Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic Giveaway


Available nationwide wherever pickles are sold, each jar of Farmer’s GardenTM by Vlasic® pickles is packed with real ingredients – no artificial coloring, flavoring or corn syrup – to deliver a great pickle with authentic taste and maximum crunch. Varieties include:

  • Dill Chips – NEW cut of the traditional flavor with a refreshing dill taste
  • Kosher Dill Spears – the perfect cut for a classic sandwich side
  • Kosher Dill Halves – the original “out of the jar” snack
  • Bread & Butter Chips – sweet and delightful, cut in extra-crunchy slices
  • Zesty Garlic Chips – a fan-favorite variety that is bold with a tangy kick, also in extra-crunchy slices


I have been provided with 5 coupons to giveaway, each good for a FREE jar of Farmer’s Garden pickles. Just leave a comment on this post with the variety you would like to try. Winners will be chosen the morning of September 3rd.



  1. Jessica N. says

    Kosher Dill halves, sound like the perfect snack for me…either by itself, right out of the jar, or with an ice cold drink…these sound wonderful to try!!

  2. Cindy says

    Bread and butter chips are my favorite. I like to pile a whole bunch of them on a tuna sandwich. Yum!

  3. Julie says

    I’m typically a dill kinda girl (love em!,) but would love to try the zesty garlic kind! Yummmm!

  4. CJ says

    Finally, REAL food from the grocery! I’d love the Bread & Butter Chips!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Tyanna says

    I would like to try the Kosher Dill spears for my husband. Dill spears are his favorite. Thank you so much if I am chosen. Have great Day!!!!

  6. Antoinette Barnes-Jones says

    Ever since I was ittle I could not resist pickles, and I still cannot till this day:)

  7. Sarah Carr says

    I would love to try the Bread and Butter variety! Our whole family loves them! As soon as the jar opens, my children will run to the kitchen for a bread and butter chip! Yummo!!

  8. Lucy says

    MMMMMMM…..zesty garlic sounds great, but I have a real love of Bread & Butter Chips so that would be a hard choice to make. I’m a pickle lover! My husband doesn’t care for pickles much so thats more for me to enjoy.

  9. Lynne Powell says

    I’d like to win the Kosher Dill personal favorites as a side or snack.

  10. Diana says

    Bread and Butter, when I was little my mom use to can bread and butter pickles, these are so close to the ones she made it brings back memories wishing my mom was still around

  11. Jackie says

    My Husband loves garlic but his favorite pickle is a Kosher Dill Half. It is his “after dinner snack” every evening.

  12. Pat Stevenson says

    I would love to try the Bread and Butter. Look like the ones my mother used to make.

  13. Rita says

    Love the Bread and Butter Pickles. Got someone at work hooked on them too. Now everyone finishes a jar each week. Obviously our new obsessions

  14. Margaret says

    I tried the dill spears in potato salad. My familly raved about the flavor. Vlasic pickles are “THE BEST”.