TEA BEYOND Teapot Giveaway

GTP2003 Teapot-Romeo FB

Tea Beyond® brings you The World Beyond Tea with their elegant teaware, healthful green tea, beautiful and delicious blooming tea, and gift sets for all occasions. Tea Beyond founder Jane London knows first-hand the health benefits of green tea, both from her own commitment to green tea to her experiences at the Chinese Science Academy in China where she earned three professional tea certificates. Jane developed her Tea Beyond products to make the most of the tea experience from brewing to serving to enjoying.

To promote The World Beyond Tea, Tea Beyond is giving 2 of my lucky readers each a Glass Teapot Romeo (pictured above). This 17 oz. teapot is high quality glass, with hand-crafted pink rose accent and handle that was designed for both blooming and loose-leaf tea. This signature item sells for $34.45, and is currently on-sale for only $20.00.

To be entered to win:

This contest is open to US residents 18 years and older only. I will choose 2 winners randomly on the morning of Monday, August 26. Even if you don’t win, you can get FREE downloads of tea recipes and brewing instructions. Want to learn how to make Fresh Flower Green Tea Ice Cubes? How to brew flowering teas like this? Find out just how beautiful tea can be at Tea Beyond.

Flowering tea



  1. Vanessa says

    I host friends, family and church family all the time for parties, “the girls” get togethers, dinners… And we host a lot of tea lovers! This tea pot would make a lovely addition to the atmosphere I try to create for our guests.

  2. barbara says

    Over the past two years I have become a tea drinker rather than a coffee drinker. It would be amazing to have this beautiful glass teapot and recipes to brew my teas.

  3. Patricia says

    What a great giveaway!

    We would use it every morning…my beloved new husband has weaned me off coffee and onto a nice cuppa Earl Grey every day :)

  4. Wendy says

    What a beautiful teapot!! I would look forward to my weekend mornings … now that I’m an empty-nester, I get to sleep in and be lazy for an hour or so after getting out of bed. Tea and reading …. heaven :)

  5. Shamarah says

    I host a lot of fundraisers and i would totally use this at home and for the girls tea date fundraisers ! i hope i win

  6. Amy says

    I would use this teapot in the morning to brew tea, which I would pour over ice and drink in the afternoon as iced tea. Much more convenient than my current method (steeping teabags in a measuring cup).

  7. Bridgett T says

    I liked the Facebook! I would use this all the time, especially when my daughter (who’s 11 and who I’m trying to turn into a tea drinker, though we go easy on the caffeine at her age) wants a cup of tea.

  8. says

    I would use Teapot Romeo for guests and unexpected company. I would also use this teapot for its beauty and design after dinner. I drink tea practically everyday and green tea would often see the inside of this teapot. Tea is good for the mind and spirit and for allergy sufferers a good substitute for coffee!

  9. Georgia says

    I brew tea almost everyday. With this beautiful teapot I think I would brew tea everyday.

  10. alexis says

    I have tea parties every other month at different houses with my 10 friends and would love to use this tea pot at my next event.

  11. elke says

    Actually, my high school daughter loves tea and invites her friends to sit down with her and have tea from loose leaves. She loves the experience and I know she would use the beautiful teapot every chance she could. Thank-you for the give away!

  12. debbie h says

    I have family gatherings alot.Iwould love to treat my guests to some good ole southern sweet tea!!

  13. Donna S. says

    I would love to win this! It’s beauty and simplicity combined. I would definitely be using it EVERYDAY!

  14. DianeP says

    I would use this beautiful pot to make my afternoon, wind-down cup of tea. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these!

  15. Tanya says

    Although I think pretty things should be used in everyday life, I would probably use this when guests come over or for special family gatherings. I would definitely use it when my little girls and I just want some special time together. It’s beautiful!

  16. Lynette R says

    This teapot is beautiful. I am a huge tea drinker, I would use this every single day. I have a bunch of those blooming flower teas that would look really cool in this pot

  17. Sarah Ganshorn says

    My husband and I would use this everyday for out nightly cup of tea! It would fit perfectly in our kitchen!

  18. Laura says

    We are a big tea family! I’d love to use this tea pot when I have my three teenage and older daughters home and we’re sitting around talking while enjoying a great cup of tea.

  19. Elicia P says

    I love tea. My roommate in college taught me how to make it loose leaf and I have not turned back since.

  20. Marilyn says

    I would use it everyday I have a great herb garden and love to make my own teas as well as use the blooming teas!

  21. Jennifer Evans says

    I would use it for many other things than tea & it is a beautiful decoration as well!! :)

  22. Vartika says

    It’s such a gorgeous piece! I am an avid Tea drinker and would love to have tea in this masterpiece!

  23. Lisa says

    I love tea, and would use this every day for myself, and when having friends over to visit.