TEAS’ TEA Giveaway and Sweepstakes

For mentioning this promotion below I have been given a TEAS TEA® reusable grocery bag and 2 FREE drink coupons to give away to one of my lucky readers. To be entered just leave a comment on this post describing your #Teafreshing moment. I will choose a winner at random on the morning of Monday, July 1st.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, TEAS’ TEA® is kicking off a sweepstakes that includes a grand prize trip to Australia inclusive of a VIP tour of ITO EN’s Tea Farm.  To participate, fans can register at TEAS’ TEA® Facebook page and then use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to capture a refreshing summer moment and share it via the hashtag #Teafreshing.  On top of the grand prize, fans will receive hundreds of other prizes all summer long such as cameras, tablets, beach gear, and free beverages totaling $17,500!

Click here to find TEAS TEA® at a grocery store near you.



  1. A Teas’ Tea with plenty of ice would really be #Teafreshing after mowing my lawn.

  2. Amy Adamson says:

    drink tea while out shopping is #teafreshing

  3. #Teafreshing is laying out by the pool!

  4. I just love TEAS TEA and would LOVE to win the coupons! Please enter me # teafreshing.

  5. I #TeAfReShInG!

  6. Tea after a workout is always so #tearefreshing to quench my thirst!

  7. Tea Tea’s refreshes my tearrific day!!

  8. I use green tea to alleviate nasal congestion. Green tea is #tearefreshing for the sinuses and the mind! How’s that for refreshing?

  9. Gerard V. says:

    #Teafreshing is enjoying a great cup of tea with family and friends.

  10. Drinking TEAS’ TEA on my patio on a breezy summer day. Very refreshing.

  11. lana garmon says:

    Love hot tea, when cold weather ;)

  12. ginger rider says:

    I teafreshen up while at work :)

  13. #teafreshing ftw!

  14. Teas Tea makes a perfect #teafreshing afternoon!

  15. Karen Lynch says:

    It is #Teafreshing to have a cool one after pulling weeds in the garden.

  16. Cynthia Beaumont says:

    My #Teafreshing was in the park on a very hot day and I had a nice Cold Jasmine Green Tea to drink! Love Teas’Tea !

  17. Georgiana S says:

    Love taking my Teas Tea bottle to go when I run errands, go to the gym or relax at the beach! So #Teafreshing!

  18. mary davis says:

    My husband and I love drinking Teas Tea each morning, sitting on our deck listening to the birds and just taking a moment before our days begin.

  19. I use tea to make kombucha, then second ferment it with apple cider and cinnamon sticks and chill, yum!

  20. While in my hammock is my #Teafreshing moment

  21. Waking up and having a nice green tea is always #Teafreshing

  22. My favorite way to enjoy is green tea mixed with strawberry lemonade and lots of ice. #Teafreshing

  23. I always feel #Teafreshing when I meet friends for an enjoyable lunch (and not without tea).

  24. Sharon l. says:

    After a hard day at the office! :)

  25. For some quick R&R start with T’s Tea

  26. For some quick R&R start with T’s Tea #Teafreshing