokehouse sandwich has my mouth watering!

  45. Tray says

    I love Arby’s because it’s the one place near me that offers sandwiches I love, like Reubens and other steak sandwiches. It’s fast and quick, and affordable! I’d love to try the brisket as it’s sounds delicious.

  46. Pat O says

    I love Arbys. We have to travel to the next town to get one, so I use every chance there is to go to Arbys

  47. lauri says

    I use to eat Arby’s Beef and Cheddar all the time. In fact, it was a staple when I was pregnant with my daughter. She just turned 19. That is how long it has been since I have been to an Arby’s. In my defense, they did close them down, but have since reopened them near me. I just have not gotten around to trying them. This would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the giveaway.


  48. emart says

    Love Arby’s because my daughter was born with weak tongue muscles which made it hard to chew. Arby’s roast beef was one thing that was soft and easy for her to maneuver without choking. Thank-you!

  49. therese says

    I love arbys because they are awesome from the shakes to the sauces. I tried the brisket so yummy and would love another. It melts in your mouth.

  50. Sandy says

    I was so glad when Arby’s opened in town. Now I can have a sandwich whenever I want instead of only when traveling.

  51. Marie says

    OMG! My mouth started watering when I read your description of the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. I love Arby’s!

  52. Christina Berry says

    I absolutely love Arby’s curly fries, and my hubby loves their roast beef sandwiches. Would love to surprise him with this gift card!! Thanks.