Free Baby Shower Invitations offers FREE personalized baby shower invitations and envelopes when you add coupons to the back of your cards. Cards are around $1 each and each coupon you add deducts around $0.25. The more you add, the more you save. For a limited time you can get FREE shipping when you use the coupon code 11ALIVE at checkout.

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  1. rachel b. says

    Had trouble with ordering. It deleted all the work I had finished at checkout. Tried again and got this message:
    “WARNING: Payment transaction success, but we have problem with our database, and your order is not purchesed. Please contact us and tell for this problem, that we can complete your order. Sorry for the inconvenience. ”
    I didn’t have a total, but the poor grammar makes me leery of calling. I’m NOT giving any more information to this company.